Free Money is Good Money

Positive relationship test cover 10Free money, who doesn’t love that. It is a great feeling when you get something for free. But how many times do you actually get free money? How many times does free money just land in your wallet?

The reality is, free money finds your wallet all the time. You just need to notice it, acknowledge it, and be grateful for it. So now you’re wondering what I am talking about right?

My story Chapter 5.2 … I was at a store the other day and I needed to buy some items dollars-426023_640List a lot smallerthat I always buy. These items cost around $120.00. I made my usual purchase and continued my day. A few days past and I decided to sign up for a night school course to learn French. The course cost $190.00. I paid for it and planned to go. The next day I checked my bank account (Mainly because I like to look at the numbers) and I found a wonderful surprise. I received $120.00 credit from the store I bought my products from. It was unexpected and amazing. I was so happy and grateful to receive this free money. In total I got the product for free and the course only cost me $70.00.  Who doesn’t like that?

I often go to the store and find things that I was planning to buy are on sale that week. I never buy more than I am planning to buy instead I let the extra money stay in my bank account or wallet. I always try to stop and give gratitude for the savings.

Give Gratitude for the Free Money

  • It is important to acknowledge the free money. Realize that you are gaining even if it is only a few cents.
  • Feel good about the free money. The more you feel good about it the more that feeling of having lots of money will grow in your subconscious mind.
  • When you see the savings instead of the spending’s you start to feel good about bank-note free moneyletting your money go. Holding on to money for fear that you will not have enough later is stopping you from having more.
  • Be grateful for all the good things that your money does for you. Your money is a tool to help you secure joy and happiness. Every time you receive free money it is helping you to get closer to securing joy and happiness. Make sure you don’t take it for granted.


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What do I call Free Money?
  • Things that are on sale that you would buy anyways.
  • Free coffee, lunch, dinners (when someone else pays)
  • Rebates
  • Writing cheques that are not cashed right away. ( you collect a few extra days of interest)
  • Anything that doesn’t take money out of your pocket or get you to buy more quantity than you planned.
Sometimes the free money is big, sometimes it is small but every time it is awesome. Look for it, find it and feel great that you have it.

Cause everyone loves free money right?

Positive relationship test cover 10

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Free Money is Good Money
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Free Money is Good Money
Free money is everywhere. Learn how to see it and how to bring more of it to you. Discover the simple ways that you can increase the money in your life. Learn how to bring free money into your wallet.