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Each month we interview author’s of many genre’s all with wonderful stories to share. You should find great value and some hidden gems here. There’s one thing you’re really going to love about these interviews and that’s the incredible books that these authors have written.

We are excited to introduce Kim Malama Lucien to you. Kim is a consultant, author and co-author in the Change book 10. I know you will enjoy this interview.

Kim 3 Target



Tell me a little about yourself and your background?


My target is to inspire the world, by inspiring the people and businesses I work with; to inspire through leadership and by invitation and example. To assist clients’ movement into a new way of doing business, into a new paradigm of business done differently, generating and creating a business based on a sustainable future, sustaining this planet, and being a contribution to its employees, customers and the local communities. In other words, training people and companies to be benevolent capitalists and leaders.


I’ve been coaching and teaching kids and adults since I was just a kid, as early as 11 years old!   The early years were focused primarily on athletic performance and I found that  students’ performance increased significantly when I began inspiring them on a body, mind, and spiritual level.  (I didn’t know that’s the type of inspiration it was at the time, I can see that now looking back!)

I’ve spent more than 15 years in the corporate world working with clients from small businesses to large multi-billion, multi-national organizations.  I’ve got my Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and International Business from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.   I continue to have a successful career by incorporating my energetic & healing skills with my business knowledge in the corporate workplace. I’ve got a special talent for making the ‘crazy’ seem normal, a bridge to a point of view and different choices that a lot of people wouldn’t consider otherwise.  My ability to empathize and read people, to understand everyone’s point of view, create good working relationships and effective conflict resolution substantially contributes to my success.  On a more one to one basis, I have been told I have an innate ability to tap into and recognize people’s natural and unique abilities or strengths and show them how to use them to their advantage.

What were you like at school? Were you good at English?


I was an above average student but definitely not top of my class.  I was always busy, more interested in being an athlete than spending my time studying.  I also think I knew from a young age that there was value in school but also a lot that wasn’t of great value to me.  I was always analyzing what was required to get what I wanted and would do that, I wasn’t interested in doing a lot extra just for the sake of doing it.  I was very pragmatic, even then.   I was never driven to get straight A’s. The work required to do that and what I thought it would get me didn’t make sense. I mean your grades only matter getting into college and then after college maybe only that first job right out of college, after that no one cares or ever asks about it.  This was also born out of the reality that I am different, I think differently, and while never ‘diagnosed’ with any learning issues if I was a kid in school now they might say I was ‘on the spectrum’ and it is amazing to me that I managed to cope and get goodish grades because looking back I can see that the structure and format of school wasn’t ideally designed for the way I function.

Kim My Chapter


What are your ambitions for your writing career?


Having a writing career is a new consideration for me.  Of all the things I’ve done and been good at in life, writing, being a writer, that was not ever something I thought I did particularly well or would have any sort of career with. I guess you could call me an accidental writer!  So who knows, I will continue to be open to new possibilities and see what shows up.  I have been thinking more lately about making some attempts at writing fiction.  That might be a lot of fun.  What kind of fiction stories can I write that will empower and inspire?  I don’t know, I wonder.


I would like you to take us back to the pre-inspirational moments before you had any idea about writing a chapter in The Change book.  What was the moment of inspiration for writing this chapter?


My chapter for the change book is about a subject that I’ve been thinking about for several years now as a result of my time consulting in corporate America.  It has finally become time to be able talk about it, to put words to it that people are now capable of hearing in a way they wouldn’t have been before. It’s about Benevolent Capitalism & Leadership.  I know, I know, most people think that is an oxymoron, but I don’t think so, it certainly doesn’t have to be.  My chapter is called, ‘Benevolent Leadership, Creating Growth & Sustainability through Empowerment’.


The Change book was the first avenue I found that spoke to an audience I thought would be interested in the message.


Tell us about what inspired you to write your book? 


I have at least one book in development but no firm timetable as to its completion.  It will be based on my Aloha Lifestyle Design Telesummit – creating a Plan & Roadmap for people to create the life and living they’d like to have.


Tell us about the changes in your past beliefs on attraction and how it brought you to the moment you knew you had to write this chapter.


My journey and personal development has been a long and ongoing one.  I am a very different person with very different beliefs than I had as a child, teenager & young adult to today. All the good, all the bad, all the ugly, all the everything else, all of it combined contributed to me being me, who I am right now, and all of that created the me that chose to write the chapter for the Change.  Take out or change anyone of those things or choices and I’d be a different person making different choices.  I am grateful for all of it as it has led me to where I am right now.


Which writers inspire you? 


There are no particular writers that inspire me, although I am drawn to and prefer writers that are conversational in nature.  I like to feel like I’m having a conversation either with the author or the characters, depending on the type of book.  Are the stories, good, interesting, well told, and told succinctly?  It is VERY easy to lose my attention, especially when I am reading.  I prefer writing that allows my imagination to fill in the blanks, long overly descriptive text can get boring very fast for me.

Kim Personal development


When did you decide to become a writer?


As I said before, I never considered myself a writer, or particularly good at English, my conversations style does not appeal to everyone, so I sort of assumed I wasn’t a good writer and didn’t really know how to tell a story.  But over the years, more and more people, people I knew well, and people I didn’t know all that well, consistently told me I should write, that I should tell my story, that people needed to hear what I have to say, so after at least a decade of hearing this, at least several times a year, I figured maybe it was time to pay attention to the message the Universe and Spirit were clearly attempting to give me!


Why do you write?


I write now for lots of reasons but mostly I write because what’s inside needs to get out, or Spirit, or something else has something that needs to be said and I’m willing to be the conduit for that.


Do you have any particular time to write: early morning, late at night?


I don’t really have a specific time, whenever something strikes, but if I had to pick one it would be late at night.


 Do you have a routine you would like to share when you write?


I do not have a specific routine. When I feel the need to write I do it.  That unfortunately for me often means I am getting up out of bed in the middle of the night because if I don’t get it out I won’t be sleeping, or, when I wake up it won’t be there anymore. Sometimes I still like to write by hand but mostly I type on my computer.  I don’t really journal, it’s never been my thing, which I think might be sort of weird for a writer.


Where can people  buy your book /product package/coaching packages?


The easiest place to get my books are on Amazon.  If you’d like a signed copy you can email me at kim@kimmalamalucien.com and I will send you a paypal link.


My first book, The Energy of Spirit, you can get here.



My next book, The Power of Releasing Judgment, comes out on Amazon in March.

The Change, Book 10, is available now.


What do you do each day to keep in touch with your audience?


This is something I could do a better job at.  I personally hate getting deluged with emails from people so I do keep it to a minimum.  You can go to my website:  www.KimMalamaLucien.com to register for my very periodic newsletter.


I host a weekly radio show – Super Scoop of Consciousness – with two other co-hosts on A2zen.fm.  You can see our page here for archived shows: http://a2zen.fm/author/super-scoop/

Shows are Friday mornings 6am Pacific/9am Eastern.


I have a couple of free mini meditations I created which you can download here:


1 –  the Creation Exercise – it is a different variation to Manifest in your life and

2 – Resonate with Money – and exercise with creating a resonance with money and abundance that invites it into your life.




What is your favorite food?


This is constantly changing but desserts are a great place to start!  My brain is constantly going so I have a bit of a sweet tooth! Did you know that our brain runs on glucose?  I only recently learned that and it made my sweet cravings make so much for sense, I could finally stop judging myself for that!  If your thinking all the time – you very likely require more sugar than someone who doesn’t!


What is your favourite book?


There are too many to name really.  I read A LOT – so much so that I often have to cut myself off or I won’t get anything done because I’m always staying up all night reading!


“The Changeover” by Margaret Mahy – this was a big one for me as a teenager.  I also loved the “Saga of Recluse” series by L.E. Modesitt Jr.  I loved the Harry Potter Series, I loved the Twilight Series.  I like to read for entertainment and fun. I don’t usually enjoy very heavy stories with dark stuff happening. I don’t read a lot of self help books (I know ironic, since I’ve now written in three and have another in development.) I like to learn through story and I enjoy reading fantasy and magic and science fiction and wonder what capacities they have in those stories that are actually possible here that we’ve just decided aren’t possible!


How do you market your book?


