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Free Preview:Let’s not ask what life brings to us but what do we bring to life?

Unfortunately drama has been paramount in many people’s lives and so it repeats itself often. The question is how much do we play into it? How are we sowing the next seed of another dramatic incident in our lives? (free preview)

Workplace dramaI have come to understand that it isn’t bad luck that some people seem to be stuck in dramatic situations (in which they can’t seem to shake themselves out of.) In fact it isn’t anything to do with being unlucky at all. Drama is a point of concentration that gathers thought upon thought and builds upon the worse scenario of that thought until it actually flows into a person’s life.

This is a Free Preview of our book, How to Say Goodbye to the Drama. Get your copy today.Say goodbye to the Drama free preview

I have been in some quite mind blowing drama games with others and wondered at that time, “Why am I a part of this?” This book is about finding a way to keep those dramatic situations, people and circumstances away from your door. It is a way to step back, take a deep breath and guide yourself out of the mess that others make. It gives clarification to those moments when you feel unkind for not wanting to be a part of the other person’s disorder. It gives answers to one of those most asked question which is, “How did I get in this mess in the first place?”

Our attitude and understanding are major components in this subject of how to keep drama out of our lives.

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with this drama that has presented itself to us, that we can’t think of a solution when one is needed. And the more we agonize and worry about it the more this particular situation builds. There are various reasons why certain things happen to us the way they do.

Drama Temp really sucks!!!We hope to clarify your thinking on some important points of the way drama moves through your life—and assist you on how to handle those uncomfortable moments and hopefully disperse of them.

Hope you enjoyed this Free Preview of our book, How to say Goodbye to the Drama.


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