Message in a Bottle: In Time it will all Make Sense

Sometimes the Universe sends you a message in a bottle. It just floats into your life but you don’t know what it means? You find yourself wondering what you should do? How should you react? Why me, why now?

message in a bottle

If you have ever found a message in a bottle it’s usually a message with a mission or task. You have to help someone or do something. This is the same with the Universe. Only, when the Universe sends you a message in a bottle the task or mission often sucks.


I got one recently. It was in the form of change. The kind of change that I didn’t want or felt I didn’t need. I didn’t want to accept this message in a bottle. I didn’t want to play. But the truth is, I had no choice. Time was going to take me through this change no matter what. So I had to Face it and do like I always tell my kids. Make Lemonade out of Lemons.


When these things appear in our lives we often try to figure out why we attracted this into our lives, especially those of us that follow the Law of Attraction. We try to decipher the cause so we can understand why we received this message in a bottle. At the end of the day the fact is we have to deal with the message.

Here’s the good news! The Universe only sends us these things for our benefit. I know it’s hard to believe when the message in a bottle seems like a punishment of some kind.

This is the challenge that we face. It is a test from the Universe. I read a quote once but I don’t know who said it, it goes something like this, “The Universe sends you the test first then you get the lesson”. It is not the way we are used to learning but it is a very effective way to learn.


digital-72621_640 look backBecause the Universe teaches the lesson after the test we have to realize that it will all make sense in time. We can’t get too hung up on the reasons why we are being tested. We have to fall back on our beliefs and our understanding that this is a loving Universe and all things are for our benefit. We have to focus on making Lemonade. We have to see past this challenge and know that on the other side of every hurdle is satisfaction and relief.


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The way that we do this is, take the focus away from the message in a bottle and point it at the little things that we enjoy on a daily basis. Focus on all the things that are working well and give gratitude to them. Fill your day with as much gratitude as you can. Re-read any material that inspired you to get to where you are right now. Look at all the things that the Universe has blessed you with so far. Like Big Sean say, “I feel blessed”.

Know that the message in the bottle will make sense in time and time will always pass.  


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