Go Hydrate Yourself!

Hydrate myself? What do you mean hydrate myself? Why do I need to hydrate?


I was at a Toastmasters meeting the other day and there was a guy there doing a speech. He had a shirt on that said, “I’m a Trainer”. He started to talk about the importance of drinking water. He started to tell us how we should drink water at certain points in the day and the benefits of doing this. I thought it was interesting but I didn’t take much more notice or give it more thought after the presentation was over; although the presentation was very good.


A few days later I was interacting with some of the people that follow me on Twitter and one of the ladies had a blog about the importance of water.

HydrateThe picture in the blog showed a person with dry hands saying it is a sign that you don’t hydrate enough. As I was reading I seen that my hands are always dry too! So I started to think about it.


Trainer guy was telling me to go hydrate myself, blogger chick was telling me to go hydrate myself and then I turn on the radio and Justin Bieber is telling me to go Love myself!?!? I thought, “That’s not very nice Justin Bieber, Maybe you should go love yourself instead!?!?”


Now I’m a follower of the universe, the universe gives us signs and messages.

True, the universe isn’t a very good communicator most of the time so you really have to pay attention and try to decipher what it all means but this one seemed pretty obvious. The universe wanted me to go hydrate myself!

“That’s not very nice Justin Bieber, Maybe you should go love yourself instead!?!?”


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I decided to buy a case of water and follow the routine that was laid out.


  • First, I had to drink a glass of water as soon as I woke up. This is to flush out toxins and wake up your organs.
  • Next I had to drink a glass of water ½ before I eat. This is so you don’t overeat?!?
  • Then I had to drink water before a shower, before and after a workout and before I go to bed so I stay hydrated while I sleep.
  • Drink water when I’m feeling tired or hungry.


It seemed like a crazy routine at first but as I adapted to it I noticed two things; I actually felt more energetic and I had to pee a lot. My hands started looking better and I didn’t need to drink coffee after my morning coffee any longer. So it seemed like the universe was on to something here.


Now everyday I go hydrate myself. Thank you universe (And trainer guy and blogger chick too)

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