How to Create a Positive Relationship with Money

Our book How to Create a Positive Relationship with money is about building new views and beliefs. We answer the question, What is abundance and how are we to get it?


create Positive relationship test cover 10We’ve been so conditioned to limitations that it becomes a tremendous obstacle to even entertain the possibilities of abundance. Due to this handicap we have formed a pattern of lack and limitation which is unyielding in our psyche.

Our book will help you to break this pattern and replace it with a positive pattern. Building new ways to see money and new beliefs about money. It will empower you and give you power over money.


In our book, Create a Positive Relationship with Money, you will learn how to:


  • Gain power over money
  • Discover your inheritance
  • Remove your old limiting beliefs
  • Make money your friend
  • Feel good about spending money
  • Create money gratitude


Be conscious to the life adjustedThe one recurring theme that you will see throughout this training and beyond is gratitude. Gratitude is the secret ingredient that makes all these concepts and techniques come to life and really work. Gratitude creates a feeling of lightness and warmth. This feeling is what puts you in tune with the gifts that are waiting for you.


This book is filled with exercises and techniques that you can use to create a positive relationship with money.


It is filled with fun anMake money our friend adjustedd interesting ways to to create this positive relationship with money. These are the same techniques that we use everyday. These techniques enabled W.T. to get out of a mountain of debt. It worked for us and it will work for you.

It is our intent to help you understand that we all live in an abundant Universe. There is an inheritance waiting for you. It is a gift from this loving Universe. You just need to discover how to receive it and it will be yours.

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