Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond

Why I chose to use non-physical mentors in my novel Love Life and Beyond.

In my last blog I talked about why I used mentors in my forthcoming book Love, Life and Beyond. In this blog I want you to see how this works and the purpose and value these mentors bring to this story with their guidance and advice. Remember I mentioned, when the mentors speak they are giving internal guidance to the circumstances in each chapter as it unfolds? The mentors explain the choices the characters are drawing from and how these choices, that we all have, may be changed to our own benefit.

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Here is an excerpt from Love, Life and Beyond the novel; the mentors are speaking:

“When individuals come together as a family, they form a group energy field. It’s a merger of soul and energy. The decisions you make within your personal reality, such as the decision to be angry or to be understanding or the decision to hate your fellow man or be compassionate, will affect you, and may affect your children, your grandchildren, and so on. Consequently, because Sonia’s family chose not to live in harmony and joy with their fellow humans, they will feel the effects of hate and anxiety thrown down upon their family. However, if they choose to change this way of thinking and be compassionate and live in joy, then their lives will be a magnet to joy. They will bring the circumstances of love and compassion to them. This is a law. The law of attraction. You all live with this each moment of your lives. It is a law of the Universe. This mental attitude is a human’s personality and is composed of the thoughts you have been creating in your mind; therefore, if you wish a change in conditions, all that is necessary is to change your thoughts; this will in turn change the view in which you see people, which in turn will change your mental attitude, which in turn will change the persons, things and conditions, or, the experiences you meet in life. We IMG_0999 "Mentors in the novel of Love, Life and Beyond"watch how this family of Sonia’s lives in utter confusion. It didn’t commence with Nova’s prior personality but by the predominant thoughts of the generations before her. We have brought all of these souls to Nova hoping that her young personality will see what her soul sent her forth to do. It is a big undertaking for a young being, but it is necessary for the family to heal before they can ever enjoy a loving and harmonious life and leave this karmic debt behind them.”

Let me know what you think. Keep in mind these mentors are presented with ideas we maintain for angels. We all have our own guides and teachers, I believe, so these mentors in the book represent those guides and teachers. Although this is a fictional story with passionate issues it also gives good counsel, I believe, which I have taken from the guidance I’ve been given from hundreds of teachers.

Your Friend, Pamela

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