Getting an iPhone for Free?

Getting an iPhone for free?iphone-410324_640

My daughter wanted an iPhone. She had an iPod for the last few years and it had seen better days. She wanted an iPhone for many months. This was something that was definitely on her mind and in her thoughts. The hurdle was, she doesn’t have money for an iPhone.

Opportunity knocks

Not long ago I dropped my iPhone and the screen shattered as they so easily do. It was unusable.  This is where opportunity presented itself. She asked me if she could have the old broken phone. Her plan was to bring the phone to the mall and find out how much it would cost to replace the screen. I gave her the iPhone and the quest began.

Once she had the quote she needed to start saving money for the repairs. But as time danced in the life of a teenage girl, the money was spent on other must have items. At least she had the iPod right? But that old tired beat up piece of technology couldn’t last forever and one day it gave up its fight and stopped working.

The Drama

What ensued next was a week of drama. First, she told me that I had to pay for the repairs by Saturday, to which I replied, “Excuse me?!?!” I then let her know in a very clear way that she doesn’t tell me when and how to spend my money (Only my Wife does that). Next came the devastation.

It was the End of the World.
Nothing could be more important than repairing this iPhone!  How could she live a normal life without social media 18 hrs a day, seven days a week.(I know it’s only 6 hrs sleep and she’s supposed to get 8. That’s a whole other blog!) So the world was ending, her mind was only thinking about one thing, the iPhone.



The Law of Attraction in Action

She was completely focused on getting the iPhone. She needed the iPhone by the weekend. It was a life and death situation as far as she was concerned. As we say, you attract what you are focused on. So she went to school and told her story to anyone that would listen. On Wednesday it happened. Her friend gave her last years iPhone because she up-graded to this year model.

Like magic my daughter got an iPhone for free!

This is the power that we speak about. This is how it works. The more energy and feeling you give something the more you can attract it into your life. This is why something’s seem to come at just the right time. It is because that feeling of need is magnetizing. This is the Invincible Power that is inside of you waiting for you to learn how to use it. The trick is to learn how to use it all the time and not just in end of the world situations.

That is the story of how my daughter got an iPhone for free.


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Getting an iPhone for Free?
Article Name
Getting an iPhone for Free?
This is the story of how my Daughter got an iPhone for free. She didn't pay any money but was able to get a free iPhone by using the techniques we talk about in our book, Your Invincible Power.