Mental Limitations-Removing the Hurdles

Before you can live the dream you need to start removing the mental limitations and hurdles.

These are the hurdles that are stopping you from believing you can really achieve the dream. They’re there and we all have them. It is that fear and doubt that sets in after the excitement of starting something new begins to fade. It often starts when you encounter your first hurdle. It can be something as simple as not being able to stay focused on any one particular dream. The doubt starts to set in place and the more you let it build the more you start to believe that you cannot achieve your goal. If you believe this strong enough you will find out you are right and you will no longer pursue that dream.

These hurdles are stopping many people from reaching goals and these goals are waiting for them to build the path.

So we need to remove the hurdles before we can really focus on the dream. When you first decided that you could change your life and you set a goal you felt excited. Every new journey or adventure is exciting at first. What we need to do is learn how to build on that excitement. One of the ways to do this is to start celebrating the little steps as you go. It doesn’t matter how small the step is, you should acknowledge it, feel good about it and have gratitude for it. You can celebrate with a smile or play some music, have a drink, or simply have a break and just feel good for a moment about what you have done.

These hurdles are there for you to confront your mental limitations and to find ways to remove them.

If your dream is big enough it will not be achieved all at once in easy and simple ways. It is like building anything in life. You do it in increments just as an athlete builds their skills. Each week you practise and learn how to focus on your dream and each week you celebrate your accomplishments. The hurdles will challenge you to try harder or give up. Whenever you feel like giving up remember how excited you were at the start. Keep that feeling inside you and tap into it every time you feel like giving up.

Limits facebook banner 5Doubt is another hurdle and mental limitation.

What you must realize with doubt is that everyone has doubt and only the ones that work past their doubt succeed. This is why you hear about so many people that have failed at something and only a small group that have succeeded. Doubt is strong when you really don’t believe you can do something but you want to try it anyway. Instead of trying it first, stop and think about how great your life will be if you can really do it. Take some time to think about how your life will change if you can achieve what you are thinking about. Build that image in your mind before you start. This is how you gain leverage over doubt. This is how you remove these hurdles.

There are many techniques to be learned. We wrote about these in our book “Your Invincible Power”

Each week you should read a chapter and then really think about what it is telling you. Think about how you can use this in your life right now. Don’t jump to the next chapter until you have understood the one you read. This will help you prepare for the dream. This will help you to remove the hurdles.

Next month let’s look at the secret to getting different results.

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