Holding on so Tightly That It is Causing You Harm

He bit into his warm toast and quickly sipped his hot coffee. The chaos of the morning was about to burst into action. He knew it was only moments away.


It was Old Friend holding on the mentorat this time 6:11 A.M. that the thought emerged. Why was his old friend holding on so tightly to memories of the past? Why couldn’t his old friend move on? And then the chaos began.

The kids came down from their rooms and life was once again at full speed. Thoughts of old friends escaped as the focus was  now on the present moment. The mission was to get the kids to the bus on time. Nothing else matters. Lunches needed to be made, backpacks needed to be loaded, and breakfast needed to be served. This was the only thing on the agenda for the next 90 minutes. It was game time.


Once the morning routine was complete and the chaos had dissipated, he found himself thinking again about his old friend. Why was his old friend holding on so tightly? Why would anyone do this? Why was his old friend holding on so tightly that it was causing him harm?

He didn’t have the answers but he knew someone who would. His mentor. But there was no time for his mentor right now. It was time to go to work. Time to do his job. Thoughts of old friends and holding on would have to wait. The bills don’t magically pay themselves right?


Deadlines, meetings and commitments took up the next 8hrs of his day. The hecticness of a full-time job left little time to think about the future, and no time to think about the past. Thoughts of his old friend were no longer present. He had forgotten that he wanted to talk with his mentor about this. He was thinking about his future life. The one he planned and was working toward. The dream that wasn’t a dream anymore, it was a goal with a path. He was walking that path and was focused on it as many times a day as possible.


selfgrowthBringing Your Mind to Rest Daily will open up a Door to Endless Possibilities.

Next was homework, finding something for the kids to put in their bellies, and rushing off to their activities.


The pace of life was quick and decisive. He felt most alive in these moments. The rush of adventure filled his spirit. The challenge of fitting all these moments into a small window of time made his heart pump and his mind sharp. This was not a time to think, but a time to do.


But, his mind had other plans. Thoughts of his old friend surfaced once again. In the midst of the adventure, like a friendly reminder, his mind asked the question, “Why was his old friend holding on so tightly?” He remembered that he wanted to see his mentor. His mentor would know the answers to the question. He knew he had to carve out the time tonight.


So this was now apart of his agenda. He knew this was part of his journey to reach his future. It was part of his growth.


He knew his mentor was a busy man. Not always available at the exact time he needed him but his mentor somehow always seemed to know when he needed him? It was a strange relationship but he stopped questioning it long ago. The important things was that he had a mentor that could help him to understand the journey. His mentor knew the answers to the questions. The question was, Why was his old friend holding on so tightly?


So he asked the question. And the mentor answered…(to be continued)


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