Don’t Believe What You See with Your Eyes

He knew what he wanted in life. He had always known and so he pursued his vision. His mentor would tell him, “Don’t believe what you see with your eyes, believe what you see with your mind.”


Don't believe what you see with your eyesHe loved that. It motivated him. Every time life created a new dream crushing hurdle and threw it at him with all it’s might, he would remember the saying, “Don’t believe what you see with your eyes, believe what you see with your mind.” He would go to that place. The place in his mind where he had already crushed the hurdle. The place where he had already reached the dream.


His mentor was a wise old man. He seen things that others couldn’t see. Things that can only be discovered when the mind is quiet. The mentor taught him how to quiet his mind so he too could see the things that the eye could not see. The mentor was never direct or straightforward in his teachings. Many times the answer wasn’t clear or instant. The answer would seep in slowly like how a perfectly brewed cup of coffee takes time to percolate.  


He knew even if the answer didn’t come to him in the way he was hoping, it would come to him before the time past that he needed it. He knew one thing was true for him. One thing was of more importance than other things for him to succeed. He knew that he needed to believe. It was his belief in his vision, his goal, that was of the most importance.

It was as his mentor said, “Don’t believe what you see with your eyes, believe what you see with your mind.”


This meant that where he was at any given time in his journey was just where he was at that time. Like Bob Marley said, “it’s just a part of it, you got to fulfill the book.” He knew that the things that seemed impossible were only impossible for those who see with their eyes. He had learned the power of seeing with his mind. He had read books and watched videos about this. He had studied and tested the knowledge. He had worked at it tirelessly until he could really achieve it.


On sale now enhancedFor him, the hurdles were just a part of the journey. They were a necessary part of his growth. He read about this growth in the Invincible Power series of books. He gained not only an understanding of the hurdles but also a welcoming of them. His mentor always told him, “The more hurdles you encounter, the closer you are to achieving.”


This use to make no sense to him but once he gained an understanding of what the purpose of the hurdles were, he then knew that the hurdles were sent to him for him to grow. They helped him build his inner strength. They helped him reach for his future self. They made him a better version of himself.   


So in silence he learned to see with his mind. He learned to believe what he saw with his mind more than he believed what he saw with his eyes. He learned from his mentor. The wise old man who knew things that were not taught in school. He held on to the knowledge and he found comfort in the words. He lived by the words and understanding of what he was taught.

He knew that no matter what hurdle or situation he faced, one thing held true. His truth, his reality was built in the words of his mentor, “Don’t believe what you see with your eyes, believe what you see with your mind.”

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Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.


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