Is Your Business Playing for the Super Bowl?

football "Is Your Business Playing for the Super Bowl?"Is your business playing for the Super Bowl?

 I was working for a company that had a very good product, we had a growing customer base and we had a strong sales strategy. Business was going well. A recipe for success right?

As the sales grew the company started to implode. The reason for this really came down to one simple fact. The sales team (Which I was a part of) were playing for a different goal than the plant. The company was not really a company.

Before a company can be successful they have to know what they are striving for. They have to have targets.

Of course we had targets as a company to get us to where the company was growing and becoming a greater success but what the company failed to do is set new goals that everyone was focused on. So instead of company goals, the managers set personal goals. You have probably been as fortunate as me to work in a place that has managers with personal goals instead of company goals. Oh what fun it isn’t to work in that environment!

Is your business playing for the Super Bowl?

It means, are your goals so big that it requires everyone to focus and contribute to succeed?

I wrote in the book “Your invincible Power” published by Balboa Press – a division of Hay House, ‘’ If your business doesn’t have this goal then you just have a group of people working for you to do business. They do not know what their real goal is; they are not inspired to be great. Greatness is what we are all here for. To truly be great at what you do, and to inspire

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others to be great too.’’

Think about where you are now. Does your company inspire everyone to be great? Does your company expect to be great? Has your company defined its definition of greatness?

A target is a goal that you set that will take a measure of effort to achieve. It is not something that is easily achievable. Those are just tasks, don’t mistake your tasks for goals. The easiest way to tell the difference is simply to look at the goal and see how much effort was spent to achieve it. The quicker it was achieved is the more likely it was a task disguised as a goal.

Goals are not quick or easy. They are often huge and scary and take a lot of planning and precision to achieve. Most people under estimate what is achievable for fear of failure so they set the goal just slightly above a task. If you do this and you don’t set a new goal right after this one is accomplished you will find yourself in the first paragraph and have to read through this whole thing again.

game-107387_150 "Is Your Business Playing for the Super Bowl?"Is your business playing for the Super Bowl?

Think in this term for a moment. The Super Bowl is the ultimate championship in American Football. It is almost as big as winning the World Cup in soccer. It is something that not every team can win. Some teams have never won it. This is the type of goal you need to set for your business. When a team is playing for this type of goal the individual needs are put aside, not by the owner or coach, but by each participant because the goal is so great that everyone wants to be a part of it and celebrate the win.

As the company I was working for continued to implode I was left no choice but to find a company that was playing for the Super Bowl. It was hard to leave but as a positive thinker who, at the time, was discovering the gift called The Law of Attraction, I knew that this environment was of no benefit to anyone especially my customers.

As I build my new business and strive to create jobs, my goals have to be grand. I am playing for the Super Bowl. I am focused on succeeding and I know what my definition of success is. Everyone that I am working with knows what this definition is.

The goal is what drives the ambition of the company. It is what keeps the company from distractions.

It is what bonds all the departments together and makes each department appreciate the other.  The goal has to be Big and Scary. It has to be grand and look impossible from where you are right now. It has to cause your company to grow and develop to achieve it. It has to have many steps in the journey, many little wins along the way to the big win.

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Hears the crazy talk, you only have to want to win, and believe you can win the Super Bowl, but, you don’t have to know how you win it. The how will find you, most likely in an unexpected way. That is the beauty of the Law of Attraction. You just have to have a big and scary goal and focus on it. That is what starts everything else into motion. Of course you have to have gratitude for all the experiences you have had and continue to have. You have to conduct your business with integrity and honesty.  You have to believe you can win and that you deserve to win. Oh yes, and you have to smile.

That is the crazy talk that I live by and teach.

It’s time for your company to play for its Super Bowl.

So enjoy the journey, always remember to enjoy the journey and believe that you can.



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W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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