Coffee Makes My World Go Round

Coffee was the first thing I would drink every morning. It was the kick start to my day.

It was the eye opener I needed to function. So this morning was not much different except I recently started drinking water before I drink my first coffee. ( I will explain this in another blog)


I started using a Keurig and have fell in love with it. It is so easy to brew a great cup of coffee and you can have a wide variety of flavors. I put the K-cup in the machine and pressed start, and I walked away as I always have a few things I am trying to do at the same time. After a few minutes I remembered that I brewed a coffee so  went back to the machine to retrieve this beautiful cup.


Went I got to the machine the cup was missing. But I could smell a freshly brewed coffee. I was temporarily confused.

Then I realized, I never placed a cup under the Keurig! But there was no coffecoffee freee spilt all over the counter?!? The whole cup of coffee was in the catch tray. I couldn’t believe it. How did the engineers at Keurig know I was going to do that?


I always knew I needed my morning coffee but this was proof that coffee makes my world go round. The old melon doesn’t function with the same precision without it. Imagine if I tried to operate a motorized vehicle before I drank my coffee or tried to solve a complicated problem without that warm tasty liquid running down my throat?



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Coffee is more than just a caffeine delivery system for me.

It is the only thing that keeps me alert in the mornings. I hate getting up in the morning, I would love to start my day at 10A.M. every day but then I hate when the day is so short too. I get up early so I can get the most out of each day and I need to be alert right away to do that. Just the scent of that wonderful drink brewing and the sound of it percolating is a beautiful symphony to me.

I don’t want to live in a world where my day no longer starts with this ritual. It is not the kind of reality I want to be a part of. So to all those that love and live for your morning coffee, I salute you.   

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