Intentions, What are Yours?

Do you have intentions to be happy? When you think about this question it can feel quite intense because you might not have thought that you are just going with the flow of life.

But the majority of us do exactly this. We intend good things to happen but we stay where we are never moving forward because it is comfortable here in this place that we are used to. Are we too comfortable where we are to bring our intention to a better place?

072 "What Are Your Intentions?"

Many people sabotage any great ideas that would move them forward from where they are and stay where they are, they actually hinder their own ideas and when the project fails instead of getting up and wiping themselves off they are happy to say that they tried and everything was against them. Their intentions take them to the easy way out. We’ve all been there and done that!

So how do we activate new intentions?

  • When we feel uncomfortable we activate that old fear.
  • The fear that repeats that you aren’t clever enough or good enough to do what you want to do.
  • Some people almost have anxiety attacks just pondering the idea of being successful at what they would like to do.

  • It isn’t strange for this to happen, in fact it is common-place for most people to undermine their own abilities to move forward in life.
  • It is acceptable to us that we talk ourselves out of the idea that seem to be so great a few days ago.
  • And then those fears of doubt present themselves once more. They sapp all of that early motivation, all of that electrifying inspiration until it was like some useless pulp. What were you thinking?

“If we allow it fear can become agreeable, it becomes comfortable and we become attached to it and although painful we give it our permission to run every aspect of our life without having any notion to stop it.”                                                                                           Pamela Hamilton and W.T Hamilton, ‘Your Invincible Power’


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 Our Universal Laws and our Intentions.

  • Life presents challenges, it often summons to us a different pathway.
  • It is with our intentions that we will meet whatever goal we have put forth.
  • Our intentions are our requests. If we are not in harmony with the people, places and things that we place our intentions upon then we will reap the same disharmony in our life.
  • If our creativeness, our idea is with good intentions we will bring great prospects to us.
So How Do We Challenge the Fears that We Feel?
  • When fears present themselves we allow them, this doesn’t mean to say that we condone them, we allow them because they will present themselves, we then accept them and let them go.
  • We have to acknowledge the presence of fear before we can let fear go.
  • We observe that this invisible entity is a part of us at the moment it arrives, which will be through our feelings of weakness, or doubt, or the feelings of powerlessness, when those messages try to overcome us.
  • Now that we are conscious we understand the false illusion that this hidden entity evokes. We then activate the challenge which is to allow this part of you, and understand that this is the part that doesn’t serve you anymore, and let it go.

None of this is easy. However, it will work. This is a journey of courage, it is you opening yourself up and honestly facing those dreaded fearful parts of you. It is being responsible enough to make new choices and values. It is a journey of new intentions and change to new and wonderful possibilities. This is a journey that we hope to go much further into with our webinars and share together.

“Intentions set into motion processes that affect every aspect of your life.”                               Gary Zukav, ‘The Seat of the Soul’

There is so much that we fear in life that has been a part of us since we can remember. I have written a chapter on fear in the book, ‘Your Invincible Power,’ which should help you to understand where these fears came from. Each time a different fear presents itself elicit the new intentions that you want and face the fear then let it go. You will see major differences in your life when you allow and let fear be a part of your past!

Join us in our coaching we will present to help you in major ways. We look forward to meeting with you and going into this far deeper.


Your Friend, Pamela



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