Living the Dream

Living the dream

Before you can live the dream you need to learn how to dream. This is not as straight forward as it sounds. To be able to dream is to allow yourself to believe you can have the things you dream about. Most people start out thinking about something and then making a list of all the reasons why they can never have it.084 "Living the Dream"

Learning how to dream means you have to make a different list.

It means you have to start believing that you can do what seems unrealistic and impossible for you. The dream becomes the goal. It is no longer a dream because a dream is a fantasy and we don’t believe in fantasies.

So we begin with a goal.

This first goal is usually not the grandest thing you can imagine but that’s OK. Your mind is not ready to really believe you can do the impossible yet. This is something that you have to train your mind to do.

It takes time but that’s not a problem. As you will find out along the way, we have an abundance of time, so just enjoy it.

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 Your first goal should be something that you cannot achieve right way and it should be something that you have no idea how you will achieve it.

This is important. Don’t make it huge but don’t make it too small. To find this goal you need to make a list of what your dream life looks like. Put career goals, financial goals, relationship goals, emotional goals, spiritual goals, and mental goals on the list.

The list should be pretty large to start with.

Take time to build the list. Add to it over the next few days. Make it as detailed as you can. Look it over and choose one thing you want to achieve first. This is how you will start to learn how to live your dream. You pick one thing off your list. You start with this one thing and you concentrate on it.

Allow your mind to believe you can do this one thing. Feel good about it. Read the list at night before you go to bed but really concentrate at that one thing each night and keep it on your mind each day.

Think about what it would be like to experience this one thing. Think about how happy you will be once you have achieved this one thing.

This is how you start to let your mind believe you can do the impossible.
You start with one thing and you keep it on your mind until you achieve it. This is how you live the dream. These are the first steps in the process.

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Next week we will look at removing mental limitations.


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