The Fear of Something New – Using the Law of Attraction In Your Daily Lives

Fear: Letting go of the fear of something new. 

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 Have you ever let fear stop you from doing something that you felt you could do?

Have you ever let the idea of fear paralyze you?


I’m going to share with you my story of the fear of something new.

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Facing the very thing that I was afraid of and why I did this. Why I decided to face something that in my mind was extremely scary.

It is the mindset of fear that created the pictures in my mind of the worst possible outcome imaginable. It is the feeling of imminent danger! This can become an incapacitating fear.

But in facing this fear I was able to really define what my limitations were. It was a freeing experience that allowed me to identify what my possibilities truly are. I was able to replace the feelings of dread with other more useful and powerful feelings.

It was by having this experience that I could benefit from the wonders of something new.

It is the way I was able to manifest the things I want. The manner in which I could manifest the great and awesome experiences I was seeking. It opened me up to the highest potentiality. The picture of what could be. Of what I could have.

It is this Powerful.

This is why I’m sharing this with you so you can create the same life altering mental shifts in regards to the fear of something new.

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