Flight to Jamaica!

Flight 1802 to Jamaica!

Frequently bothersome situations take place when going on long trips, example: the flight that takes quite a bit of time and patience to get their. In the past me and my husband have endured flights that have really taken all of our patience example: at the check out in the airport I had been asked to take articles out of our carry on case to redistribute them through other cases because of overweight issues on the flight, which, as you can imagine becomes quite embarrassing. A lesson was soon learned, always weigh your carry-on case as well as the others!!  055 "Flight 1802 to Jamaica!

Another time my husband had forgotten to remove his bug spray to the cases that were going below, and had left a can in his carry-on luggage, therefore it was taken away, because you cannot take aerosol cans in your carry-on luggage. You should have heard his complaints after that!!

And one year the girl at the check in told me that I had to write my full name, the way it appeared on my passport on my luggage labels, you know those tiny labels that you can hardly see, let alone write a full name on!!

She told me if I didn’t she wouldn’t send our luggage. When walking away I complained knowing that the year previously another check out person had told me that it didn’t matter what you put on only  the the address you would be residing at was important. I wasn’t a happy camper until my husband had to remind me of being harmonious, which is a really well earned slap in the face when you’re the one passing this message of harmony on!!

Another time, an older gentleman even knocked me off of my feet, literally, from behind when he lost control of his suitcase trolley. I arrived on my trip with bruises all up my arm!

I know this sounds like a lot of complaints, and it is, however, there is a certain way of avoiding all unnecessary bothersome situations wherever you travel too if you use it. So this is what happened this year:

I reminded myself, first hand that I was in control of my life and what I was allowing into it. Of course I followed the protocol with the weight of the cases, labels and so on. But I had to remember that I play a major role in everything that happens in my life. And so the day before we came here to Jamaica I stated that we would have a friendly cab-driver to take us to the bus that we would take to the airport.

I then stated that we would have a lovely ride the 90 odd miles to the airport with a friendly bus driver and good weather also. I stated that everything at the airport would go well without any bothersome situation happening. And that we would have an awesome flight which would all go quickly and harmoniously. I kept this vision in mind and gave gratitude for everything going so well the day before.

The day of the trip everything that I had envisioned happened even to the point that we had an extra seat next to us on the flight which gave us lots of room.

We were the only flight that landed at that particular time, which was most unusual, we often arrive with one or two other flights, which means that the lineups are long and we usually wait in the snake line up to an hour or so to get through. This time it was very quick and our cases had been taken off of the belt and laying on the floor so we just picked them up and went on our way. It only took us forty-five minutes from when our flight landed to get out of the airport which was record saving time for me and my husband.

I hadn’t discussed my vision or request of these things to my husband and waited to see what developed. He was amazed and told everyone about his great flight, and how everything went so smoothly. I was very happy and gave thanks to a wonderful universe many times over.

What I have come to understand is that I have to always remember that I am in control of my life situations, not just when I take a flight, but with every part of my life.

I have to expect good things to happen. I have learned over this last few years to take control of my life and bring wonderful conditions without complaints.

We often go through our life with so many things to complain about, the only thing with this, I have found, the more you complain the more the Law of Attraction gives you to complain about. This is how you invite unwanted things into your life. This is why we have to be careful of what we say and how we say it.

We have all been accustomed to life leading us and taking what it offers, but I have found a different way of doing things that really works and I know if I intend, expect and trust the way I envision my life to be, it will be.

Life is one big flight, we are flying from one circumstance to another. We have to take over the controls and understand it will only reach those good situations if we learn how to guide it ourselves.

Quoted from our book, Your Invincible Power, “It’s similar to an aircraft being on auto pilot, you sit back and let it take the controls for you. The difference is with your aircraft you haven’t a clue as to where it will navigate to, therefore, you cannot avoid anything you may collide with.”

Try it yourself. Really believe that life and circumstances will take place the way you visualize them to and see what happens! You’ll be amazed and delighted.  Your friend, always. Pamela
076 "Me and my husband, Clinton (in Jamaica)
Me and my husband, Clinton (In Jamaica)







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Flight to Jamaica!
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Flight to Jamaica!
Flight to Jamaica is about learning to control your day by using your intent. I share the tools I used to make my day of travelling better than ever before. The power of expecting will make for a wonderful flight.