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Pamela Hamilton and W.T. Hamilton are the authors of 5 motivational books, considered by many to be a fascinating exploration into personal development and success building.
The  Your Invincible Power authors have now joined, The Change Book 10, featuring top coauthors sharing insight into self empowerment; and they are expanding the possibility of next through their Success Coaching programs.

The Change With Intent

This Mother & Son team bring a unique voice to self-empowerment. Their motivational books inspire readers to ignite their ambition and accelerate their success.

Written to somewhat abate the concept and limited views of the world’s opinion of limitation in wealth, health and joy; they guide the reader, using easy to use exercises and techniques. Based on many of their remarkable life experiences, they enlighten their audience empowering them to live the life they have longed for.

“We help our clients see roads where roads didn’t exist by empowering them to remove the mental limitations that are blocking their successW.T. Hamilton.

“Knowing we are helping people and all the wonderful feedback we receive elevates our spirit and highly motivates us to do more”Pamela Hamilton.

This dynamic duo have benefited and learned from David Riklan, founder of, Jim Lutes, Founder and owner of Lutes International, and Jim Britt, Best selling author and mentor/coach to Tony Robbins as he began his career.
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Wouldn’t it be incredible to know how to remove the mental blocks that are in the way of your success right now?

Think about how much easier it would be for you, right now, if you could really start taking control of your journey, your plan, your future.

What is stopping you from joining this thrilling adventure? Join us now.

Each author approaches Your Invincible Power and discovering your inner strength in a way that compliments the other, but also defines their individuality.

Pamela works with these powers in a more spiritual mind, connecting to universal energies, theories and philosophies. W.T.  engages  more with the logical mind using practical applications, tests and actions.

The two have been called an unlikely duo but the end result is a full comprehension of the what, why and how this uplifting gift works, and can work, for you, and all those who welcome it.

Cortney says, “This has really helped me to move forward and stop blocking my own way when i’m trying to reach my potential” and Paula S says, Thoughts are energy! Wow, I never connected that – Profound! Self-Transformation!”

Think about all the things you could do if you truly had the insight and knowledge to influence the outcome? How wonderful would it be to decided how you want to live your life and be able to do it, without a doubt?  

Join them and discover your extraordinary inner strength and let them inspire you to reach your true potential.

Mindset for success, mindset coaching, personal development coach, success coach, Mindset mentoring


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