Curiosity and the Law of Attraction. 3 things I Learned from Asking the Question?


Curiosity, law of attraction, personal development, success, books

Curiosity has always led me to a better place.


Opening doors and leading me to the path of good fortune and prosperity. Creating the conditions for my success. I’m often amazed at what I have accomplished and the amount of knowledge i’ve acquired. It is all thanks to curiosity.


Curiosity will unmask the potential


Whenever a choice comes my way, two factors poke their head into my life. Fear and Fortune. Fear will tell me a story of all the things that can go wrong. All the ways I can loose. Scary, negative scenarios that will leave me crawled up in a ball crying for my Mommy!

Curiosity, law of attraction, personal development, fear,


Fortune will set a picture of bliss in my mind. An atmosphere of certain success, wonderful experiences, and the best of outcomes. Both fear and fortune tell a tale that speaks clearly to my emotions, but curiosity doesn’t do this.

Curiosity, personal devlopment, law of attraction

Curiosity only asks the question. What if you can? What if it really works? What if you focus on it?


Here are 3 things I learned from asking the question?

First, the question always forces me to look at the choices from a positive mindset.

I see the potential and I use the law of attraction to explore how I can manifest it. Curiosity leads me to seeking the various ways I can put action into the choice so I can develop the result I desire.

Curiosity, law of attraction, personal development

Second, when I look at the choice in this way I start to build the picture of success that I want to experience.

I am molding the vision of my future reality. The law of attraction tells us that what we focus on the most, with feelings and emotion, will be what we experience in our lives the most.


Keeping the outcome I want to experience on my mind throughout the day is a powerful way to load my subconscious mind and bring forth these thoughts into my reality.

law of attraction, mindset, success, think big

Third, it allows me to see the risk and reward in a truthful way.

It helps me to silence the story that fear and fortune tell and look at it from an emotionless viewpoint. By doing this I can ascertain where I can put the effort and resources needed to navigate the hurdles and roadblocks that may occur during this quest.


Curiosity opens the door to the real possibilities and realities that each choice holds.

It is in the curious state of mind that all things are pursued. Concentrating on finding the answer to the question. Learning how to manifest your desires and awaken the passion. How to make the choice a positive part of my life. How to use the knowledge that is gained from the fruits of curiosity.

Now when a choice is put forth to me by the Universe, I let the logic of curiosity take control and I see where it brings me. I am forever grateful for the seeds of knowledge it gives.


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