How I Use the Law of Attraction to Create Magic Money

That’s right. I use the law of attraction to create magic money.

It is a simple technique that you can use too. I hope you’re ready to learn because I’m ready to teach you.

I have been working with and using the law of attraction for years. I am an expert in the law of attraction and in turn, an expert in creating magic money. I have learned how to monetize the things I love to do. It’s an awesome feeling. I wrote about it in our book, 5 Amazingly Simple Steps to Unlock Your Hidden Potential. You can download it for free now.

Creating magic money is not as hard or strange as you might think. What it takes is a little know how, motivation, ambition and yes, an understanding of the law of attraction.

So, let me give you the top 3 things you need to do and after I will give you an opportunity to expand your know how.

Magic Money is Emotionless



The first thing you need to do is stop caring about money. Yes, this is a hard one but your emotional attachment to money is what’s really stopping you from creating magic money. The stress you feel when you think about the lack of money is keeping you in lack. This is one of the most powerful elements of the law of attraction. What you think about the most in the most consistent way, married with emotion, is what you experience the most.

The key part of that statement is, married with emotion. People often miss that part. It is one of the ways you can tell if someone is an expert in the law of attraction or just regurgitating someone else’s words.

The more emotion you attach to money, the harder it is to have it. Want to learn more about how to rid yourself of money emotions? Read our book. How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money.

Next you need to start seeing the opportunities.


There are numerous opportunities everyday that just land on your lap that you ignore. I know this because I often ignore them too. Sometime we think we know everything already about a certain subject so we don’t explore this new piece of information. Sometimes we are too busy to stop and learn something that might catch our eye and seem interesting. We say, ‘I’ll come back to it later’ but we never do. Sometimes we just don’t know what an opportunity really looks like.

I have found that every opportunity is a gateway to creating magic money. I have also realized that each one of these nuggets are answers from the Universe for a request I made at some point prior. This is how the law of attraction works. It delivers our request by indirect methods. You must be aware when it is communicating with you and understand how to recognize it.

Here is the big Nugget you have been waiting for.

It’s Magic Money time.

Creating magic money is a method of seeing what you want, looking for ways to achieve it, and putting action into it. The result is having more money in your pocket at the end of the day by focusing on money abundance.


You have to realize that everything you know and do is monetizable. It may not be always in a direct way but it can be accomplished indirectly too. I promote affiliate products that I think will benefit people. I promote books and training I think will help people to gain control over their lives. I giveaway valuable information that will increase the recipient’s potential to be successful.

I do this because I want to create success for me and for all those I come in contact with. It’s my motivation. It’s why I learned how to use the law of attraction. I give gratitude for the ability to do this and I never focus on the money, only the opportunity to add value.

This is ultimately the reason why I have experienced receiving magic money. It’s because what I do is not about the money. The money is just the fruit of my conscious efforts to help people create a Mindset for Success.

The less I focus on having money and the more I focus on creating feeling of harmony and happiness, the more my money becomes magic.

I have received magic money by way of an unexpected cheque. Magic money from refunds, discounts, interest rates benefits, royalties, bonuses, and more unbelievable ways.

It all happened when I took my focus away from money and took the emotions out of money. Now my cash seems to stretch and grow by itself. It is truly in your mindset that you can alter your reality with money. It is the reason we wrote the book, How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money.

Read the books I referenced in this article and you will have the tools to create your own magic money. Follow us for more tips. Share this article with your friends and colleagues. Don’t forget to share it on social media too. If you want more training on how to monetize your passions you can join us for upcoming training. The next one is starting soon so sign up now.

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