Feeling – When it Feels Right

Feelings are alive in you right now. They are present in everything you do. They’re guiding you through your everyday routines. Feelings are the messages that are sent to you. Your feelings are telling you something.

Sometimes they can stop you from doing something, other times they encourage you to move. It is hard to read your feelings but when it feels right, somehow you just know.sleep-375345_640 - Feeling - When it Feels Right

I was lying in bed. My thought were dancing through my mind. These thoughts were of things that I was working on. Things that I was trying to figure out. Things that I had meditated on. The pictures were of my future self. My future self was doing something that was somewhat risky. It was not risky in a dangerous way but more of a daring way. As I seen my future self in action and taking action I had a feeling. This feeling was a feeling of clarity and calmness. It felt right. I was feeling like this was what my next step needed to be.

I began to focus on that future. I started to see it in more detail. I was surrounded with the feeling of surety.

I felt confident that this was going to work out. I could see the details of what I needed to do. I could see the words and the pictures. I could see the results. I could see the fruits of my labor. It stayed with me the whole night. I didn’t get much sleep that night.

The next day I was extremely focused. I wasn’t just focused on the vision I had but even in the things I needed to do before I could get to that.I just knew that I would have enough time to do what I had envisioned and that it would work out. My feelings kept me calm. My feeling gave me energy. I was filled with purpose and ambition.


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When it feels right somehow you just know.

This is the gift that focused thought gives you. It allows you to see what you will do before you do it. You get to work it out in your mind first and see any hurdles that might be there. You get to listen to what your feelings are telling you. They guide you through the confusion that would have been their without this gift.

This is the world I live in. I am not waiting to see what happens. I am seeing what will happen and deciding if that is the experience I want to have. I am choosing what I want to experience and I am attaching the feeling to it. When I am feeling good about it, then I know it is in harmony with the universe and I act. If I do not feel good, I quiet my mind and focus on it. I wait until I feel good about the next step before I take it.

I feel it, I see it, and then I be it. I am grateful for my feelings. I am grateful for this gift.

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