That remains to be seen.  I’m just now starting to create sales funnels so we’ll see how that changes things and what it creates.

Kim 4










Blog: http://www.kimmalamalucien.com/free-stuffblog.html


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimMalamaLucien/ & https://www.facebook.com/SuperScoopofConsciousness/


Twitter: @anuenuemaui

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1z9sDsLiL_YJ1HIWZRmkQ

Linkedin:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kim-lucien/10/362/8a8

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/anuenuemaui/

Instagram: @accessmalama

Amazon Author Page:


We would like to thank Kim for a great interview.

At the beginning of May we lost one of our co-author, a friend, an inventor, and someone that was going to change the world. This interview is in loving memory of Cliff Waterbury.

I was working with CCliff memoryliff to help him bring his journey to you and to introduce him to our Change book series family. Cliff worked very hard on this interview, even adding some of his own questions and he was excited to share it with everyone. This was his first interview as an author. He will be dearly missed but his words live on in the Change series books and his memory lives on through all those that knew him and for those of you that will know him now.

We are honored to have the opportunity to interview Cliff and it is with great pleasure that we share this interview with you. 

What motivates you as an author?


I am motivated by the notion that I am able to express my unique voice and perspective in a way that hopefully inspires or engages the reader to look at themselves and the events that are unfolding in their lives from a different perspective or viewpoint.


Did you write stories at an early age or did the writing bug come later?


I have always been able to weave stories together but never really wrote them down on paper while I was growing up. As I grew older and had my awakening experience I found that a new avenue for my creativity and expression was reawakened in me and I write more often now. The bulk of my writing has been of the scientific notation or technical aspects of the new technology but I enjoy the art of expression from a third-party narrative perspective. Yabbit is exploring the creative aspects of my being and the unseen and unheard parts of my persona that were shut down as I was growing up. Yabbit connects me with my own innocence and raw potential as well as the voice of my inner child.


Describe your writing style?


I would say it would be authentic and experiential. I tend to put a lot of myself and my past experience or the wisdom I have learned or gained throughout my journey into my writing. As for style I find as I allow the words to flow through me, as if I am just rambling on, that cohesive expression and clarity, begin to emerge. Through various stages of creativity, the channel just flows and I capture the moment, which may lead into three or four hours of solid writing or longer. Other times it feels like it’s difficult to begin or I have trouble finding a place to start.


What inspired you to write this book?

Cliff motivated

I was looking for a creative outlet to express some of the experiences and life’s little synchronous moments that have occurred, to evolve the technology from its early origins and my own personal awakening experience that has opened up my awareness to a whole new level as well as introduced me to channeling and automatic writing. The book allows me to express my own unique perspective and share some of the wisdom that I have gained as the technology is passing through various stages of development.


Do you have a special place to write?


I find my creativity and natural flow resonate more clearly when I am around water and in a natural setting. I have always been drawn to water and often go to a specific place in my hometown, where the majority of my inspiration and the channeling and automatic writing have taken place for both Yabbit the rabbit and the technology.

Each requires a different approach or style of creativity but I find being near water brings a sense of calm and clarity to my overall mindset.


How do you motivate other people in your writing?


That’s an interesting question, I am always inspired to motivate others and try and invoke an experiential thought process within them or get them to look at things from a different perspective. I hope to wake people up to a greater truth and share a different perspective. I have a unique approach to engage people and have a way of making them feel, at ease and trustworthy to talk with. I am very genuine and try to articulate that into my writing and share that with my audience. As for how I motivate them, I guess it varies with each individual. Motivation is really inspired through me in the moment, especially when I’m speaking or engaging with an audience or to them individually. I tend to connect with others on a much deeper and core level. It has to do with my own process of personal transformation that I am continually evolving and growing into that provides an interactive experience. I am both a teacher and a student and feel as we are all on a unique journey or life path, everybody knows something that I don’t and I tend to focus on bringing out the best in people by allowing them to express themselves more authentically.


How did you feel about your first published piece?


Being published and having the opportunity to share my unique experiences with others was challenging and allowed me to transcend a lot of my own limiting beliefs. The feeling of accomplishment and completion were two of the main ones I experienced. I made a commitment to myself and followed through, which also brought up a lot of unresolved issues and trauma from my own childhood, which represented my opposition or resistance [procrastination] to my own process. It was about overcoming my own barriers and beliefs, while finding an inner strength to step beyond my comfort zone. I also knew it was a defining moment in my life that needed to be addressed, rather than making another excuse for finding another distraction to keep me in place or from moving forward. Therefore completing the chapter was more than just writing, it signified an end and brought closure to one aspect and part of my life, while opening a new door or window of opportunity. In essence, it was like launching me in a new direction and opened me up for a new adventure.


 Describe the purpose of your book in a few sentences?


The purpose is to inspire others to identify and find a unique path that ignites their own passions and awakens them to their true nature. Yabbit has various incarnations and will affect readers in a different manner but the overall goal or intention is to enlighten the reader and invite them, to look at their lives from a different perspective. I offer pieces of my own experiential journey as a reference guide to the personal ascension process. Empowering people to reclaim their inherent gifts and freeing them from their own limiting beliefs. The book is like a compass or a road map, to help people heal past experiences and to re-create their lives from the inside out.


How do you think reading your book will impact people?


Hopefully it will instill a sense of familiarity or connection for people that invokes a sense of confidence and helps, them to celebrate their own unique perspective, their own skillsets and inherit gifts and to express themselves more authentically.


 What inspired you to write a chapter in the change book series?


It was a defining Cliff defining momentmoment in my life. Writing a chapter challenged me to get moving and it inspired me to complete something on time and enabled me to follow through and walk my talk. It helped motivate me and challenged me to find new ways of doing things. I found reserves I never knew I had and it elevated my creativity, in a whole new direction. It allowed me to move past previous barriers and limiting beliefs and to get in touch with my core essence. It opened me up to possibility and created opportunities, to grow and adopt new habits and perspectives. I learned a lot of new skill sets and gained many new insights as I was writing this chapter.


What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?


I believe showing up and completing what I intended to do to be very important. For me, writing this chapter was following through on a promise that I made to myself and it represented an opportunity for me to match my words and intentions with actionable steps and hold me accountable to complete it. It built a lot of inner confidence and inspired me forward to complete other goals, which are still unfolding. Each step I take in the direction of my dreams instills more confidence and belief in myself to keep moving forward.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


I believe the planet is undergoing a monumental transformation that affects every living being on the planet and many outdated systems and structures are changing, which creates tremendous confusion but also affords tremendous growth and opportunities for change and renewal. The next several years will usher in many global changes and as I am sure anyone reading these words would agree, many personal and sudden changes as well.

I believe the next several years for me, will be laying the foundation for future generations and establishing a unique footprint and paradigm shift with the game changing technology and perhaps adopting a leadership role in sustainability as well as becoming a teacher or leading authority and expert on the new emerging technology and the implications it will have on the planet. Based on my knowledge or interpretation of the channeled information that I have been receiving over the past few years, these processes will help to balance and restore the earth to her natural or harmonious state.


What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?


I would suggest staying the course, it is easy to come up with all kinds of excuses why we can’t do something or talk ourselves out of anything but to me; writing is following through on a commitment to yourself. By honoring and keeping those promises that you make to yourself develops a better relationship and establishes better trust with yourself. Following through and realizing it takes dedication and commitment is a process and it is different for everyone. For me, I just knew the pain of waiting for the right time was creating more resentment and frustration (procrastination), than actually scheduling time for myself to write or to begin.


What is your best marketing tip?


I believe marketing and getting noticed for your gifts/ talents comes down to the amount of exposure and integrity you are willing to bring. It takes courage, as I have found out to actually follow through and complete something amongst so many distractions and obstacles, including competing for people’s attention and feeling like you have to sacrifice integrity or values to be successful. By having a unique signature or authentic approach as well as clarity of purpose, will help identify your audience that you are trying to reach. How can you expect others to follow or believe you – if your not being true to the message you are trying to convey?

 Not selling for profit per say – but coming from the mindset of how may I serve or be of value to you?  How may I solve or provide a service to address a pain or problem that you are having or that the audience can identify with.


What is your least favorite part of publishing / writing process?


