Dream, Dream, What Does it Mean?

He woke up suddenly. There was a strange feeling, deep in his belly. It was the feeling of purpose, of urgency, of inspiration.

He felt that he needed to act right now but it was 4:11 a.m. What could he do at 4 in the morning? But he needed to do something so he got up and he went downstairs.


DreamHe had been dreaming. His dream was a vivid one. It was a dream that played like a movie. He was the main character in the dream. He was the star of the movie. He was the one who was living this dream. It seemed so real. He could see all the details of the events. Everything was unfolding in the way that dreams do. It was the kind of dream that leaves you wondering if it really happened or was it just a dream?


He went to bed that night with a weight on his mind. One thing in particular. It was a problem that he didn’t have a clear solution for.

He had been chasing his future self and working toward manifesting his future life when he ran into a hurdle. The kind of hurdle that was blocking his dream life from becoming a reality. It was something he needed to figure out. It had been on his mind a lot. And so he went to bed with this playing in his thoughts.


As he slept he started to dream. He was in a room. The room had a picture of him and his wife sitting under a waterfall. They we’re laughing as the water showered over them. The picture sat on an end table. It was an old style end table made of wood with detailed carvings in the trim. The room also had a sofa beside the table where the picture sat. He seen another picture on the wall. It was of him playing with his kids in a park. There was a big old tree in the background and a swing set off to the side. His kids were on his back and he was bent forward laughing with them, having a great time.


As he looked at the pictures he was puzzled. These were not his memories. It was as if he was looking at someone else’s life. He was looking at a life he hadn’t lived yet. Or was he seeing someone else’s reality? Was he walking in someone else’s shoes?


At that moment he realized he was not alone. There was someone in the room with him. It was a women, a beautiful women. She was a little younger than his wife but he didn’t recognize her? She stood there staring at him. He couldn’t speak. He wanted to speak but he couldn’t. Suddenly they were in a boardroom sitting at a boardroom table. It was a meeting. She was sitting across from him, and his wife was running the meeting. He was very confused, this is not the reality he lives in. It is not how his life really is. His wife doesn’t run boardroom meetings!?!?


His wife and the younger woman were having a discussion. They were talking in detail about solving his problem but they were not talking to him, so he just listened. The info poured out rapidly into his ears. He could see the solution unfold as a natural and simple solution. He felt relief flow over him as he received the answer to the hurdle that had been bothering him so much the past few days. The feeling of gratitude overcame him.  


Then the dream took him to another place next, in the middle of the discussion as he listened intently, he now found himself in his office. He was working on the solution. Everything was falling into place and he was excited that this was happening. He had forgotten that this was a dream. It seemed so real to him. At that moment the younger women walked into his office. He felt guilt envelop him. He felt guilty that she was there. He had a strange feeling that he was doing something wrong. He felt that it wasn’t right. That’s when he noticed he wasn’t wearing any pants. He was standing in his boxers. The younger women was just staring at him. Then his wife walked into the room. He was panicking, he didn’t know what to say? He didn’t know what to do? How was he going to explain this after all she had done for him?
Suddenly he woke up. There was a strange feeling, deep in his belly. It was the feeling of purpose, of urgency, of inspiration. In the dream was the answer to his problem. His wife and the younger women gave him the solution in the midst of the random scenes and experiences he just had. He knew he needed to write it down before he forgot, as dreams tend to fade away. So at 4:11 a.m he went down to his office and he started writing.

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