What Would You Like To Manifest?

What would you like to manifest today?

What experiences would you like to have?

What is it that you wish to achieve?

What is it that you want to feel?fractal-18771_640 what manifest

These are the questions you need to look at to really bring the things that you want into your life.

But did you know, all you need is your what?

This is where you start. Don’t get lost in the how. The how will find you only after you decide on the what. What do you want to manifest?

The WHAT is the need

  • I had a need when I first decided to learn how to change my life.
  • My need was money. I wasn’t making enough of it.
  • Money was my what. It was the need.

Once I had the WHAT I was able to find the how and bring the change I needed. This is an important point to understand. Something you should take note of.

Don’t get lost in the HOW
    • Most people get lost in the how.
    • How can I reach the goal?
    • How can I bring that into my life?
    • Where will I find the time/money?

The answer is… who cares!

Your only job is to think about the WHAT. What do you want to manifest. The what is all that matters. As long as you have the need to change you will find a way to open the door to the how.

Walk through the door

This is the mistake many people make. They start to focus on the what and draw the opportunity to them and then when the door of opportunity is right there, they stop and wonder…is this my door?

  • Go through the door. The opportunity can only present itself. You have to take action to put the how into action.
  • Each day do one thing that will bring you closer to the how.
  • Test things and try things.
  • Don’t wait for someone to tell you to move. That person isn’t coming. It’s all up to you.

In our book, “Your Invincible Power” we talk about focusing on the things you want to

bring into your life. We talk about the what. The what is the need and the need will lead you to the how.

For an in-depth understanding study chapter 2 & 3 in our book.

And open the door to the things you want to manifest.

"What Would You Like To Manifest?"

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What Would You Like To Manifest?
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What Would You Like To Manifest?
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