I find editing to be very time consuming and un-inspiring for me. When I am inspired to write, I just allow the words to flow. My initial writing experience and writing this chapter I found to be quite challenging, as I would get distracted and unfocused quite easily by trying to edit it or change the structure.


What would be the one subject you would never write about as an author?


For me I would find it very difficult to write about something that was false or fake and overly materialistic and offered nothing to inspire or uplift someone. As for a particular subject, it would have to do with selling yourself out or being a fraud.


Is this your first book?


Yes, this my first writing experience. I have envisioned a series of books based on a unique character [Yabbit] for a number of years; but was never really clear on how to proceed or where to begin. In other words I procrastinated, in one way or another. Having the opportunity to write an introductory chapter and share a part of my life path and future vision with an audience, while initially challenging for me has answered and helped me to overcome some obstacles and personal blocks. It allowed me the opportunity to introduce the technology and raise awareness to some of the ecological challenges that are occurring on the planet and how this channeled technology – can address them all. It has also help shaped the vision for Yabbit the Rabbit and opened up opportunities and new perspectives for collaborations as well.


What do you like to do for fun when you’re not writing?


This may sound crazy or weird to the audience but I like to solve problems, I have a high level of emotional intelligence and am highly empathic and often receive inspired guidance or channeled messages for people, in the moment or I will get creative solutions to everyday issues or problems. What appear as problems to most, seem to be reasonably explained or I can offer a different and impartial point of view, wherein people gain clarity and often have an A-ha moment or the solution magically appears or is revealed to them. I enjoy woodworking and creating things as well as being outdoors and in nature. I am drawn to sacred geometry and unified physics and enjoy learning new skillsets.


Are you married or single and how do you combine the writing life with home life? Do you have support?


Currently I am single but hope to have a family and a strong support system and network around me in the near future.

Often times I feel isolated or alone due to being an empathic soul and there is a fair degree of standing alone in your own truth when it doesn’t appear to go with the flow or to follow conventional or generally accepted ideals/concepts, especially when it challenges peoples beliefs systems. The technology that I am bringing forth is a game changer and will address many of the current and pressing ecological challenges that are facing the planet. That brings with it a tremendous responsibility and I know that I am a change agent who has been gifted with a world-class technology and part of my life path is to steward the technology into the mainstream. There is a natural progression that is slowly gaining momentum and acceptance.


What are you working on at this moment?


My current focus is on creating a business structure and building a brand around the technology, as it progresses through various stages of development. The name of my company is called IVELOUTION, which is wordplay on the phrase  “I have a solution”. I am in the process of establishing myself in the clean-tech sector and organizing a research and development platform. The website features a more in- depth look at the technology, its origins and how I came to discover it. Along with updates on the ongoing research and the unique journey that has led me to this point and the writing of this chapter. I am trying to create a brand that embodies the technology and writing content for both websites. I am also in the process of creating a series of enlightened books based on a unique character – Yabbit the Rabbitt, which is a character I have chosen to represent the outer expression of the technology. I am also preparing theoretical papers on condensed matter physics, to support the technology, which is based on the principles of magnetism and unified field theory. One of the embodiments of the technology is developing a process similar to photosynthesis that creates and stores energy from the existing environment and extracts energy from the vacuum or zero point field.

Cliff water






Who is your biggest fan?


I believe my biggest fan or friends are those that don’t have the courage or a means to use their voice and empower themselves, or to make changes or try something different. Being an independent researcher, I am not bound by restrictive policy or confidentiality agreements and rigid regulatory bodies, so I have an opportunity to be a voice or speak my truth. Being authentic and true to your own values and principles draws the admiration and respect from people. I was always taught to treat people like you would like to be treated.


Who is your biggest critic?


My biggest critic by far, has been myself. Both, in learning to channel the technology and transforming myself and outdated beliefs through my own process of self –mastery. I tend to be rather focused and driven and often shut the world out around me, especially when I am in the zone or in the process of automatic writing. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself, not so much to succeed or a timeline but more to get the right information in the right order before going public or releasing my work for speculation. I call myself a controlled perfectionist meaning, I am very focused and dialed in on my [life purpose] at times but more relaxed and engaging when not focused on my passion. Finding the balance is key.


Do you have a favorite spot to vacation? Can you tell us briefly about it?


I don’t really have a favorite spot but have always been drawn to Hawaii. I enjoy adventure and exploring the road less travelled, which I hope to do more of once things settle down in the near future. I enjoy being near water and immersed or surrounded by nature, I find it to be very calming and helps to easily center and balance me, while allowing information to flow through me. The majority of my channeling / writing has been done in a specific spot, which over the years has become sort of a second home. In the future, I envision myself and my family living on the water full-time. I do my best and most focused thinking near a body of water, preferably moving as in a waterfall with the sounds of nature echoing in the background.


If you could be anywhere in the world for one hour right now, where would that place to be and why?


 I would have to say Hong Kong, to visit my inspiration and my muse of the past four years. I would prefer more than that hour but I have learned through my own experience, to cherish the precious moments that you do have with the ones you love and those places, things and people who make a difference or impact you in some way. Learn to appreciate what you have and share your gift and talent with the world.


Is there anything else you’d like potential readers to know about your book?


I am both a student and teacher of life. It has been my experience that when the student is ready the teacher will often appear. I am very drawn to the synchronicity of life (the unexplained phenomena), number symbology, Unified Physics [based on the work of physicist – Nassim Haremein] and to the deeper meaning and exploration of life. I have always been drawn to sacred geometry and the mysteries of nature and the universe I am also very curious and enjoy learning about other people’s stories, their lives and their struggles. We are all on this planet for a reason and on a unique journey and path that is leading us back to oneness and to ourselves. I am naturally drawn to people who are unique or have a quirky and pioneering spirit. If I can learn and share something with someone to enrich or inspire him or her, to me that is a win /win situation.

In my upcoming book, I try and embody or encompass the above passions and weave them into a storyline – that will hopefully inspire people to look at life from a different perspective.



Where are you on your journey or mission, in life?


The journey never really ends, it just deepens and takes you places and into adventures that often leads you to the next step or progression and chapter. Currently I feel like I am taking a big leap of faith and stepping out of my comfort zone and trailblazing into a new reality. To me it is the physical application and the manifestation of my dream, now starting to come into physical form or reality. This has been my journey, to this point in my life [more of a personal and inner one or an introspective learning curve] that has enabled me to practice and prepare for what comes next or what lies ahead in my future.


What defines success for you?


Success is individually measured. For me writing and completing my chapter was a huge accomplishment, simply because I followed through on a promise to myself. I am learning to set goals and milestones while trying to maintain an “in the moment” and staying present with what is occurring in my life at all times. It is a delicate balance but as I learn and move forward on my journey it becomes easier.


What aspiration/wishes for myself/ the collective and the planet – do you have?


I hope to leave a legacy behind for generations to come. As I was writing this chapter I was realizing it was a stepping-stone and a foundational move to create a company and bring the technology to life. It was an inspired action that I took, to hold myself accountable and to keep moving forward in the directions of my dream. That action has led to a whole series of synchronous events and meeting with people, who share my vision and hope for the planet. I believe humanity and the collective are waking up to a greater truth and I believe it is possible to recreate your life and your situation. The key as I understand it is to have the courage to ask for help or to reach out and take that risk or venture down the road less travelled. The more people develop and restore their beliefs in themselves, the more potential for change they can create.


Name a book that inspired you or changed the course or your life and why?


I would have to say the “Celestine Prophecy” book series by James Redfield Although I didn’t realize it at the time and in retrospect, I now understand that it was a catalyst that shifted my perception of reality or opened me up to the possibility of a different worldview. It was a captivating book and kept my interest all the way to the end, even though at the time I didn’t really comprehend or digest the message in its entirety. It is a type of book that requires a few reads, to gain new insights and perceptions on things and concepts that are occurring or unfolding on the global stage. I resonate with the ideals brought forth in the book series and find that they align with the collective awakening that was/and still is occurring on the planet, as prophesied by the author. It just resonated as a truth for me, the message was simple and powerful and the potential, set my life in a new direction and offered me a new perspective of life.

 Cliff's words will live on and he will be missed. Thank you Cliff for touching our lives and sharing your personal journey with us. You leave us with a wonderful gift.






