Miracle on the Roundabout: Miracles Happen

Miracles happen to us constantly.

We were almost in a car accident. It could have been horrendous but it wasn’t.

My husband and myself were on a roundabout in Jamaica when a car came off of the highway at us full speed almost hitting us. The driver didn’t stop when he should have done. He almost side swiped us on my side. If it hadn’t been for my husband’s quick instincts the accident may have taken both us and the other car out.

This to me was another miracle that the universe blessed me with.

My husband was able to quickly swerve out of that drivers way. The drivers face was so close to mine I could see the horror of it in his eyes. His car was full of passengers. What a miracle none of us were hurt. None of us stopped. My husband and I got off of the roundabout and went on our way.clouds source energy miracle

Of course we talked about it, and went on about that driver saying how unbelievable that guy was to nearly wipe us all out like that. What a miracle it was that my husband was able to take us out of his way. This went on until we got to where we were going and then we didn’t say anymore about it. I kept thanking the Universe and my Source Energy for this miracle, and for keeping us and the other people safe.

Although the drivers in Jamaica are known for not following the rules of the roads, I always feel safe. I think safety each time we go out. I see amazing different ways people could get into accidents but I know this Invincible Power is always with me. These miracles happen everyday for those that believe. Just by my trusting this power I know that I don’t have to worry.

A few days later I watched a video of Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham. Jerry was talking about an accident that they had nearly been involved in. Jerry was curious to how they weren’t wiped out and explained the accident to Abraham. He was told that he wasn’t a vibrational match to the driver.

This made total sense to me because by my knowing that I was safe, believing and trusting the Law of Attraction, can only match me up with safe drivers, and those that are not cannot hurt me because I am not in alignment with them. It also dawned on me that because I wasn’t in a vibrational match with them I kept us all safe.

What a wonderful feeling. What a miracle!

This is how powerful this law is. All Universal Laws are Powerful, and when you understand this and when you trust and believe this then you will not have to be fearful every time you travel as some people do. Miracles are always with you.

What a relief this is. I was able to drive away from that near accident without feeling shaken up as I once would have been, because I completely trust in this powerful law. In other words I know that I am not a vibrational match with those crazy drivers that take too many chances! Therefore I can travel with complete faith that I am safe. To seal this deal I give gratitude all of the time for being safe wherever I travel and to all of these miracles that are constantly being offered.
Thank You Universe!

“When you consistently release your feelings of fear by deliberately directing your thoughts, it will not be possible for bad things to occur in your experience.” Esther and Jerry Hicks, (The Teachings of Abraham.)

Your Friend Pamela "Miracle on the Roundabout: Miracles Happen"


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Miracle on the Roundabout: Miracles Happen
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Miracle on the Roundabout: Miracles Happen
Seeing the miracles as they happen and giving gratitude for them is a great gift to develop. See how the Law of Attraction works and brings miracles to us.