Getting ready for summer – workout plan

dumbellsSix week Cleanup in 10 easy steps. This is the time of year when everyone looks at themselves and say” Oh crap I’ve let myself go all winter and now summer is almost here, I better do something quick!!” Do not fear. It’s amazing what can be done in six weeks if you stick to a plan.

Here is a routine that I have set up many times for people and it always yields great results if you do what it says and stick to it.

1) You workout everyday -15 min in the morning and 15 min at night not including warm up. One of the workouts is cardio-you are trying to find out how far(distance ) you can go in 15 min and every trip has to be equal or farther than the last. The second workout is body-weight movements- 4 sets of lunges (as many as you can do in the time frame. lungesStart at 12 per set and add 1 per set every week) ,as many push ups as possible in 4 sets (if you cannot do at least 6 from your toes then go to your knees ), as many pull ups as possible in 4 sets, 1 set of sit ups (as many as possible). Best results come from a circuit type workout with the abs at the end.push ups Very simple in concept. If the second workout takes more than 15 min you are taking too much rest.

2) Diet – again here we take the simple approach. Here are the things you do not consume during the weekdays for the 6 weeks;

A) -any type of baking

B) -rice, noodles or white potatoes. Sweet potatoes are fine.

C) -alcohol of any type   

D) -candies, chips, chocolate or desserts

E) -snacks that you have not made yourself. On the weekends you are allowed one serving of any one of the above items. That means the amount should easily fit into the palm of your hand.

3) You must drink one 8oz glass of water before every meal.

4) Have one day per week where you only have non-cream based soup or vegetables.

5) You must take a multi vitamin everyday

6) Consume 2 or less cups of coffee per day

7) No fruit juices and milk must be skim

8) Every meal must contain vegetables or grains.

9) No eating after 10:00 pm

10) Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep everyday.

That’s it, simple and effective. Give it a try ,you will notice excess poundage melting away every week and you only have to train for 30 min per day without any equipment.


Attachment-1Stephen McKenzie


Director of Fitness – Cambridge Club