I can’t wait for you to read this interview with Sally Kay. Sally is a coauthor in the Change book 10 and her chapter deals with overcoming unimaginable loss. We are honored to interview Sally and to have the opportunity to share her story with you.

Sally Change book 10 My HopeWhat inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired to write this book chapter(Getting My Hope Back after the loss of my son to Addiction) because it became apparent to me that there is no training in life that prepared me for what I went through during the addiction process (active using, Recovery, Relapse, and Death) with my only son Joe Jr.  I wanted to give Grief and Hope a voice.

Grief is so often a taboo subject. My goal was to honor my son’s memory as I told of my journey. Even though we lost him to the disease of addiction, he is forever in our hearts. I still hear his laughter in my head. It also talks about my journey to get my HOPE back after his loss. I am committed to living for both of us. I dedicated my coaching business Raising Hope Daily in Memory of him. After visiting numerous Facebook sites, talking to clients, and grief groups, I have decided these topics need to come out in the open and be discussed. It is so easy to get stuck in one of the stages of Grief. It can make you feel so helpless.

How did you feel about your first published piece?

Writing and publishing my first chapter for a book was the culmination of a lifelong dream of mine. Now checked off my BUCKET LIST! I knew I would do it, but life got in the way, and truthfully I never put it in my timeline of to dos. It was a very personal journey to share, but I know I am not alone in the experience of it. It isn’t the topic I initially thought I would write a book about. This particular story has been the most life-changing event of my life though. The story I tell myself now is that “this tragedy actually led me to my lifelong purpose of being there for others in pain.”

I love being a stand, as a coach, for my clients to actually work through their stuff as well, no matter what it is. In the past before becoming a Coach, I gave what I thought was great advice. Now I usually don’t give advice, I ask curious questions that assists people to get in touch with their own answers. Then I coach them to be accountable for taking action steps to get what they want in their lives. I give them feedback that is factual and intuitive. We only get one shot at this life so why not go for the gusto!  I think we are greater than we give ourselves credit for.

Describe the purpose of your book in a few sentences.

The purposSally Kay I was inspirede of my book chapter is to educate the reader somewhat on addiction and the family dynamics of the disease. It also shares my personal journey through Grief and back to Hope. Further, it gives the reader a few new tools that start them on their journey back to their own Hope.

How do you think reading your book will impact people?

I think that others may see themselves in my struggle both during my son’s recovery and relapse, and eventually his death to addiction. Drug use has become more prevalent than ever in this country. The family trauma that accompanies its use is overwhelming.

My hope is that after reading my chapter, they will find some new insights and perspective on the issue.

I further think the tools addressed could be of help to anyone who has lost a child for whatever reason.  “Our Children are not supposed die before we do.” Grieving is an emotion that is not discussed nor are we given tools that would help us cope, let alone flourish, after such a loss. Lessons about Grief are often vague. We are left to cope the best we can in a difficult circumstance. My chapter sheds some light on this difficult topic. There is so much more than the chapter goes into. I have already begun another expanded book focusing on Grief and Hope.

What inspired you to write a chapter in “The Change Book” series? .

I was inspired to write my chapter for The Change book because I admired the reasons for the book. Sharing stories of inspiration and tools others can use for self-empowerment world-wide is so timely in this generation. I give Jim Britt and Jim Lutes kudos for this. Seeking ideas outside of our own experiences is so important.

We are never alone in the pain we feel, others have felt it as well. That in and of itself is a comfort to those reading these chapters. I love that such a variety of subjects are addressed because we are all on our individual journeys. At least a few chapters may touch you where you are today. The new perspectives are thought provoking and may give readers an incentive to take action. I’d say the old adage applies here “when we are ready to learn the teacher appears.” It may also plant “some seeds” that we will remember for later, if we don’t choose to use them right now.

“I always say once you know that your choices govern your journey it wrecks going back to the status quo, because we are now aware that we could make a different choice. It is up to us. We can be the passenger in our journey or we can be the driver.”

I’ve learned this “going along with the crowd” called the collective drift.  An Al-Anon slogan says “When we get sick and tired of being sick and tired we do something different.” Most folks that will choose to pick up this book are ready for some Change in their life experience.

What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

That’s a difficult question to answer as there have been several. I consider myself a lifelong learner and getting my Master’s Degree in Healthcare was an awesome accomplishment. I will never forget the day I got Registered as an Electro diagnostic Technologist after five years of studies. I’d say my Certification as a Professional Performance Coach and a Certified Relationship Coach are really high on the short list.

Above all others though is my journey to get to know my own strengths and weakness, my value, getting my voice to stand for myself, and identifying my PURPOSE here on earth which is “TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS COURAGEOUSLY, ESPECIALLY THE HOPELESS, IN A WAY THAT THEY GET THE OUTCOMES THEY DESIRE.” I believe I had a calling to do this  when I was nine years old. There was always a common thread of intuitively connecting with another human being at a deep level in all of my career and my personal life.

Do you read your reviews?

I haven’t had an opportunity to do that yet but, I know that I WILL.

Do you respond to them, good or bad?

I may or may not respond to them. I have learned to take things less personally. I believe there may be great feedback in a response that I will look at. There will be others that may not be ready for the information or disagree on my style of interpreting it. That is just fine with me because I am always looking to see things from other angles. Everyone has something of value to share.

There are many ways to cross the same room, don’t you agree? I value my point of view but; I don’t have to be right. What I choose to do is take in the information and examine it, explore it, then I will decide, I love opposing, or different points of view. This makes for an interesting planet. Often the response of folks is more about them than me anyway.

Are you married or single and how do you combine the writing life with home life? Do you have support?

I have been married fifty years, actually since I was seventeen years old. Wow just saying that seems unbelievable to me. I love him more now than the first day and he still makes my heart beat faster when I kiss him. What a ride it has been though, that is worthy of another book.

He is definitely my biggest fan and very supportive. I am very careful to nurture our relationship, especially since we lost our son. I have gotten closer than ever to him and make him a priority in my life.  The good news is I have created an effective way to make requests about what I would like to accomplish in my life. He is very proud of me. We are very committed to each other, to better communication, and to trust in each other. He has many hobbies and is semi-retired and we compromise on decisions around my time with clients, my traveling, speaking engagements, networking, and my Coaching Business. I’m always very conscious of work/life Balance. I incorporate time for us into my schedule. We have honored a date night for years. I have support from a network of other authors and Coaches as well.

Do you have a favorite spot to vacation? Can you tell us briefly about it?

We vacation every year on Drummond Island, MI. Thirty five of us meet on this remote island off the East coast of the Upper Peninsula for fishing, euchre, eating, a parade, swimming, fireworks, and friendship. It is like going to camp, everyone welcomes you back. For many it is the only time we see each other during the year. We have watched their children grow up, some marry and have their children. It is an amazing island with cabins facing the gorgeous clear water, all nature and beauty, and solitude if you want it. Monarch Butterflies return there every year to mate and are so beautiful. It is paradise on earth. The fishing is outrageous and all participate in catching fish flies every night for the next day’s bait. Yes, I bait my own hook. This is a priceless experience that I would not miss.

Is there anything else you’d like potential readers to know aboutRaising hope your book?

I would like others to know that I cherish the opportunity to come into their homes with this story that is such a part of the person I am today. I want them to know that there is Hope after we loss a child. Finding our way through that maze in not for the meek. I hope my courage to choose to live for myself and my son touches someone to move forward through their Grief knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Wherever you are in this journey through grief please be kind to yourself. Know that I wrote this Chapter because I’d like to be a stand for you to find your way. We will never forget our child and I believe we can live for ourselves and them, in their honor. We can get our Hope back. For others who read my story that have not had such a loss, my hope is that it helps you find some empathy for those living this and to be very patient with them as they find their way.

Peace, Joy, and especially Hope to you this day, Coach Sally Kay, www.raisinghopedaily.com, www.facebook/RaisingHopeDaily, and 810 434 0632

We want to thank Sally for this amazing interview, Please read her chapter in The Change book 10. Contact us here to find out how.

We are very excited to introduce and interview author Angela Spagnolo.Angela Thought Land

She has just written her first book, Thought Land, a unique and emotional read exploring the roller coaster of feelings at a turbulent time in her life.

