Life’s Lessons :What to do when Conflict Arrives Part 2

Life’s Lessons: What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep, continued: 

I had to remind myself that I wanted to live without conflict and live a peaceful life.

When I re-grouped by rethinking where I was and more importantly where I wanted to be I did some soul searching. I changed my thinking to the best thoughts towards this person and how it would be if that persons conflict were resolved. I had to visualize how that person could take control over their life and remind them of that.

Sometimes we have to give these thoughts silently, if the person isn’t ready to receive. I also had to remind myself that I wanted to live without conflict and live a peaceful life, with mostly joy in the mix. This meant that when I activated my website, I had to visualize that all would be good and harmonious, in the way I was used to. In other words, the site would be back to normal.

002 life

This had started on the 11th May.

At 4:15 on 17th May our website was back to normal! I realized I had lost my power and I had to step back into it. The way to do this is by changing the way you view your life.

Are you seeing it from the dense world before you that will present all of the worst case scenario’s possible? Or are you going to shine a light on your own power by understanding what it is that you are putting out in thought, and through your emotions?


Things also turned around for the person I was sending good energy to and that person today is doing much better. When we take into account that pitying someone doesn’t help them but is more injuries to them, it changes everything. When you don’t wallow in their pity it, not only sends that person positive energy, which is lacking due to where they are on their journey, but it also saves you major heartache, which in turns drains you of your positive energy. I realize that some people revel in self-pity without being conscious of it. Sometimes it’s the only time they find comfort in their life.

Some people feel deprived of love and kindness in their life so when something happens, and you feel compassion towards them, they cling onto your sympathy, and they try to keep you connected with that sorrow, because they feel so badly in need of your empathy. In other words, they identify exclusively with the destructive part of their situation and cannot move forward from it. When you join them you cannot help them out of this situation because you’re both now in the same place.


“Dignity of human nature requires that we must face the storms of life.”

Mahatma Gandhi


I came to understand fully that the only way I can help anyone in an unfortunate situation is by letting go of the sorrow and visualizing them without the circumstance that they are in. I don’t have to try and solve their problem, it is not mine to solve; I just have to have 009 "Life’s Lessons"good thoughts and love for that person, and know that my positive thoughts are far more powerful than their negative thoughts. It doesn’t always mean that the situation a person is experiencing will miraculously turn around to the way we would like to see it for them. What it does mean is that the person has a much greater chance that their life will turn around positively than if you were to join them in their pity. Joining them always, without a doubt, keeps them where they are in life.


We have to keep in mind that people are on their own journey; just as we are riding the waves of our journey. All journeys fluctuate, it’s like being in a boat on the ocean, our life’s journey will take us through the high seas and low seas, and if we like we can stay much longer on a calm sea. Always remember that we never have to stay in the low energy field for very long if we don’t want to.


Ultimately it is all up to you!

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