Diagnosis! What Diagnosis? Part Six

A Wrong Diagnosis and The Most Valuable Exercise That You Will Ever Encounter

Part Six:

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Here is the most valuable exercise that you will ever encounter which is what I used to bring back my health.

First you have to bring yourself to the awareness that this diagnosis was wrong. Focus on this thought for awhile. This will take some convincing, however, it is true your diagnosis was wrong. Sense the solace that comes to you when you visualize the doctor telling you it was a major mistake on their part. See this, visualize it. Feel the release in the doctors words. Feel the grip of this illness start to unbind. Feel the ease of each breath. Feel your body becoming free of the shackles of illness.

Eventually these thoughts will bring with them a feeling of great relief.

This is very important because once you feel relief you are truly on your way to recovery because your thoughts create your reality. It means that the subconscious has been re-programed—this is what the feeling of relief is telling you. Once you are in belief of this wrong diagnosis your subconscious will send this message out to the universe and the Law of Attraction mirrors back health to you. Then follows the feeling place of joy and happiness. Now you can easily visualize being told that you no longer have the symptoms of this illness, or that the symptoms are reduced.brain "Diagnosis! What Diagnosis?"

Start to envision this picture over and over. See yourself being given this astounding yet wonderful news. Feel how invigorating it is. Feel every part of you coming back to life. Feel how joyously happy you feel at this moment. Feel how free you feel. I want you to keep this feeling. Bottle it up inside of you—this allows your fifty trillion cells to go back on the job. And they will. It is in your greatest benefit to disregard where you are right now and capture this feeling of health. This is what I did to allow my health back and this is what you can do to allow your health back. You see you have to take captive of this idea. Once you do you can only attract wellness into your life. It is a universal law.

Make sure you do this when you are having a good day or hour. Or when the pain is low or when you are feeling a little less dispirited. In other words choose your best time, a time when things feel a little easier than normal. If you can do this exercise as often as your mind will allow you to you will start to see changes. They will be gradual at first because you have taken a great amount of messages that you believed about this so-called diagnosis and now you are changing directions. Your mind and emotions had some strong momentum going on and so it holds some resistance. Consequently and according to how much momentum is going on is how long this will take. Regardless, you will feel the ease of moving from this so-called disease with each change of thought. I will not tell you to stop medication or doing whatever it is you have been advised to do by your doctor until you can find your way back to complete balance once again. Eventually if you follow the Laws of the Universe which is to “Believe in your own abilities” then you will know within yourself without a doubt that you have succeeded.

A warning to this is that if you return constantly to doubt your belief in health will shut down the life giving stream that will return your health back to you. Doubt is the same as calling “NO” to your cells. And if you constantly do this it will confuse your cells as to what environment you want them to reside in. It is like a parent telling the child that one day it is fine to jump off of the top of the slide and the next day telling them it is dangerous to do so. The child becomes confused and so will your cellular cells. This is the reason why it is so important to get on the road to belief as soon as it is possible and stay there. Don’t allow your ego to tell you, “This is silly. Surely you are not buying this nonsense!” Would you rather suffer in pain or lay in a bed feeling overwhelmed and defeated? Do not allow friends or relatives to talk sorrowfully to you. If you need help and assistance this is fine while you recover, but make sure they know that you are on the way to recovery. Talk to them as if it is another healthy day. Remember my dear friend, she would not allow me to bring her down with my tears. Don’t allow anyone to bring you down either.

You have the answers to procure the life that you so want to live and bring health back to you. Paint the picture of well-being the picture of what you want to see. The picture of a healthy you.

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” Budda
There is an amazing intelligence within you, devoted to you and constantly responding to your thoughts.

If you choose to find better feeling thoughts towards your health and well-being it will correspond to those thoughts and feelings. Your survival has nothing to do with your diagnosis but everything to do with your thoughts. If you believe this diagnosis is true then it is. Albeit, if you understand that it was just a persons’ very inaccurate misinterpretation of your good health, then you have a high rate of survival and that is the truth. There have been many misdiagnosis of a fatal kind when the person soon died, and then at the autopsy there was no disease to be found in that person. When a person believes in the word incurable most people give up. Shock takes over and they lose their control over life.

The one manner of expression we must end in our society is that we beat cancer, or any other illness. We are not in a fight to beat anything. This proclamation says you are in a battle with this so-called diagnoses. We don’t have to beat illness. This gives too much attention to the illness. Societies war against cancer is actually bringing more cancer to humanity. As is war against anything. To fight anything is counteractive with Universal Laws. No one dies because they lost a fight against a disease. What happened is they allowed false beliefs to override their truths and consequently lost their will to live. Your health is under your control. Your so-called diagnosis is under your control. The answer lies within your choice of thoughts.

I cannot guarantee that you will make a full recovery after you have read these blogs, but you can absolutely guarantee yourself. You see, you are the only one that is in control of your life, not the doctors, not the diagnosis, not the label you’ve been given. After all that is all it is a name that you have been told. You must understand that your cells will work for your recovery and they don’t care how far along you are in this so-called illness. I want it to sound trivial because each one of us come to this earth with tremendous power. We have been totally brainwashed since birth to be a victim of any so-called diseases. Our brain-washers were also victims and so their isn’t anyone to blame…

Remember thoughts first. Always!
What I have come to know is that my so-called diagnosis is a gift. The gift is the awakening to the extreme power of conscious thought, and to the intense levels of wisdom which our divine cells demonstrate when we believe in them.

Despite this fact, I took the hard way around my so-called diagnosis. Because I wasn’t aware of what I now know it took me a few years for my well-being to find me. My journey now is to bring those of you to an awakening so that your journey back to health takes less time. It obviously won’t happen in moments because you have some momentum going on that you previously believed about your so-called diagnosis. But now you have been presented with the truth. This truth is more powerful than you could possibly conceive. Think of this–take this power within you. Make your focus on your health your only job from this point on. If you can embrace this truth you will become healthier without a doubt. Remember your cells are waiting to go back on the job. So it is all up to you. Think of the so-called diagnosis as your gift to life, for you now know the power that you hold within.

You didn’t come to this beautiful planet to suffer and die purposely. We all will die and I believe that death is actually glorious, read Anita Moorjani’s book and you will understand what I mean. She is a women that suffered profoundly from cancer who is cancer free now after having a NDE experience. Her story is fascinating and true. www.anitamoorjani.com

Now all you Incurable ebook cover test 2have to do is choose life over death.

Now you have a way out. A way back to health.

This concludes the secret to Invincible Health

Your Friend, Always, Pamela Hamilton

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