Marketing. The 3 Realities of Marketing

As authors we all love to create. We love to write our stories. We work on building the perfect version of our ideas and visions.

We picture the story unfolding and the experience of the reader as they turn each page discovering the next revelation. We write and rewrite, read and develop, and sometimes we scrap the whole thing and start again.

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No matter what the genre is that we are writing, no matter how long the process takes, there is one thing we all have to do once it is complete. Marketing! But how much time during this process do you give thought to marketing? Do you have a marketing plan as you are writing your book?


I know when we wrote our first book, Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, we gave zero thought to marketing.

I remember when the book was ready to go to print Brandon the marketing specialist at Balboa Press said, “What is your marketing plan? How will people know about your book?” That is when I discovered the 3 realities of marketing.


Make Your Dreams a Reality

There are 3 realities of marketing that you have to accept in order to give your book the exposure it deserves.Once you accept these you will be able to do great things with your book marketing. So let’s look at each one.


1st reality of marketing is…All successful products and services have great marketing.


Marketing is more than just saying, “Hey you should read my book!” It is about letting people know what is interesting about your book. What they can gain? Is it entertainment? Looking at something in a different way? Is it a story that they will be excited to share with others? The marketing is how you transmit this to the world.

Drama Temp really sucks!!!

Your marketing should be interesting and memorable.Social Media is a great way to test your marketing ideas. It is easy to track the impact that it has on the audience. Take a look at the products and services that you use now. Look at the marketing they do. How many of these products and services would you use if they had no marketing? If they need to make marketing a priority then shouldn’t you too?


2nd reality of marketing…Even McDonald’s advertises.


Think about that. McDonald’s, iPhone, Netflix all advertise. They all want you to not only know about them but know that they always have something to offer. They continually advertise. They are marketing to you everyday. This is how they not only became successful but maintain their success. Imagine, if huge multi-million dollar companies need to make you aware of their products and services then you need to have a plan to launch your book.


The 3rd reality of marketing…the only way to get exposure is to create exposure.


If you are not drawing attention to your book you won’t get attention. It doesn’t matter how important your book is. It doesn’t matter how much of an impact it will have on people’s lives. It doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. It is your duty to share with them. To let them know about you. It is no one else’s duty. This means you have to get use to promoting your books in as many ways as you can handle.


YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, press releases and review are all great ways to draw attention to your book. These campaigns should not be limited to a few days or weeks. Your marketing plan should be 3 – 6 months minimum. Your book deserves it. Building up awareness and marketing for a new author takes time and effort. It takes a commitment to connecting with as many people as you can.


As you can see the 3 realities of marketing are really one big thing. You need to get comfortable promoting your project. A great project can only become a success if it has great marketing. That is the reality of marketing.

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As you can see, I am always marketing.




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