I know you will enjoy this interview.

Tell me a little about yourself and your background?

Well I am an autodidact, a self-taught person. Everything that I have learned since I left school is completely on my own accord. I finished high school knowing that college just wasn’t for me. And well to be honest…I wasn’t in a good place mentally to really pursue it at the time.


I have always had a passion for writing and as
far back as I can remember it is something I have always found my sanctity in it.


What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I want to inspire others by sharing my story and what I have had to overcome in order to get to this place in my life now. I want other people to understand that the reality of your life is based on your own individual perspective.


I would like you to take us back to the pre-inspirational moments before you had any idea about writing your book.


“Thought Land” was never meant to be a book. In fact, it is simply my journal that contains my deepest thoughts and emotions.  It is extremely raw and unedited but I wanted to keep it that way. I want the readers to see my journal for exactly what it is without being “edited” or tampered with. Once things become altered within it, the originality becomes lost.  That is why I decided to leave it as is, grammar errors and all.


What have you written?


“Thought Land” is the first book that I decided to self-publish but I have what feels like an endless amount of writing. I find a lot of pleasure in writing poetry as well.


I started a children’s book with short stories that are poems that is a bit on the funny side and I am hoping one day that I further pursue my dream of publishing it.

 Never meant to be

I am also exceptionally proud of my blog as creatingthemindnow.com and enjoy the free moments I have to write my articles with information on how to live to your fullest potential.


Tell us about what inspired you to write your book?


It wasn’t so much about what INSPIRED me to write it but rather what pushed me into publishing it and just taking the chance despite all my self doubt.


It really was losing my ex boyfriend and best friend Paul to an overdose on April 25, 2015.  He had dreams of making films, music and he was extremely talented. I vowed that I would spread his story and bring awareness to what drugs are capable of doing to your life. It also opened my eyes to how short life can truly be and that waiting for a “tomorrow” that may never come is wasting my life away.




What was your life like before becoming an author?


Before I went back to writing and I was addicted to drugs and I found myself going down a dark hole. I didn’t realize that writing was what was missing from my life. The moment I went back to my calling is when I truly started to feel like “myself” again.


When did you decide to become a writer?


I believe the day I was born. I think deep down in my soul it is my purpose.


Why do you write?


The truth is…I write to communicate with my “self.” I find great clarity when I write and have a conversation with myself.


Do you have any particular time to write: early morning, late at night?


When I feel inspired. I do not like to make writing “work.” I find that once that happens it is no longer considered a passion.


Do you have a routine you would like to share when you write?


I prefer to find a quiet place and be alone. I even have to put my cats in a separate room so they do not meow and disturb me.


Where can people buy your book /product package/coaching packages?

Angela's book cover

“Thought Land” can be purchased on Amazonkindle.com



What is your favorite food?


I honestly do not have a favorite food, song, movie, color or a specific thing I hold to. I often times say, “If I pick just one then I leave out all the others.” It really does just depend on the moment for what I am in the mood to eat, hear, watch, wear and focus on.



What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?


JUST DO IT! Your first book may not be a huge success or it very well might be. The sooner that you take the chance and get it out there the faster you will realize it wasn’t as difficult as you thought it would be.



How can readers discover more about you and your work?


Readers can follow me and subscribe to my YouTube channel and creatingthemindnow.com


Blog: http://creatingthemindnow.com/


YouTube: https://youtu.be/m7S04gsilfs


Twitter: https://twitter.com/angela_spagnolo


Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01C4CZSI0


Book Links: (Amazon.com)  http://tinyurl.com/hld9quy   

We want to thank Angela for this wonderful and honest interview. Be sure to pick up your copy of her book, Thought Land, and visit her on social media.

We are proud to have the opportunity to interview Peggy Sealfon.

She is the author of Escape From Anxiety – Supercharge Your Life With Power Strategies From A to Z, Coauthor of The Change Book 9, and we are excited to share this  interview to with you.

SO let’s get to knoEscape fromw Peggy


I have a PhD in reinventing myself. I started out as a journalist in New York City writing for the New York Times, Newsweek International and others. Over time, I owned a variety of businesses and constantly needed ways to resolve stress and anxiety. I trained (and certified) with a world-renowned yogi master (Amrit Desai) in ancient life-changing yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality and then certified in neurolinguistic programming, functional medicine, Reiki, Reconnective Healing. I also studied Functional Nutrition and neurosciences.


Using advanced studies in the science and system of integrated human development, I began to assist individuals (and corporate groups) towards higher levels of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I certified as a life coach and have become internationally known as a Personal Development Coach, Motivational Speaker and Author. I’ve created the Integrated Life Personal Coaching System which is a customized approach to awaken personal balance and ignite the inner source of empowerment. 


I’m co-author of The Change-Insights Into Self Empowerment and author of the best-selling book Escape From Anxiety—Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies From A to Z. 


What were you like at school? Were you good at English?

I enjoyed English and foreign languages. I became fluent in French and learned enough Spanish to get by!


 What are your ambitions for your writing career?

To continue doing what I’m already doing in reaching as many people as possible who benefit from my books, articles and programs to be healthier, more productive, motivated and become the absolute best versions of themselves. I’m an Expert Contributor to numerous platforms from Watchfit (England) to YourTango (U.S.), SelfGrowth.com and have been syndicated in Self Magazine and other publications. I’m also finishing a book with Yogi Amrit Desai which should be released in Summer, 2016 titled: Embodying the Power of the Zero Stress Zone.


What was the moment of inspiration for writing this book?

For Escape From Anxiety, I was inspired by many clients who were asking for materials they could refer to as they faced challenges in their lives between sessions. My book is a compilation of effective strategies culled from my broad range of experiences and trainings.  There’s basically something for everyone and every situation. It is arranged in bite-sized solutions from A to Z that are easily digested!


Tell us about what inspired you to write your book or Chapter in the Change book?

Contributing Change

For me, contributing to The Change series provided an additional opportunity to walk my walk. I resonated with the collaborative idea of connecting with like-minded professionals internationally. I believe it is through these kinds of supportive global efforts that we will impact positive change in the world. This concept is magnificently in alignment with my passions and my mission.



Which writers inspire you? 


There are so many inspirational writers ranging from science to spirituality (in no particular order):  Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Norman Doidge, Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, Eckhardt Tolle, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Brian Weiss, David Hawkins, Richard Gerber, Wallace D. Wattles, Donna Eden, Dan Buettner, Rick Hanson, Deepak Chopra, Malcolm Gladwell, Matthew Petti, Krishnamurti, Bernie Siegel, Mark Waldman, Richard Feynman, Michael A. Singer…the list goes on and on.  These are just a few who fill my bookshelves right now!



What was your life like before becoming an author?


“I had a couple of books published previously in a different field. But publishing today is completely different than it used to be and the gates have flung open for more “writers” to find their voice in the public light.”


Why do you write?

I’m addicted to communication and sharing insightful studies, viewpoints and inspiration especially when it helps others find their personal path more effortlessly.  Most times–even though I mostly write non-fiction–I believe I’m just a conduit of information to flow through me. The more I relax and let it happen, the more I feel as if I’m not even doing the writing. I just serve as the vehicle for the “wisdom” to flow through.



Do you have any particular time to write: early morning, late at night?

I prefer mornings. I feel the sharpest mentally and I feel the most connected to “messages” early in the day!




Where can people buy your book and products? 


EscapeEscapeFromAnxiety.com  (My book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and select bookstores)

The Change


3MinutestoDestress.com (a free audio that can be downloaded)



What do you do each day to keep in touch with your audience?


I’m always working with clients from different walks of life, corporate groups and audiences who help me stay connected to current needs.



Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?


If you do not have any marketing background, I recommend you seek out a topnotch publicist if you can afford one. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed trying to do it all yourself. The first important element is to determine your target market.  Next, be clear about what you wish to accomplish with the book. If it’s to make money, forget it. You will not be able to support yourself on book sales. But a book can open doors to new projects and clients, speaking engagements, and go a long way in building your credibility in your expertise.  In this way, an author can develop a significant revenue stream.


What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?


