Invincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness

How I Regained Health and Overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have touched on this important subject in our book, Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy” and also,Your Invincible Power, How to say Goodbye to the Drama.” However, losing health to a debilitating diagnosis is a major subject that affects too many lives just to merely touch on. Many of you are wanting to know just how a person can regain complete health after what was diagnosed as a debilitating condition or what the medical term call “incurable” disease.

I have the answer to this and I am going to tell you in depth how you too can say goodbye to any illness that you have, no matter how perilous your particular illness may sound.

You can achieve all your dreams "Invincible Health, The Answer to Overcoming Any Illness"
Write Your Own Story of Health!

We have talked throughout our books, videos and articles about changing the way you view your life experiences. This also plays a major role in your health. I will guide you to regain your health, regardless of your condition now, if you are able to follow the plan of action that I have taken.

This plan brought me back to complete health after suffering with a debilitating and a so-called incurable disease. I am excited to share my strategy with you so that you can reclaim your health back to normal also.  

Since we are all very different in our past beliefs about ourselves I understand that we see things on the subject of health very differently.

And so what worked for me, through the disruption of my health, may not resonate quite the same with you. Therefore, I will explain my journey through my passage back to full health and then add to it all further insight which I have obtained since to help you with those questions you may have, that I didn’t previously.

So let me start you on this exciting journey back to health!

Part One

My Journey from Poor Health to Worse

I first felt the pains in my shoulders, it gnawed at me constantly and began to consume my thoughts. Little did I know at that time the power of thought and how this would play into the disease that I would be told I had. I did try to ignore the pain but that little voice that is able to move things on into that negative field the ego  (Your Invincible Power, How to Tame the Ego and Fuel Your Ambition) kept nagging at me to listen to the pain that it wanted so much for me to hear and ultimately feel.

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I didn’t know anything much about the ego, only like so many people that the ego was about people that loved to boast and that thought a lot of themselves. I didn’t understand at that time that the ego was a part of us all, and in illness the ego produces stress. Stress is the dominant focus of the ego and the dominant force of any and all illness.

Eventually after the pain became worse and I started to listen to that nagging voice, I made a visit to my doctor. He gave me some painkillers, in which fortunately for me I didn’t really believe in, but I took them for a short while. The pain became worse and spread to my hands.

Consequently the voice became louder in my head and the stress, cloaked in pain, poured itself all over me. I made another trip to my doctor. He sent me to a specialist who told me it could possibly be Lupus, he then went on to talk about steroids and strong medication. To be honest, it frightened me to hear what he had to say.

I wasn’t willing to just accept his diagnosis and turned to the natural health field, which then led me on a long an exhaustive journey of buying and taking whatever the latest “miracle pill” was.

I heard about these natural wonder drugs through endless health magazines from the health food stores. None of which helped me to be rid of the wretched pain that was moving with madness to different parts of my body. My hands became weak and the joints were showing signs of disfigurement. My doctor sent me to a hand clinic at the University Hospital in London, Ontario. There was lots of hand and arm massages to follow and braces made to measure, all of which didn’t help. I was told that my hands couldn’t possibly get any better but would deteriorate.

I was still pursuing the natural health field which ushered me to all sorts of natural therapists such as Herbalist, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and many more until my final destination was Reflexology. I found a wonderful, thoughtful therapist named Kathy who did do wonders at that time. I went to her for two years. She was able to relieve some of the pain but wasn’t able to take it away completely. Kathy did full body reflexology and was very concerned with the way I was deteriorating.

At this point I must give account to the fact that most natural therapists in the fields I have mentioned above are fully skilled and prepared to assist people in all areas of their condition. Many are able to efficiently aid with the various requirements of their clients and some have alleviated the pain completely. Howbeit, on hindsight I see that the Universe orchestrated me in another direction that was the right pathway for me at that time, given the mind-frame I was in.

And so out of painful desperation I eventually visited my doctor again who told me, to my relief, I hadn’t got Lupus and made me an appointment to see a reumatologist. I then cancelled two appointments still believing out there somewhere was the answer for me that didn’t include doctors and strong pills.

Little did I know at that time that the answer to my recovery was with me all along. By the time my third appointment was due, many months later my health was failing rapidly.

I gave in and finally arrived at my third appointment with a rheumatologist that was very kind, caring and helpful. Ultimately it was discovered that rheumatoid arthritis was almost in every joint of my body. The doctor was astounded that I had waited that long to see her!

She prescribed Methotrexate, Hydroxyquine and Sulfasalazine, three pretty strong drugs. I did briefly question these drugs but she reassured me that this was the way we could ease the pain quickly (and anyway by then I didn’t care.) I hadn’t wanted to give into conventional medicine but my pain was screaming so loudly at me that I felt I needed to take anything that was offered to find a way out.

I clearly remember saying to her that if she had wanted to remove my leg that day I would have gladly allowed it. She also gave me around four needles in my leg joints to ease the pain. I must admit at that point my pain eased considerably.

The Biggest Mistake most people make

I had read Gary Zukav’s “Seat for the Soul” years previously, and I had been captivated by it. The reason I decided to stay away from conventional medicine was due to his book. Regardless, when pain thrashes away at your body like a piece of meat on a butchers block your mind does not care where the help arrives from. You just want it to stop battering you. I know for sure their are numerous people that right now can relate exactly to where I am coming from.

I found that like most of us do when in immense pain all knowledge I had been given in the way of Gary Zukav’s wonderful words fell through the crack of my belief system like water seeping down a drain. I didn’t really understand the Universal Law of Attraction at that time which warns of the first mistake I made (which the majority of us do) when we have been told we have a debilitating disease Do not research it.

I researched everything I could get my hands on about my “so-called diagnoses.” The problem that goes with this is the more you research what you have been told the more you are confirming this disease with your subconscious. It is your subconscious that then reaches out to the Law of Attraction which brings back to you more of what you are focused on. And to add to this when you research illness there is so much data which not only confirms what you have but also attaches more horror to the ailment.

Now you’ve added to this misconception the idea that you are powerless. All of which brings you down into the negative field of despair.

I found everything I could lay my hands on that related to my label and what is worse than that I believed all what I learned. I gave myself lots of pictures in my mind of that crippled person (I now had been told I was) being pushed around in a wheelchair not hardly able to hold a cup in my hand. I had a great aunt Edith that was in a wheelchair, due to the label of rheumatoid arthritis, from when I could remember.

She was related to us by marriage to my mom’s uncle. She was a lovely person and a joy to be around but completely disabled and had to have assistance for anything that she needed. My mom said she had been disabled from when she was a young woman. Now this thought was alive in my head. I was only in my early fifties. What a dismal outlook. And let’s face it I was already well on the way to being that incapacitated person before the research, now I had confirmed it!

On the other hand if you are to research stories about people who have survived an incurable illness this sort of research is worth analyzing. This could help you to move up the ladder of belief. All positive stories help you to tell a positive story about the health that you are to regain. There are numerous stories everywhere about people who have regained health. These stories draw you into the positive energy field which we will talk about very soon…to be continued.

The next part of this story will bring you to the awareness of:

How to Allow Health back into Your Life.

This is a true story of how I recovered from a debilitating label that I had been given to regain back my full health…

Read  Part Two now

Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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