GPS Your Destination in the Road of Life

GPS Your Destination in the Road of Life

As the rain hit the windshield and the drops ran in curious direction he realized that he had been lost in a daydream.

His thoughts had grabbed his attention and took him to a place in his future. A place where he desperately wanted to be but he wasn’t sure how he would get there.


Internal GPSHis daydream brought him to a place far down the road, beyond his destination. His GPS didn’t seem to be too happy with him. It kept telling him it was recalculating but as he was lost in his daydream he hadn’t realized that the GPS was trying unsuccessfully to direct him. The sound of the rain almost drowned out the sound of the GPS. He knew he had to snap out of the daydream and pay attention to the road because, where he was going, he had never been there before.

It was at that moment that he realized he had an internal GPS.

It was this awareness and desire to reach his future self that was driving him and directing him. He knew that he had all the resources he needed to achieve his goal because he had a gift that could make things align for his benefit.


It was like the GPS in his car. The GPS was constantly giving him directions even when he wasn’t paying attention. It didn’t matter how many wrong turns he took, the GPS would keep recalculating until it got him to the place he was focused on reaching. This was true with his focused thought too. As long as he kept the goal on his mind, even if it wasn’t every minute of the day, he was drawing the destination he desired to him.


The GPS told him to take the next exit and he did. He followed the directions without question. He believed that the GPS would do its job. He believed that the GPS could bring him to the place he wanted to go even though he didn’t know how to get there. He knew that as long as he had the destination, the exact destination that he wanted to go to, the GPS would figure out how to get him there.

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This was true with his internal GPS too.

All he really had to know is where he wanted to be. What this place in his future looked like. He just needed to be sure and clear in what he wanted and then the universe would guide him there. It gave him a feeling of sureness knowing that he couldn’t end up somewhere where he didn’t want to as long as he held true to his desire, to his destination. It was the destination that matters. The destination was what the universe worked to manifest. It didn’t matter what the desire was, the universe would try to find ways to get him there, as long as he didn’t change the desire.


He knew there was only one way to use the Universe’s GPS. There was only one way to connect with the universe and tell it what the desire was. It was in focused thought. Thinking about what he wanted as many times as possible throughout the day. This was the way the universe knew what he really wanted. It wasn’t in his random thoughts, it was in his predominate thoughts. Those pictures of his future self, his future life, those pictures were just like punching in an address on his GPS. This was how he let the universe, his inner GPS know where he wanted to go. It was with this focus that the universe would find a way to manifest.


He was glad that he took this trip. He was glad that he had daydreamed, and he was glad that he had missed his turn. It was in these ways that life always seemed to show him a deeper understanding of this gift that he had been given. It was in this strange way that he always seemed to be guided. Life was consistently giving him bread crumbs to digest. Each time he picked up a bread crumb and really stopped to acknowledge it and contemplate why he suddenly found it, he would grow in his ability to use this gift of focused thought.

The GPS was his guide to allow him to travel to places without knowing how to get there and his inner GPS let him find the ways and paths he needed to manifest his future life. He knew now what it meant to think with intent. It was to transmit to the universe his desired and dreams.  


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