When The Journey Takes An Unexpected Turn

There will be times when it seems you are no longer on your path. There will be times when you think you are somehow on someone else’s journey. A journey you neither requested or wished for.


Don’t panic.


Don’t be afraid.


You are on this journey for a reason.


Some people believe that everything that happens to you is because at some point in your life you drew this situation to you. They believe you attracted it, no matter how awful, or painful that part of your journey is. I don’t believe this is true. I don’t believe that you attract every single thing that happens to you. I may be wrong but I believe I’m right. I believe that sometimes you are a part of someone else’s journey and for whatever reason this person needs to experience this twist of fate.

skateboard-331751_640 Your Life


You may be just a part of it because you need to get through it as part of your growth. Sometimes we need to experience the adversity for our own development. Sometimes you need to taste this, to feel it, to witness it, and to survive it before you can go any further in your journey.  


The problem is, most of us try to relate what ever happens directly back to our own lives.

We live in a community. If someone needs to experience something, no matter what that thing is, we may be caught in it just because we are a part of their lives. It doesn’t mean we attracted it to us, but we may need to be their to help or support them through this part of their journey.


Having this awareness is very important to have and develop. With this knowledge you will be able to help people without attracting the same situation directly into your live. You have to learn how to take yourself out of the situation mentally while still being there for the person emotionally. This is not an easy or straightforward technique or skill to develop. It will take practice and commitment to achieve.


It is one of the subjects we talk about in our book, How to say Goodbye to the Drama.

There are many situations that show up in our lives that are not for our direct benefit. Understanding why the situation is in your life and how to remove yourself from it is an asset when dealing with drama in our lives. Some things are meant for you and you did attract them. Reading this book will help you to understand the difference.

Workplace drama Journey


You have to realize that your journey will intercept with other journeys. Sometimes it will feel like you have been enveloped into someone else’s drama; as if you are living it with them. Sometimes you can get side tracked by it and find yourself on a whole other journey. Remember, what you request from the universe is what the universe will send to you. It will do it by way of opportunity. Sometimes to get to the opportunity you have to remove the drama in your life first. Sometimes you have to let go of the toxic influences before you can have what you have requested. Sometime you simply have to learn how to help those around you without living the drama.


Each one of us have our own journey to discover and complete. Each journey is connected from time to time to other journeys mostly for our benefit but sometimes just for the other journeys benefit.


Read our book, How to say Goodbye to the Drama and develop the awareness you need to help you live the life you deservDrama book cover mock 7e.



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