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This is About Your Life, Your Invincible Power

Your Life, Your Invincible Power

Our book Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy is about connecting with the powerful part of you. It’s about claiming what is rightfully yours. It is the potential of being in control of your life and then getting there. When I understood all the possibilities and I started to use them amazing things shown up in my life. I was able to return to complete health after suffering for many years with rheumatoid arthritis. I stepped out of a well-paying job and never regretted it. I moved on to better more joyous experiences.

So many wonderful things happened to me once I changed my view about my life.

All of these amazing changes of joy happened and I was bursting to tell the world. I decided to write Your Invincible Power and yet another surprising thing happened. My son W.T told me he had been writing some soul searching articles for his four children who he intended to pass them on to. It was a chronicle of many experiences in his journey through life hoping to help them skip some hurdles they might reach along the way. When W.T offered these ebook, author, book, new release "This is Your Life, Your Invincible Power" intimate passages of his life to add to this book I thought it was very generous of him.

However, what I read blew me away.

What he offered would be life changing to those who could see the opportunities and possibilities within these pages.

After I had told W. T of my intentions for this book he could also see how his journey would not only help his children but many people around the world. Since we wrote Your Invincible Power we have received some astonishing stories about how our book helped people on their journey.

Your Invincible Power explains how the energy fields work in our lives each moment. How each choice we make changes that energy and takes us to either a positive way of living or  a negative way. It shows you how your thoughts are very potent and how each decision affects the pathway of your life. Learning to substitute negative thoughts for positive thoughts really does affect the way your life will turn out from moment to moment. I have written this through the experiences that changed my life and the teachers I have learned from. W.T offers his ideas with light humor attached to many true life experiences.

We are mother and son who see things very differently.

Even so, this gives you an even easier way to get to the place where you want to be. Simply put, you have two authors and two choices. One may be easier to relate to than the other. Some people learn by taking some ideas from both authors.

We hope that you will utilize these ideas for your own benefit.

We have revitalized this book since it was first written in 2014. We have given many theoretical as well as practical applications. Within each chapter there are lessons. Some chapters have exercises at the end, while other chapters are the exercise. It has been designed to move you to the life that you want to live, not one that you live by default.

Join us on this exciting journey of joy by living in your own Invincible Power.

"This is Your Life, Your Invincible Power "Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours.

Your Friend, Pamela


Author Bio: W.T. Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and W.T. Hamilton, Consultant, business consultant "This is Your Life, Your Invincible Power " the President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.



Blessed to be born in the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s

Here’s a little fun. I don’t know who wrote it but it was sent to me and I thought I would pass it forward!

The people born in the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s are the blessed ones. Our life is a living proof.

  1. We were never treated like a pack of animals to carry our books to school.


  1. While playing and riding bicycles, we never bothered to wear helmets or lock them up.

fireworks-2085451_1920 "Blessed to be born in the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s"

  1. After school we played until dusk.


  1. We played with our real friends, not with internet friends.


  1. If we ever felt thirsty, we drank tap water but never had to buy bottled water.


  1. We never got ill even after eating a plate full of sweets and rice every day.

  1. Nothing happened to our feet even after roaming around and playing barefooted.


  1. We never took any health supplements to keep ourselves healthy.


  1. We created our own toys and played with them.    sunbathing-2090469_1920 "Blessed to be born in the 50’s 60’s and early 70’s"


  1. We never shared our emotions by emoticons in mobile phones.


  1. We listened to the truth and voice of our conscience. We wrote those things only in letters, hence words were never corrected or deleted.


  1. We never had cellphones, DVD’s, Play stations, Xboxes, Video games, Personal computers, Internet, Chat, but we had many real friends.


  1. We visited our friend’s home uncalled and enjoyed meals with them. We never had to call them and ask their permission to visit their home.


  1. Relatives were near to us so our hearts and souls were happy. Hence, we never required any insurance policy.
  2. We loved the Beatles, Bob Marley and all those other old guys, and still do.


Last but not least…


We are a unique and most blessed generation, because we are the last generation who listened to their parents and also the first which have to listen to their children


We are not special we are the LIMITED EDITION.


Blessed for sure! Sent as received hope you enjoyed it!

Can We All Be Psychic?

