Christmas and Stress!!

When we place these two strong words together we feel the pressure of what is involved to make a perfect Christmas. We may feel an intense awareness around the subject of Christmas, and although we want to give we do not want the days leading up to it full of strained effort.

Christmas to me use to be very stressful due to the money I would have to spend combined with the crowded shops. I always finished up totally exhausted by the time Christmas day "Christmas and Stress!!"arrived. And then I learned how to get around all of this without any tension in the mix.

So, how do I avoid becoming stressed through this festive season?

Before we go out to do our Christmas shopping it is to our benefit to place some focused energy into each shopping trip.

  • We start by utilizing the energy that surrounds our thoughts around giving.
  • When I went out this year to begin my shopping I focused on the shopping trip being really smooth before I left the house. I placed thoughts of easy shopping without tension.
  • I put energy into finding gifts that are wanted by whoever I was buying for.
  • I placed energy vibration around how I wanted the day to go, and what I wanted to experience.
  • I visualized each shopping trip the same way, being full of wonderful experiences.
  • I visualized the shops I visited not unreasonably crowded.
  • I focused on finding bargains that pleased me.

Money can be an extreme worry over Christmas and really adds to stress.

  • For good and cheap ideas for presents you could go on Pinterest. It gives designs to make lovely gifts that are cheap, as well as giving something that is personal.
  • The internet has numerous ideas for homemade, affordable gifts which are  not only wonderful to give but also to receive.
  • Visualize bargains everywhere you go and count how many you find. This is fun. It not only places you in a better mood but also sends out energy into the universe, which brings more bargains to you!
  • Visualize money coming to you. See yourself buying and not having to use your credit card. This will place you in a high energy field. This way you are using thoughts of prosperity and not lack. This switches things around the way it should be. Money becomes your servant, not you a servant to money.
  • When you are a servant to money it cannot serve you. So if you think constantly of lack in money, that is what is given to you. The law of Attraction can only match what you are giving out.

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Christmas Day:

I mentioned the words “a perfect Christmas” in the first paragraph and we may say, “Right!! As if that‘s going to happen” It can if you make the intention that this Christmas day will go very smoothly. Let’s face it, happiness on Christmas day is the only real goal we all have.
  • If you have to travel visualize a safe journey. See yourself arriving safely and back home safely.
  • If you are the host, see your visitors having a safe journey, and arriving back to their home safely.
  • See everyone’s face around the table being happy and contented with each other.
  • Imagine the meal turning out very tasty and pleasing, not only to you but all who partake in it.
  • Picture the children’s faces smiling, and lighting up the room with excitement.
  • Visualize yourself with the feeling that all is well, and you will receive your perfect Christmas. It is a universal law that the Law of Attraction mirrors to you what you give out. So Visualize the happy Christmas that you would like to see, and it will come. Intend it!

Have a Very Happy and Stress free Christmas. 

Your Friend, Pamela

Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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