Marketing. Don’t Make this Mistake. Social Media Hack

Marketing and Social Media go hand in hand when done correctly. But many make this one major mistake then wonder why their social media marketing doesn’t work.

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Marketing is Selling.


What I see from too many online marketers is this. Sell, Sell, Sell. We are all so excited to share with everyone the great benefits of what we have to offer that we forget the most important piece of the marketing cycle, the customer.

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When we write to the customer we are simply telling them what we think they should know but the most successful marketing is when we are talking with the customer. It is a different approach and one that may take you time to understand and develop.


I know when I look back at my marketing I can definitely see where I was writing to my customer instead of talking to them.

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Social Media is social. It means you need to have a variety of content that doesn’t always have a clear call to action. Some of your content should only be for one purpose. Brand Awareness.


Building your Brand.


Your marketing should build your brand. Offer a lifestyle. Have an attitude that represents the true you. When you start to be honest and authentic with your marketing it will not only show in your engagements and impressions but also in your copy.

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As you start to talk to your customers through your marketing it will feel less like a sales pitch and more like a conversation. As I started to adapt this to my marketing efforts I seen a big jump in engagement and visits to this site as well as other social media sites we promote.

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Shooting a video with my daughter for her YouTube Channel.

Be open and let your customers have a sneak peak into the process you use. It’s not only more interesting but it also let’s them see that they can become successful at what you do too because you are just like them, only you’re further along in the process in most cases.


Utilizing Content.


Many marketers don’t really understand how to promote different kinds of content and relate it back to their brand or offer. I see it all the time. An MLM marketer will post something completely unrelated to what they do and when you click the link you land somewhere totally unexpected. And guess what, you don’t buy the offer.

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There are many ways you can bring unrelated content into your marketing mix. You have to be creative in how you related it back to what you do, or don’t have a call to action or link. Sometimes it’s okay to let a post stand alone as just a post.

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Using posts that have no call to action let’s people know that you are not just on social media to sell them something. You’re a real person with real interests. But what they also see is your picture or brand name. This is building your brand awareness without doing the traditional marketing.


These are all things I have learned mainly through testing and monitoring my social media marketing. If you have a product or service it is very important that you understand SMM.


Bookmark this site and visit here often. Watch for my upcoming post where I will give you tips in how to use Social Media content on the big three – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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