Does Your Bank Statement Make You Happy or Sad?

Does your bank statement make you happy or sad?

Money is the hardest thing to learn how to manage. I have found that the more you make only results in nicer things and a larger debt than when you were making less money. It doesn’t mean you have more security: in fact you really have less security because you are a bigger burden to your employer and it is harder to manage your debt if something changes in your financial life. As I struggled to stay ahead of my debt through the company going bankrupt I was working for, and through making less money as I brought the company back to life, I never stopped to ask the question “does your bank statement make you happy or sad?”

Now I have always had a good relationship with money. It has come easily to me.I have


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always felt that I was lucky to constantly find myself in positions that pay well and allow me to build up my cash position, but I never really thought about my financial statement until I was making less money and starting to see my debt build up to a scary level. The truth is when you are comfortable you believe you will always be comfortable and you think money will always be there, that is until you get an eye opener.

The reason that the company went bankrupt was not because we were not working hard enough. It wasn’t because we didn’t have lots of orders to fill. It wasn’t because the bosses were greedy. It was a miss-management of funds and an over expansion of the company that was not sustainable if there was any shift in the economy. The economy started to tank and triggered a domino effect that led to an overvalued inventory. The bank doesn’t like it when you take loans against your inventory and then find out the inventory is not worth what the loan is.

Now I am not sure who was ultimately responsible for balancing these numbers? I am not sure how the inventory became inflated in value? What I do know is this, the bank called in the loan and the company came to a stop mid production. This was the first time I realized that no matter how careful I am with my money I am not in control of my financial well-being. I am not in control of my quality of life or standard of living. So who is in control of my financial statement, quality of life and standard of living? Who is in control of yours? How can you get control of all of the above?

The first thing to realize is that you can control your future but it will take planning and focus. You can't count on your boss to look after you. You're selling him your services and that is great but at the end of the day he has to look after his business, which may or may not include you as part of the survival plan. Your job is to find ways to protect yourself from this situation.

You will need to learn a few key techniques to help increase your chances of financial independence.


1. Money is an attitude. You must believe that money comes easy to you and that you have an abundance of money. You have to be more than happy to pay your bills. You have to stop worrying about not having enough money and start focusing on what you can do to have more money. Instead of saying”I can’t afford that” you need to say, “how can I afford that?”

We live in a society that sees the rich as being very lucky, privileged, lazy, born into prosperity and the rest of the people are just accepting that this is how it is and that they cannot do what the rich have done. The reality is that the rich are not lucky, they are not privileged and they may not even be very smart with their money. What they do that others do not do is look at something and say “what do I need to do to be able to afford that?”


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2. To be happy about your financial statement you will need to take charge of your money, like they said at a Rich Dad seminar I went to “you have to give your money a job”. Your mind is your best asset, don’t waist it on petty things. You need to focus on how you want your financial statement to look. Figure out what you need to do to generate more money. The solution is different for everyone. Find out what things you are good at, what are your talents, and remember you have many talents. See if any of those talents can be used to bring more money into your life. Keep your mind open to new opportunities.

Network with people and see if there is anyone around that might want to work with you or partner with you. The mind is a very powerful tool that you have at your disposal: learn to use your mind to bring opportunities to you.

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