What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep

Where does Conflict come from and why do we need it?

We all have those situations that bring conflict in our life. Some are just an uncomfortable circumstance, whereas others become very difficult to deal with, which may make moving on feel exhausting, sometimes painful and often burdensome. Those times make us feel powerless and we then turn to what is known in Universal Laws as our external environment. Our external environment doesn’t have the power that we need to move on from where we find ourselves, and yet it is the external world that most people turn to by default when conflicts arrive.

I found myself in such a place, a conflict had arrived! This website appeared to be frozen, and I found myself anxiously turning, and blaming outside circumstances that I assumed were in play. I didn’t stop to connect with the cause, I just saw the effect and ranIMG_3620 "What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep" with it. Therefore, everything seemed to get worse, as they do. We suddenly couldn’t activate our posts and pages! I panicked and made it worse by deleting my Inspirational Daily Quotes page believing that I could just start a fresh page and it would be okay!! That idea was soon to backfire in the worse way. In other words, everything started to fall to pieces so to speak the conflicts that arrived got much worse.

How do we get away from problems that seems to be drowning us?


“When faced with a dilemma, take a moment to sit with the issue. Don’t rush to decide what to do. Intend to let Divine inspiration flow to you, and it will be so.”
 Christiane Northrup, M.D.

This went on for a week. I somehow had to grasp the level of degree of what was internal and momentarily ignore what was going on externally. I needed to discharge those beliefs of fear and execute my power. This isn’t easy to do in the midst of a conflict but not impossible either. My job was to reconnected with my beliefs without losing any more power to this external situation.

I had to ask myself where did this conflict start? I had to go to the root of it. There were some things playing out in my world (of thought) that I was giving too much focus to. It was nothing to do with my website, I knew this was an effect of another cause.  I IMG_3714 "What to do when Conflict Arrives on Our Doorstep"came to understand that the cause was because I was allowing myself, if only in thought, to be drawn in to another person’s drama. It was a sad case which most any of us could be drawn into. But I had to realize that the person’s sadness and conflict wasn’t just delivered to that person but was being drawn to that person by that person, no one other. Now I was allowing myself to become a magnet of unwanted things due to my sorrow for the way things were turning out for another.


Yes, we are supposed to be harmonious and care about other people. But where should we draw the line?

This is what we need to remember and what works harmoniously with universal laws: When we drown ourselves in other people’s sorrow we become empty of power. In other words, we drain our energy. When we do that we cannot give the other person a lifeline due to our lack of power. We can only really help another by staying in our power zone, our energy field. When we are in our positive energy field we focus on what the best case scenario for that person would be without the worry of them. If we can do this, we will be far more helpful than to wallow in their self-pity with them. I knew that the person I felt so sorry for has a far greater chance of walking away from their problem and moving back into their own powerful energy field this way, than if I join them.

I had to re-connect with this idea by reminding myself of this law I knew so well. I understood while I was laying in my bed worrying over this person that I was dangerously courting disaster!

I now understood that these outward conflicts was being attracted by me, to me. No one else has that power over me, only I hold the power to bring this forth. No one else has power over you also, only you have the power to control your life. Conflict is a warning sign, so to speak, and my warning was now shouting at me.

In my next blog I will tell you the strange and wondrous things that happened from there onward…

Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books and training programs to assist you in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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