The key to becoming a published author starts with making writing a priority.  If you have a million excuses or find yourself deferring the project to when you have a less-demanding job or your kids are in school or you have enough extra money, etc., you’ll never do it.  I recommend outlining and writing the first draft as if it’s for the trash.  Be disciplined in carving out time daily (best to choose the same time) to work on this project so the writing muse begins to flow more easily but don’t get precious about it. Just do it!  I would also find a mentor—another writer, a writers’ group, a library group—that can provide encouragement and valuable feedback. Writing is very solitary so it’s extremely helpful to have outside motivational influences to keep you on the path!  As part of my coaching programs, I provide guidance in finding your life’s purpose. So I can also help you in becoming a writer if that is in alignment with your values, inner beliefs and personal intentions.

I'm Addicted




How can readers discover more about you and your work?


Website: peggysealfon.com

Coaching Program: IntegratedLifePlan.com

Blog:   http://peggysealfon.com/Blog.php

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/peggysealfon.personaldevelopmentcoach

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/StonewaterSt

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/peggysealfon

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/stonewaterst/

Amazon Author Page:   http://www.amazon.com/Escape-Anxiety–Supercharge-Your-Powerful-Strategies/dp/0996366601/ref=la_B001KIFVSW_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431525087&sr=1-1


Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/escape-from-anxiety-peggy-sealfon/1122104522?ean=9780996366601

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26406586-escape-from-anxiety?from_search=true&search_version=service


We would like to thank Peggy for this great interview and the wonderful advice to writers. Read her book Escape From Anxiety and The Change Book 9 available now!



It is with muchI Believe author interview Briana pleasure that we present to you our interview with Briana Hansen. She is hilarious, intelligent, and super creative. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to interview her. We know you will enjoy this

Let’s get to know Briana Hansen:

I love to laugh, I love to write, and I love to create. Those three things have been not only constant for me throughout my entire life, but they’ve also been so strongly rooted in my personality that I’m basically stuck in this creative life, whether I like it or not. So I figure I’ll just keep trying to get better at it each day until maybe I can make a decent living just creating. Even if that was a bad plan (which I believe most days), I’m too far invested in making that a reality at this point to go back. So, you know, I just tread on.

I’m from Indiana and now live in LA. I studied Philosophy, Politics, and the Public at my university, lived in Chicago to do all the comedy stuff I felt like I was “supposed” to do before moving to Los Angeles, where I continue to write, act, produce, and create.

What were you like at school? Were you good at English?

I know it’s cool to say this right now, but I was a pretty big nerd. But I had a different kind of nerd experience growing up in that I went to a small, private school with a bunch of other like-minded nerds. And my high school was also smaller, had a bunch of people I’d grown up with in the classes, and (for the most part) filled with pretty easy-going, cool people. So I basically got to be an over-achiever, loving books and writing and learning, without any sort of bullying or judgement.

I was my own worst critic and my own worst enemy when it came to trying to fit in. I was well-liked by my classmates (mostly) and was student council/class president throughout the years. I was good at writing, sure, but I mostly liked everything. And I really liked performing and speech class. Writing and reading were always easy. My bigger issue was finding the time to do all the things I wanted to do, including the reading and writing I loved.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I’m probably a little different than the average idea of an author, mostly because I’m also a performer and work in lots of different mediums. I write TV, films, sketches, mini-series, animated stuff, books… you name it. I’m not saying that to brag, I’m mostly just saying it to admit that I don’t ever really know what I want to do with it.

Maybe I should have a Insatiable book postermore clear ambition. But, for now, the ambition is just to tell stories that make people laugh in the most effective medium possible. I particularly love books because, if you can’t already tell, I’m a big loquacious and love words. In books, you can be as wordy as you want. In visual mediums, you try and use as few words as possible to get your point across. So I guess my real ambition is to keep my voice and POV strong no matter how the idea is manifesting itself.

I would like you to take us back to the pre-inspirational moments before you had any idea about writing your book.

I have a few books out there. Well, two as of right now with a third on it’s way within the month. The first two were essentially aggregates of blog posts I’d been writing over a period of years. I looked back through all of them and realized that I had, with a little finesse, essentially written a couple books.

I basically just wanted to get stuff out there in one place since people seemed to be enjoying my shorter writings.

With this last book, I thought if I can show myself that I can see a book through to its finish, then I can prove I can sit down and write one just for the purposes of writing it, rather than as shorter vignettes.

What was the moment of inspiration for writing this book?

My moments of inspiration for all of my creative projects are very similar. I get ideas all the time and have cultivated a mindset to write them all down, at least promising them I’ll think about it. Sometimes, an idea is so strong or so clear that it’s obvious this is one that’s not going away for a while. Then, basically, I feel like there’s a small court in my head in which each idea argues its case for being the next one I focus on, making valid points about why it will be the most fulfilling or the most pertinent above the others. And then whichever one convinces me the most, I begin working on.

My latest book wouldn’t leave me alone and kept badgering me to come to life (making the excellent point that if it doesn’t happen in the next year, it loses much value).

So I just buckled down and got it out. I don’t think of any of my projects as my magnum opus, really. Maybe that’s because I’m still young, but I think it’s also just a healthy approach to help make sure you’re constantly creating rather than getting hung up on just one specific idea you feel needs to be “perfect.”

What have you written?

A ton. You can find a lot of my work at my website, brianahansen.com. Like I said, I’m always writing for performance and for fun. I’ve got books, pilots, web series, mini-series, animation, documentaries, rap songs… you name it. The only thing they have in common is that (at least at some point) I thought they were funny.
Briana Kurt Vonnegut
Tell us about the changes in your past beliefs on attraction and how it brought you to the moment you knew you had to write this book.

I’m into all sorts of energetic beliefs, so to narrow it down to this moment might be too limiting. I approach this book, as I said, like I approach most of my other creative projects. I focus, I listen, and I just force myself to do the work- even if I don’t know that it will ever see the light of day. I believe by visualizing what you want and listening to your gut, you can make small changes (which are the most effective) to slowly but surely achieve anything you want in life.

Which writers inspire you?

I’m a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut. I love his conversational style and cutting humor. He also grew up in my hometown and wrote a lot and talked a lot about it. There’s a small museum to him in Indianapolis, which I love. I got a fun little painting of him that hangs by my desk for a daily reminder to not only put out a lot of good content and stay grounded, but to also not take anything too seriously.

What was your life like before becoming an author?

Like I said, I’ve been in the creative game for a long time. I think the transition for me to being an official “author” has simply been one of learning that there are different ways of telling a story and embracing however an idea wants to manifest.

I have stories that are better served through screenplays or even short films. Others need to be told through a more in-depth and wordy approach, allowing a reader to enjoy an imaginative playground through a foundation I set up. Those are the stories that becomes books.

When did you decide to become a writer?

Probably the first time I picked up a blank notebook and started doodling. It would take me years and years before I would admit and embrace it.

Why do you write?

I write because I have to. My body rebels if I don’t. I’m a creative and most effective at my creativity when I keep my creative muscles up. Even though there are many ways of exercising that creativity, writing is the most effective one for me. It gives me a sense of liberation and power.

As an athlete, I understand the value of practice and repetition. I write to keep my writing muscles in shape so that when something really valuable or really worthwhile comes along, I know I’ve been training for it and am capable to see it through to a meaningful fruition.

Do you have any particular time to write: early morning, late at night?

Absolutely whenever I can. The only constant is that I need quiet and no distractions. I can play music if there are no lyrics (otherwise I can’t hear the voices in my head). If I have access to internet or am able to take phone calls or whatever, I never am able to really focus and get lost in the world I’m trying to create. Sometimes, that means only 45 minutes per day. But I always make sure there is some portion of my day set aside for irreverent, unapologetic creativity.

 Do you have a routine you would like to share when you write?

No lyrical music. I love to burn incense. I also don’t hold myself to crazy expectations. If all I have is 20 minutes, I focus hard for those 20 minutes and don’t judge what happens. I’ve learned to recognize that this is a journey and to enjoy it.

Thought I love deadlines, I do my best to push myself without making it stressful. I like to listen to myself. I usually turn my phone on silent and “Do Not Disturb,” then throw it across the room.

Oh, and when I’m in the genesis process of any sort of long-term idea, I love to physically write it on paper. I find that style of brainstorming to be more effective.

Just do it Briana
What do you do each day to keep in touch with your audience?

