Fitness. 5 Essential Things Every Successful Fitness Plan Needs

In the quest for success many sacrifice their fitness goals.

I hear people say they don’t have time or they are too tired. But without health how much will you really be able to enjoy success? There are 3 key factors to a well rounded life. Wealth, Health and Joy.(That’s strange, that was part of the title of our first book! )

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This is because your health is very important to living the life that you deserve. So it is important to have fitness goals.

I go to the gym 3 – 4 times a week. I do this for a few different reasons but mainly because I want to enjoy as much of my life as possible. One of the things getting into shape and having fitness goals does is build up your self confidence. It actually makes becoming successful easier. You build up an attitude that you can overcome the challenges if you work on them. And you can see the results in a short amount of time too.

So how do we set up successful fitness goals?

We begin with realistic expectation and these 5 essential tips:

  • Choose a time of day that you can stick too



Routine is a key factor in fitness. Having a time each day that you can mentally prepare for will help you in maintaining a fitness commitment.

  • Choose a location that is easy for you to reach


Don’t join a gym or fitness club that is miles out of your way. Choose one that is local. This will help you not only attend more but you will start to see people you know that go too. It’s extra motivation – at no extra charge.

  • Choose a mix of activities so that the routine doesn’t become boring


Do cardio one day and light weights another day. Don’t always use the same machines or do the same exercises. Learn what ways you can do the same thing using different techniques and equipment.

  • Don’t worry about the scale. Just concentrate on how you feel after you go each time


Weight loss shouldn’t be your goal. You want to feel energized and feel happier for going to the gym. The more you like the feeling of being there, the more you will want to go. Remember, muscle is heavier than fat so the scale doesn’t tell the real story.

  • Have fun. Smile, talk to people, ask for help and advice


People at the gym love to help other people. Even the big scary guy likes to help everyone. Getting to know people is easy and you might find someone that wants to meet up each week and workout together. Extra motivation – at no extra cost.

And the Essential Bonus Tip

  • Reward yourself


As you build your fitness commitment don’t forget to reward yourself for taking care of yourself. At least every 90 days you should treat yourself in some way. Be creative in what you do, your worth it!

Make fitness a big part of your success plan.

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