Incurable ebook cover test 2 "Incurable???"Our forthcoming book, Your Invincible Power: Incurable, will give you answers and insight into restoring health and well-being.

We have created a 6 series blog highlighting Pamela’s journey from an incurable diagnosis to full health.

We thank you for taking the time to read these blogs and we hope this will assist you in your journey to recovery.

We now have more amazing success stories to add to these blogs. I am going to place one of these stories as an article on this site so you will understand it is worth waiting for. This story really is a miracle.  Read this new blog, Kay Hicken, Left for Dead Kay read our book “Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy” and said if it wasn’t for this book she didn’t think that she would be able to face the dreadful life change that she found herself in.

We all have the power to overcome a wrong diagnosis and bring ourselves back to health. We just have to understand that all diagnosis of an incurable disease is curable. The power of health is within us all. We just have to believe and understand this.


Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy” Renewed, Re-Energized and Rejuvenated  and Relaunched!

Part one: How I Regained Health and Overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have touched on this important subject in our book, Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy” and also,Your Invincible Power, How to say Goodbye to the Drama.” However, losing health to a debilitating diagnosis is a major subject that affects too many lives just to merely touch on. Many of you are wanting to know just how a person can regain complete health after what was diagnosed as a debilitating condition or what the medical term call “incurable” disease.

I have the answer to this and I am going to tell you in depth how you too can say goodbye to any illness that you have, no matter how perilous your particular illness may sound.

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Part Two

The Law of Attraction in understanding Health.

I didn’t receive the Law of Attraction until I was a few years into my so-called illness. Unfortunately I had lost my youngest sister and then my mom a year later and then another sister two years later. It had been a terrible time and I remember how I had cried in my doctor’s office on one of my appointments with my rheumatologist. I was so heartbroken. My sister Yvonne had been my closest friend although we were both living in different countries, she in England and me in Canada. However, that never stopped us from communicating in anyway we could.

We skyped, we text, we phoned and sent facebook messages to each other and we physically visited each other whenever we could. We would often laugh about how much we were in touch. My sister had survived breast

ZOE_0050 "The Law of Attraction in understanding Health."cancer, but unbeknownst to us it had spread to her colon and stomach and she died within a week of her second diagnosis. I was in total shock and my doctor was concerned. She told me that a death, especially one that tore out your heart, like my sisters had done mine, would send my illness spiraling even further out of control than it was. Despite the fact it never did. At that time I had not given up on my recovery, and what I now know, which I didn’t then, is that the message of recovery was actually seeping deeply into my subconscious thoughts.

How to Allow Health back into Your Life.Incurable ebook cover test 2

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Part 3: The Importance of Our Cells

Your body has reserve cells. The understanding of these reserve cells is that they repair any part of you that your intention is focused on. They rely on signals from the brain. This is why so many people that are told they only have three months to live practically die on the three month anniversary. This happens because the signal that has been given to these amazingly intelligent stem cells is that they should give up all life in three months and they do.

The fact is, these stem cells have intelligence to run the show and give you perfect health if you trust and believe in them. Did you know that when a person gets sick with a virus an immune cell is called in to create a protective protein antibody against the virus or attacker? In the process, the cell must create a new gene to serve as a blueprint in manufacturing the antibody protein. These new cells are created for back up for the next invasion of this virus. These cells have memory and store it until further use is necessary. Our cells also create sophisticated communities which assign workloads. These intelligent, thinking cells arrange their communities far more adequate and efficient than any systematic well arranged Corporation running today. This is the miracle of what our cells can do for us.

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Part 4: Cancer, A Positive Approach

This is how my very dear friend was able to completely recover from cancer: From my son and my book, “Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy,” Is written:We are all ambitious "Cancer, A Positive Approach"

When I first came to Canada from England I worked with a Scottish woman that I found was absolutely empowered with a special kindness. She was old enough to be my mom and I suppose I adopted her has my Canadian mom because I missed my own mom so much. Anyway we spent a lot of time together at work and away from the job in those days and I loved to be in her company because she always made me laugh and she was so much fun to be around. Her husband also worked at the same hospital as we did and was just as nice as she was. They had been together since she was fifteen years of age and still shown complete respect and care for one another.

One day her husband told me that she had gone for tests and that they had found cancer in her lymph nodes and that it didn’t look very good. I was absolutely devastated. I cried and cried. I was thirty-one-years old at the time and I hadn’t a clue about the Law of Attraction and neither did she. Me and my husband went to see her in hospital and as soon as I set eyes on her the tears started to roll down my cheeks. She immediately said to my husband, “I don’t want anyone around me that is being weepy. If they want to cry they can cry for themselves but not for me!” While I wiped vigorously at my eyes with my Kleenex she said again to my husband, “Can you believe that I only went for a check up and they tell me this. And me of all people that doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink well you wouldn’t really have thought that would you?” She was actually smiling. I couldn’t believe her, she was just the same as if someone had told her she had some minor ailment.

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Part 5: Drama is a Big Part of Illness Because the Ego Loves Drama in our Lives.

I wrote about a recent disturbance in my body in this book which may interest you. Here is a part to explain how drama activates illness also. From our book: “Your Invincible Power, How to say Goodbye to the Drama”:

Recently I had come down with a disturbance in what I believe is my good health, while away in another country. Why I call it a disturbance is because I trust my cells are doing a wonderful job within my body. And so when this happened I tried to see it as a smaproduct_dramall disruption for a short while. Now my husband said, “It was probably that spring water we got from up in the mountains and you were drinking it right from the spring.” I couldn’t see this as truth as it was spring water, right? Whoever heard of spring water right from the rocks being contaminated but my husband went right into panic mode saying, “Don’t drink anymore and we’ll boil what we have left of it,” Which we did. He ran out to the store immediately and bought more bottled spring water!

Little Did I Realize that the Drama had Started!

When it went on I found myself wondering what had I done to bring this to me, it seemed that everything I ate just ran through me. Different people asked, “What did you eat?” “What did you drink” I had eaten and drank the same as my husband so it didn’t make sense that I could incur some bug when he didn’t. All the time I was quite aware that only I could have brought this on through my

  thoughts. The question was what thoughts did I harbor that was a disturbance to my inner health?

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Diagnosis! What Diagnosis?

A Wrong Diagnosis and The Most Valuable Exercise That You Will Ever Encounter

Incurable ebook cover test 2Here is the most valuable exercise that you will ever encounter which is what I used to bring back my health.

First you have to bring yourself to the awareness that this diagnosis was wrong. Focus on this thought for awhile. This will take some convincing, however, it is true your diagnosis was wrong. Sense the solace that comes to you when you visualize the doctor telling you it was a major mistake on their part. See this, visualize it. Feel the release in the doctors words. Feel the grip of this illness start to unbind. Feel the ease of each breath. Feel your body becoming free of the shackles of illness.

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