I’m all over my Twitter and FB pages, not to mention my email is listed on my website. Love chatting with anyone, open to everyone.

What is your favorite food?

Chocolate… period.

What is your favorite book?

“The War of Art” by Stephen Pressfield.

How do you market your book?

Poorly? Kidding- I do a little every day. I find that if I put myself out there and do my research, I can find creative and effective ways to get my book out to new readers who might be interested in it. I’m always experimenting and always learning.

Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books? What do you do to get book reviews?

My advice is do your research, ask other author friends, and get creative. Also, don’t be afraid to just talk about it constantly. That’s something I struggle with since I’ve got a lot going on. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m proud of my products and want the world to see them, so I no longer feel bad about being a “broken record” and constantly talking about my projects and products. 

What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?

Just do it. Be smart. Ask for advice and do your research, but don’t get hung up in it. The important part is that you start somewhere, somehow. You won’t know how something will come out until you just start making it a reality.

Not every single project you create needs to be a work of genius. Sometimes it just needs to get out and make way for the next big thing that’s on its way. It’s like when I was a long distance runner. I knew that I wasn’t going to get first in the race and that there would be a lot of people who would do better than me. But I wasn’t there really competing. I was there teaching myself how to not quit. As I got better, I could try and beat my old records, but I never kept myself from entering the race just because I knew I’d never win.

Winning, for me, meant challenging myself and finishing what I started. I treat my creative projects the same way. 

Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

Maybe I should note I’m a big dog fan? Always open to pictures and videos of cute dogs.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

All over! I pride myself on being quite google-able!

Website: brianahansen.com
Twitter & Instagram: @thebrianahansen
Linkedin: Briana Hansen


We want to thank Briana for this incredible interview. You can get her books on Amazon and be sure to check out here YouTube videos.

Imagine if you could reach people that really want to read 5 strategiesyour book? What would that be worth to you? How exciting would it be to have people talking about and reviewing your book today?

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We are so excited to share Paul Lowe’s story with you.


Author interview Demon DrinkPaul is one of the co-authors of the Change Book Series 9. He has a very interesting story and we know you will enjoy this interview.


Who is Paul?


British man – living in Spain for the last 3 years – and now focused upon one very simple thing: leaving the world a better place than it was when I first got here (Covey’s 9th Habit).  When I reflect upon my very challenging journey, I now have the awareness – and acceptance – to realize it was all part of a development voyage so that I am well-equipped to achieve my vision.


What were you like at school? Were you good at English?


Because of my turbulent up-bringing – fueled by alcohol & violence – I spent hardly any time at school; my primary focus was survival and certainly wasn’t in the right space to concentrate on academia.

That said, the only qualification I left school with, was an O’ Level in English Language; this being the only exam I took.


What are your ambitions for your writing career?


I can’t say that I have a specific focus for being a writer, per se.  If I feel I have a message to convey, then that will be the catalyst for further writing; but I will not be writing, for writing’s sake.


I would like you to take us back to the pre-inspirational moments before you had any idea about writing a chapter in The Change book.


During my very turbulent life, I’ve had periods whereby I felt inspired to write; having had poetry and a couple of short stories published.  In those moments of calm, I felt the power of my own words – encapsulating themes such as love, faith and the Demon Drink.  There has also been a strong Irish influence reflected within some of my work.


What was the moment of inspiration for writing this chapter?


My main message – From Pain To Prosperity – is a powerful message that I strongly feels needs to be heard; the rationale being that people do not have to endure years of pain and struggle the way I have done.  Whilst pain is inevitable in life – and can actually be good – suffering is optional; and is definitely not good.


What have you written? 


I have written poetry about love, faith and particularly, The Demon Drink; the latter reflecting my many years of struggle with the bottle.


Tell us about what inspired you to write your book?


In my more ‘colourful’ years I wrote – and self-published a book called ‘The Game of Life’.  This was based upon the ‘first-half’ of my life and reflected the many struggles I had endured; before – after half-time reflections – realizing that suffering pain was great leverage for change.


Tell us about the changes in your past beliefs on attraction and how it brought you to the moment you knew you had to write this chapter.


My ‘moment’ wasn’t that simplistic; I’ve been working many years on my self-improvement and as such, writing my chapter just seemed a natural progression within my self-improvement venture.


Which writers inspire you? 


The irony of my writings is that I’m not actually someone that delights in reading books.  Despite having latterly achieved a high-level of academic achievement – thereby necessitating reading & research – I do not find this comes naturally or indeed, easily.  Bronte’s Wuthering Heights is probably the most powerful story I have come across; communicated by film – not book!


51iN58bE2tL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_What was your life like before becoming an author in The Change book?


As it is now – a constant work-in-progress!


When did you decide to become a writer?


I didn’t, it’s something that seems appropriate from time-to-time.


Why do you write?


I write, simply to convey a message.


Do you have any particular time to write: early morning, late at night?


As with all my creative endeavors, I am at my best in the morning.


Do you have a Author Interview Paul Loweroutine you would like to share when you write?


Not really, when I’m inspired I simply flow; it’s never forced.


Where can people buy your book /product package/coaching packages










What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?


If you feel it’s inside you – just let your music play!



How can readers discover more about you and your work?


Website:                                              www.paul-lowe.org   www.contribution-coaching.com

Facebook:                                           PaulLoweAssociates

Twitter:                                                @GivingOurHEARTS

Linkedin:                                              https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-lowe-7a78332a

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It is our pleasure and honor to present Sherry Brantley as our featured author.

Sherry has a great story to share with you and we are sure you will enjoy this interview. So let’s meet Sherry.

Sherry featured author






Here is a little about her background: Sherry Brantley is the author of the bestselling book, STEPP—Start To Exercise Personal Power, How To Create Positive Change In Your Life! She is a dynamic leader and trainer, specializing in the areas of Goal-Setting & Goal-GETTING! Her mission is to assist people to make positive choices in their lives effecting positive change, by tapping into and utilizing their own Personal Power while respecting and accepting the Personal Power of others.

Sherry received certifications as a Certified Life Coach (CLC) and Certified Professional Coach

(CPC) specializing in goal setting and goal getting. Whether writing books related to personal growth, poetry books or her fictional trilogy of work entitled ‘Best of Friends,’ Sherry is sure to incorporate thought-provoking ideals and concepts which readers are able to connect to in order to increase their understanding of their own Spiritual growth, determine what they’d like to achieve in life and develop a road-map to get there!


What were you like at school? Were you good at English?  As reading, writing and speaking were my first loves in life, English was my favorite subject. I loved building my vocabulary, learning new definitions and I was also the school’s spelling bee Champ!  I was the captain of the debate team and enjoyed drafting speeches that both moved and educated my audiences. 

 What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Besides assisting people to tap into their Personal Power on a daily basis, one of my grand goals is to have my books on the New York Times Bestsellers list—simultaneously!  J


I would like you to take us back to the pre-inspirational moments before you had any idea about writing a chapter in The Change book.

What was the moment of inspiration for writing this chapter?  As an author of over 12 books, I was writing and speaking inspirationally long before ever hearing of ‘The Change’ series.  My first book was entitled: “Choices—The Power Is Within You.’ Even in my youth, I’d sought out ways to resolve conflict peaceably, seeking what is now known as ‘win-win’ resolutions. I’ve also been trained as a Conflict Resolutionist, so it was no surprise that I’d choose this overall path of being inspirational and motivational in life.

What have you written? /*Include books, novellas, short stories, poems, blogs, awards or anything of interest.

A list of my books include:

  • Choices—The Power Is Within You
  • Seven Successful Strategies for Divorced Parents
  • Best of Friends (This one won two National Awards for Best Fiction of The Year!)
  • Before Best of Friends
  • Still Best of Friends
  • All Kinds of Poems for All Kinds Of People
  • If The Walls of My Exam Room Could Talk (A collaboration with Dr.’s Debby Feinberg and Mark Rosner, related to a condition called: Vertical Heterophoria)
  • The Change series (A Co-Authored project)
  • * I also have several books under a pseudoymn


Tell us abouStepp Sherryt what inspired you to write your book?  My passion for sharing the message about my STEPP program,  (Start To Exercise Personal Power)   fuels my total being: Whether I’m writing, speaking or blogging, my purpose is to share with others that we all have an innate, powerful, force within us, that once tapped into and released, will yield grand, positive results not just for us individually, but for all those we communicate with & come into contact with.



