The Incredible Adventure You Never Took!

Think about the incredible adventure you never took. That opportunity you never acted on. That idea you never developed. What could have been?

Now it’s gone, or is it. What if I could tell you how to breathe life back into it? What if it is still alive, just waiting for you to connect with it.


Well I’m going to share with you exactly how you can do this. Bring the incredible adventure you never took back to life. But before I do, let me tell you a little about my incredible journey.

incredible adventure

Before I was able to create any journey’s I was like many of the people I knew. I was just accepting life as it was, I had no idea that it could really be any other way. I was unaware that I was the key to all that has happened to me and all that would happen to me.

So I went to work, I paid my bills and I lived for entertainment. It was a good life, actually it was a great life until the day that everything changed.


It was February 2009. The news was filled with stories of companies closing, people losing their houses, even banks failing.

North America was crashing and no one was safe, including me. The company I worked for suddenly closed. The bank called in the loan and we were no longer viable. Everything I knew, all that the education system had taught me, was obsolete. My knowledge of how life should be was no longer useful or current. At that moment my life’s trajectory was altered forever, unbeknownst to me!


As my world turned upside down, I felt the painful reality that I was at the mercy of those who didn’t care about my financial well-being or my quality of life. I could lose everything at any given moment and there was nothing I could do about it. I had to face this new reality with nothing more than the thoughts that were in my mind.


What happened next was a series of events and opportunities that lead me to a realization.

I could control the outcome if I start to choose the outcome I want. This was exhilarating. It seemed too simple, too easy, there had to be a catch. But what was the catch? What I discovered was, the only way to control the outcome was with intent. And intent can only be achieved by way of consistent thought. The picture that is on your mind the majority of the time.


Think about it, what is on your mind most of the time? When you start to control what is on your mind, when you learn how to think with intent, you then can control the path that your life will take. Their isn’t a soul in the world that can take this ability away from you. You can lose all material possessions but you will still have the power to think. This is how powerful thinking with intent can be.


This applies directly to the incredible adventure you never took. This is definitely amazing news for you. Imagine what you can do if you know how to think with intent? What plans you can make, what things you can experience once you know how to focus your thoughts. It will be magnificent!


The Change With IntentThis really fueled my ambition. I began to see what was possible and I knew how I could make it become something real for me. I was beginning to take real control over my life again. This led me to write a series of empowering books  about personal development and also led me to gaining the knowledge and appreciation of how to promote them. Each time I accomplished something with intent, another idea or opportunity would be presented to me and a path to make that idea or opportunity manifest came with it. It also showed me that all the incredible adventures I ever had were only an action plan away.


I’m really and truly delighted to share with you. To know that your ideas can become real tangible experiences. To know how to make them real is the true gift. This is what we teach in our training program, Accelerate Your Success It is all about developing your idea by creating an action plan.


business-idea-1240827_960_720I’d like to invite you to take advantage of a special,“Accelerate Your Success”coaching session , Click Now to find out how.

This is the main reason that most people give up on their incredible adventure.

It is because they didn’t have a clear comprehension of what their action plan should do. When you create a strong action plan you give your idea a path forward. You gain real insight for what you should do first and what should happen next as you bring your plan to life. This is the only real reason that you have an incredible adventure you never took.


What I do know is that people that have intent, an intent to succeed, create a picture of that success in their mind. That picture then needs a plan and a plan with the intent to succeed only has one option, to become successful. So this is exactly how you bring that incredible adventure to life. You no longer need to wait for the right time, or more educations or better circumstances.



You need to start putting action to it. Start developing the plan, understand that there are steps you should take first, and which steps to take next. Realize there are things you need to do right now and things you need to do later, but the difference in your degree of success lay in taking the correct sequence of steps.


This is why we created our training program, Accelerate Your Success. It was to provide you with an option if you needed it. I understand that sometimes it is hard to know what steps to take first, what things are more important that others. We want you to know that we are only here to help you. I know that the most difficult part of the journey is knowing where to begin. This is why we offer you another choice that can really help you take that step forward.  

It is time for you to look at that incredible adventure you never took and decide now that it’s time to take it because it is time to take it.

Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of inspirational books to assist in the understanding and using the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

Our goal is to help you tap into your invincible power and harness all that is possible for you.

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