Parenting – A Distinct Way

Parenting is often difficult. People may say, “I really wished that my child would listen. He’s forever getting himself in trouble; at school, at home…” They then go into details of how hard parenting is.

They point out the many ways their child does, what they believe, is awful things. Regardless, there is an easy answer to this if you believe in yourself and your parenting. Instead of thinking negative of all the ways this child can get into unwanted things and behaviors think of all the good things you would like to see in this child.Parenting-A Distinct Way

You may ask – What Difference Would This Make?
  • It can make all the difference in the world. Because when we give positive energy to anything–it encircles that positive energy around that person and back to us.
  • When you are only giving out negative energy that person is kept in that negative energy field and we along with it. Our parenting is affected.
  • When someone is close to you, in this case your daughter or son, it is even more powerful to give positive thoughts to a situation.
  • Your parenting effects your child enormously.

The more you see things in your child that you don’t want to see the more you will see it.

  • Your opinion about your child plays a greater role in his or her behavior than you think.
  • What we tend to do in our parenting is see the unwanted behavior and play it over and over looking for ways to change it.
  • We seek advice that never helps and then throw our hands up in the air saying, “I knew she/he wouldn’t change, I knew that advice wouldn’t help” and hence the powerful Law of Attraction says, “Your wish is my command!”
What we often fail to understand is our thoughts are constantly adding to negative situations.
    • Our thoughts are very powerful and they don’t just work in manifestation of things because we are all one of the whole. In other words when you think of someone in a negative way, in this case a child, it does play out in their life.
    • Children want to please deep down no matter how it may look on the outside to you. They often struggle with the ability to please.
    • Sometimes they give up because all they hear is negativity from an adult.

  • The circle of negative activity is then energized like the bunny on the commercials, it goes around and around.
  • The child doesn’t really care and the parent reiterates the negative ways in which they think and speak and no one moves forward.

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Frequently we find ourselves in the midst of lives frustrations. If we are not careful our own situations, which at the time is not related to the child, may affects our parenting in a negative way.
  • The problem then becomes about the child, the child becomes the brunt of that force of negative energy.
  • This only adds to the unwanted behavior of him/her.
  • We may not do this purposefully but regardless this often happens. Listen to the way you talk to that child. Do you hear yourself in the replies that come back?
  • Remember children learn from birth to imitate their parents or caregiver. Change the way you reply and eventually the child will learn another way to reply also.
To use good parenting we have to change our way of thinking.
  • We have to redirect our thoughts of our child from the negative to the positive energy field.
  • This won’t happen over night, but given some time you will see the changes.
  • Each time you go to that old pattern of negative thoughts about your child change them.
  • Write down all positive aspects of that child. All the good characteristics of him/her, all nice things he/she may have done, even if there are few find them and think about them.
  • Think about what if you didn’t have that child anymore what would you miss?

Start to give compliments and praise when it is due. Everyone of us on this earth live for appreciation. Each time you appreciate someone it comes back to you, this is unfailing in an unfailing universe.


Believe in the power of your thoughts and eventually you will see the change.

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