Tell us about the changes in your past beliefs on attraction and how it brought you to the moment you knew you had to write this chapter. Ironically enough, I was in my local library, when I stumbled upon a book by Wayne Dyer. This was one of his earlier books, many years ago. I read the back cover and thought to myself: This is a load of crap! I’m going to read this book, try all the things he suggests, and when they don’t work in my life, I’m going to write to him and give him a piece of my mind!

The only problem was, as I began to implement the concepts, they DID work—and in a huge way!

That lead me to tweak the information, personalize it to my lifestyle and begin making the changes in my life to create what I wanted to experience.


Which writers inspire you? Writers that are inspirational and are spiritually-based, are the ones I am specifically drawn to. Wayne Dyer, Ester & Jerry Hicks, Les Brown, Doreen Virtue, these are just a few to be sure. But I also like to read autobiographies and humorous  pieces from others, such as Tina Fey, Judge Judy, Whoopi Goldberg.


What was your life like before becoming an author in The Change book?

Since my first book was done way back in 1997, and I’ve been speaking and writing for quite a while now, I’d already established myself as an accomplished writer and speaker. In addition, I used to teach parenting classes for Michigan State University’s ‘Building Strong Families’ program, so I was comfortable in taking the leap to start my own business of writing and speaking.

“The Change’ series has allowed me to get connected to others that are like-minded in our message and form some relationships that are collaborative for many of us.”

I’m really enjoying meeting ‘The Change’ community and getting to know everyone via the social media opportunities.


When did you decide to become a writer?

LOL… I think I decided that at the age of 7, reading Dr. Seuss!

With his ‘Hop On Pop” and ‘The Cat In The Hat,’ I tell people he was actually the first rapper!  I’ve always loved the written word, how it can motivate, move and educate you, and I knew in grade school that would be the profession I would pursue.

Why do you write?  In a nutshell, to inspire, to change minds and hearts, to educate, to motivate. Whether readers are connected to the characters in my fictional works of art, or they’re being moved by a poem that hits them with a truth they’ve hidden within the recesses of their minds, or they’re getting connected to my books related to Personal Power, they will certainly be introduced with new ideas, concepts or strategies that they may not have noticed or been aware of before. When you can be the catalyst for a positive change, there’s nothing like it!


Do you have any particular time to write: I actually do not confine or stifle the flow of my creative writing process. I do keep pen and paper with me at all times, because one never knows what may occur that gives me pause—and cause to write! Since I’m an entrepreneur, I have the flexibility and availability to write whenever and wherever I choose and I take great pleasure in doing so. I don’t have interruptions in my home life either, so that makes it really simple and fun to do and I’m not harried or having to meet deadlines or anything like that. Sometimes I find myself waking from a dream to jot down poems I’ve been ‘given’ in them, or to flush out a plot for ideas I’ve come across while dreaming.


 Do you have a routine you would like to share when you write?  I have one that is not considered too popular these days. But let me explain: There’s a saying that goes: “An interruption is only an interruption if you allow it to interrupt you!”  I am not a slave to my cell phone, the television, top 40 radio stations, Facebook, or other social media platforms. When I’m in the zone, my phone is off, because let’s face it, it’s very capable of taking messages for me. I watch ONLY 4 hours of television a week, which is basically my catching up with either political or financial news of the day.

Unless ‘Scandal’ can teach you how to avoid one, and ‘Empire’ shows you how to build one, I do not see the value of spending my precious time watching television. Want to know how best to write?  Just … do… it. And preferably without the modern-day distractions we all use as excuses—to live vicariously through the lives of others, rather than being a major player in your own life—as it unfolds each day, before you.



Where can people buy your book /product package/coaching packages.  All of my books can be ordered via Amazon.com.  Any bookstore and on-line book services are also able to order and ship my books directly out to the consumer. All of my books are in both formats,  actual physical books as well as digital formats. In addition, for those that order my Bestselling book, STEPP, directly from my website which is: www.sherrybrantley.com   They will receive an  an autographed copy of the book!


What do you do each day to keep in touch with your audience?  I’ve been guesting on radio different radio shows weekly, and posting those interview on my site. I also have a dedicated Facebook page with inspirational/motivational messages that go out. At times, I encourage people to send me questions they may have in relation to setting and getting their goals accomplished. There’s also my blog site, which is: starttoexercisepersonalpower.blogspot.com   as well as my sherrybrantley.blogspot.om


What is your favourite food?  Ha-ha! A better question may be what is NOT my favorite food? Let me just say: I’ve never met a food I didn’t like!

What is your favourite book? Not including my own ‘Best of Friends’ trilogy, I’d have to say books of inspirational teachings. Right now, Rumi’s poetry is up there, along with ‘Ask and It Is Given,’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks.

Who is your favourite author/ authors?  As an avid reader that reads more than one book at a time and completes on average, 3 books a week, I’d be pressed to have just a few. But authors Rumi, Wayne Dyer, Napolean Hill, Iyanla Vanzant, Marianne Williamson, Oscar Wilde, and authors of that nature. I will always be growing spiritually, mentally and financially and authors of this caliber are who help to shape me as I mold my character to the standards I long to create.



STEPP PosterHow do you market your book?  I have book launches, spread the word through social media, radio interviews and sometimes, Amazon campaigns. I also market through book clubs and by purchasing vendor tables at venues that offer those types of opportunities. I also E-mail family & friends once new books are released and tell them to be sure to purchase them.



Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books? You’ll want to ensure you have funds set aside for marketing, as costs can accumulate really quickly in a short period of time. Thankfully today, we have many avenues that authors can use, sometimes at no cost which can be found through Google for sources of marketing books, or by collaborating with other authors, such as the concept for ‘The Change’ series of books. A book launch can be personal and inexpensive and the author has control of when, where and how it should be staged. Contacting bookstores to do signings works at times too, but you’ll want to ensure it’s during the store’s busier days, so that you’ll have more people in front of you for you to connect with.


What do you do to get book reviews?  I have been known to solicit book reviews from my readers publicly and when working with book club members, I do ask that they consider leaving reviews once they have completed my book. Of course, this can be tricky, as you want to ensure you’re getting positive, glowing reviews, preferably by people that think your book is the best thing since sliced bread! I find people have more of a tendency to E-mail me directly which is good, but it doesn’t translate to actually leaving reviews on the sites they’ve purchased the books from.


What advice do you have for someone who would like to become a published writer?  I say to them: If you’re writing—you’re already a writer! And to get published you’ll want to determine if you’re looking to go the traditional route, of submitting your work to publishing houses or securing an agent, or if you’d like to go the self-publishing route with the POD (Print On Demand) technology. In either event, again, you’ll want to ensure you’ve set aside a budget to cover the costs, hidden fees, applicable charges for additional work such as cover design, editing, formatting, etc. I chose the POD technology via Createspace which is a subsidiary of Amazon. I was able to complete my books and get them uploaded with no problems. They have tutorials and help centers to assist you, but if you’re still not feeling comfortable enough to do it solo, they also provide those services, for a fee, of course.


Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?  Just an inspirational word to everyone: We are not meant to ‘only believe,’ but never achieve your dreams. Make a plan to complete your goals and stick with your plan. Don’t worry about the naysayers and the doomsdayers.  If the feedback is not positive, but it’s informative, then of course, do consider if it’s right for you. But don’t allow it to deter you, stop you or stagnate you on your path!


How can readers discover more about you and your work? My websites are listed below, and all of my books are available via Amazon and any major on-line and off-line retailer.

Website:     sherrybrantley.com  & inspirationalvoice.com  & steppbook.com

Blog:           starttoexercisepersonalpower.blogspot.com

Facebook:   sherrybrantley6

Twitter:        sherrybrantley6

Linkedin:       https://www.linkedin.com/in/bestoffriends &    https://www.linkedin.com/in/sherrybrantley

Amazon Author Page:  http://www.amazon.com/Sherry-Brantley/e/B019EVX21Y/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1455006616&sr=1-2-ent

We would like to thank Sherry Brantley for the great interview and for the opportunity to share her contribution with all our fans and visitors.

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