Celebrate The Little Steps

Celebrate the little steps along the way is an easy way to stay focused on achieving your goals. I use this technique all the time.

I find it makes a big difference in allowing me to be patient with the pace of the journey.One of the secrets of the universe is that everything you achieve comes from effort. The amount of effort you put in is the amount of fruit you get back. As we said before the Universe mirror’s back to you what you think about and focus on.


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So, how do I use this technique?

I celebrate the little steps along the way by consciously acknowledging my small achievements.

  • I make a list of the things I want to achieve for any particular part of the goal.
  • I set benchmarks as my targets.
  • I focus on reaching those benchmarks.
  • I celebrate each benchmark before I continue the journey.

I set a goal of building an audience to teach the law of attraction to. I wanted to reach people through the website, Facebook, Twitter, book sales and YouTube. I set a different bench mark for each and I worked on building them. I worked with Pamela to really get focused on what we wanted the website and other social media to do.

Then we set the rules for our journey.
  • We need to share this knowledge openly.
  • We need to make sure it is useful.
  • We need to make it true to who we are.
  • We need to have fun doing it.

As the website started to grow so did the Facebook page. We would celebrate each week, sometimes daily.

Now when I say celebrate I’m mostly talking about feeling excited and being grateful for the amount of people engaging with our posts, but I also love my beer so some nights we christened with a glass or three of my brand of the month.

A subscribeOnce the two Medias were performing well and we were reaching our benchmarks we expanded our goal to increase our Twitter followers and set the same process in place. We celebrate weekly and have gratitude for all those who have joined us. We are now going to build up our YouTube page.

Celebrating the little steps really helps to appreciate how far you have come on any journey that you are on. Having bench markers built in to your plan will allow you to give gratitude to the growth that might otherwise be overlooked.

Big dreams can seem impossible until you break them into mini goals that will bring you to your big dream.

We thank you for joining us on this journey and we wish you Joy & Happiness in yours.


W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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Celebrate The Little Steps
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