I Like to Lift Heavy Things

I like to lift heavy things. There is nothing like a good workout to make you feel energized and full of life. Every time I go to the gym I am glad that I went. Getting there is another story. Sometimes I have to find excuses to go. It makes no sense because I am all about self-empowerment and what is more empowering that taking control of your body?I like to lift heavy things

So I go to the gym because I like to lift heavy things. I want to take control of my body as I do my mind. I want to build my body in the image of my mind. I want to take control in every aspect of my life. Many people want to take control of their life. They want to set the standards for how their life will look. They want to make the rules for their money and career. They even focus on eating healthier and health in general but they often forget this one need. Your body is as important as your mind. Your body needs to be activated and challenged just as your mind does. Healthy eating is not enough. Exercise once in a while is not enough. You need to push yourself past your comfort zone on a regular basis.

So I like to lift heavy things. When I am lifting something heavy I have to be completely focused on the exercise I’m performing. I have to believe I can handle the weight and then challenge myself to do the reps for each exercise. It is a great feeling when you take on a heavy load and you have to trust your body to handle it.

Also I like to lift heavy things when I am feeling stress or pressure. It is like an extra boost of fuel when you use the stress as a focus point to move the weight. I use this when I bench press. I think about what is stressing me and I focus on moving the weight with the energy created by that stress point.

As I move the weight I feel the extra power build up inside of me and assist me in completing the press. Some of my best work outs are achieved when Iboxing-555735_640 Champion have stress on my plate. Because of my understanding of the Law of Attraction it is not very often that I feel stress but when I do I don’t hide from it.

It is because I like to lift heavy things. Try it the next time you talk yourself into going to the gym. Your body will love it.

Next month I will talk about my 1 mile principle.

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I Like to Lift Heavy Things
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I Like to Lift Heavy Things
I like to lift heavy things is about energizing your body and working out to turn stress into fuel. It is about self-empowerment and the importance of building your health to complement your inner strength.