How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

2-1The Law of Attraction, like a luminous globe, seem to burst to earth like a diamond glowing in the sun with its promises of desires fulfilled.

Most people who have read about this powerful law were excited and anticipated this new wonderful knowledge of how they could really make the changes they needed to make in their lives and all would be good, exciting, different than before, in fact all what they would desire was about to be served up. And then…

It didn’t seem to work. Where is the money I so asked for?

Where is that wonderful relationship I so desire?

Where is that great job this law is supposed to bring forth to me?

Why am I still sick?

Everything these so called teachers and gurus bestowed upon us with their enlightened ways, using all of their spiritual and philosophical views just isn’t coming true.

You have found that nothing changed for you although you’ve done all the work. In fact, you’ve done numerous different courses and none of them brought forth your desires. You tell yourself nothing really works—life is just what life is.

Now I’m going to point you in another direction and hopefully show you why this hasn’t worked up until this point. So bear with me for a little while because you do have the tools in your back pocket to make all of your desires manifest.

So this is the big secret, your tools to all of what you desire are your emotions, your feelings. I know we find this very hard to understand but we are all vibration. Physics say we are made up of energy and energy is basically vibration. When we show our emotions we are vibrating to the universe what we desire. So if we are upset a lot we are essentially saying that we want the opposite to what we are really asking for.

To put it in a more logical way, when we are happy and excited about life we can easily vibrate what we want and desire, because those happy emotions are actually the link to universal laws. In other words, they are literally showing that we are ready to receive. When we are happy we are operating from the part of us that is allowing our desires to manifest. It’s a simple as that.

But what has been happening up until this point is you think that you want something, in fact you want it in the worse way, well I’m here to tell you that those sort of emotions and feelings are the worse way and you can’t manifest anything that way because your feelings are essentially pushing your desire away.

  • When you are needy, it doesn’t work.
  • When you are desperate this law doesn’t work.
  • When you are worried about your desire coming or not, doesn’t work.
  • When you become disappointed that it isn’t coming fast enough you stop your desire from coming.

These universal laws work off of emotions and feelings so your feelings have to be real.

When you put a request out there you have to get in a place of belief. It will come. Believe with all of your heart and then let it go. Your only job from there onwards is to relax and let it manifest into your life. It’s all about the feelings. It’s all about emotions. Feel the anticipation. Feel the excitement for when it arrives. Feel the joy in the expectation.

The universe will start opening doors for you to take action from that point on. People will show up, conditions will change around what you’re doing and it will take you places to where you may have never considered previously, if you believe. Feel the love of the universe and see what happens. You will be surprised!

Your Friend, Pamela

2-1Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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