Can we all be psychic?

My grandma was full of fun. She lived in the impoverished times of the early 20th century in England. A time when it wasn’t acceptable for women to work. A few did little jobs for neighbors and friends to earn some extra pennies. My grandma did washing for those that were a little better off than she was; she also told peoples fortunes just for fun and earned a little extra from those that had a penny or two to spare. I was told that she sometimes read the tea leaves, or the cards, or the palm of one’s hand.

The funny thing about this story is that my grandma didn’t have any psychic abilities whatsoever.

Actually I was told that she made it all up. Even so women came around to see her and they loved what she told them. From what I gather she was able to put together a common thread of what most people’s story was especially in those days, and then she would embellish it a little, just to dress these women’s dull lives up with some extraordinary future psychic circumstances.

She img052 "Can we all be psychic?"would add some beautiful detail that they would long to hear such as she foreseen travel in their future—travel in those days could mean from one side of the town to another—most people, especially women seem to stay within a mile of the area they lived in and that was it. She would tell the single girls she could see a very handsome stranger, and children. Most women found themselves a husband at an early age, and because there wasn’t the pill or any contraceptives generally soon after marriage children arrived.

I’m sure she had a few other cards up her sleeve, such as money and so forth, regardless, whatever else she told them was something that they believed would come true.

In other words, she was selling dreams.

When I first heard about this through one of my sisters we laughed and said, “Oh, grandma!” And I suppose I thought that she was somehow ripping them off. She certainly didn’t charge much because no one had anything much to give. I believe half of the time there was no money changed only a favor or two.

Now with all what I have learned and the way we can manifest through our thoughts I understand that she didn’t take liberties with those women on the contrary, she lifted them up for a time from the everyday dreary circumstances that most women lived with. I now have to toss my grandma a great big kiss wherever she is (she’s long left this physical experience).

Now I, myself know how this works and I understand just how she must have uplifted some women to life changing experiences they would never have had had she not told them their fortune.

Whenever we focus on a belief is what we bring into our own experiences. The stronger the belief the stronger the focus and the easier those things will manifest into our lives.

And so I ask myself are we all a little psychic?

I know if we focus enough we can bring whatever we focus on into our lives. I’ve not only witnessed things changing in my life but in others also to a great degree. I know that we can take control of our future if we really expect good things to happen to us. We can also bring bad things into our experiences if we give into fear. And so I say to myself maybe my grandmother wasn’t psychic in the traditional way of fortune telling but she must have been instrumental in changing the lives of those that believed in her. So the question is was she psychic or was she not?

Author Bio: Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books pamelaand the Vice President of the Your Invincible Power Company. We have created a series of books to assist in the understanding and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.




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The Record Store: Thank you, it was great while it lasted

The record store: Thank you, it was great while it lasted. I use to love going to the record store. It was the main reason I would go to the mall.

I use to look at all the new music that was just released and check out the classic albums too. The vinyl albums had great artwork and all kinds of info on the back. They were huge and The record storeyou could spend hours leafing through each genre, exploring and discovering.

I always went to the record store as soon as I got to the mall. I would spend most of my time there while the girlfriend shopped. My whole teenage years where spent there. But as with everything, the record store started to change. Unless you want to go the way of the dinosaur you have to learn how to adapt to change. This is what we teach and write about in our series of books.

ice age proportions.

The record store vs iTunes. No matter how passionate, how dedicated, how in love you were with the records store, it was only records Thank Youa matter of time before you would need to say goodbye to it.

iTunes killed the record store like the ice age killed the dinosaur.  It was easy access, instant access and a huge volume of music, movies, and all other entertainment. On top of that they gave you multiple ways to play your music on a variety of devices.

As I adapted to the change and seen the benefits of buying my music in this new way I was forced to replace the record store with the restaurant at the mall that serves Beer and has sports on the T.V. Now my wife drops me off their while she shops. Change is rough! But we all have to make comprises.

So I say Thank you to the record store. It was great while it lasted. (I hope iTunes doesn't get into the restaurant business!!!)



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W.T. Hamilton, co-author of the book Your Invincible Power
W.T. Hamilton,
co-author of the book Your Invincible Power








The Internet: Can you go a Week without it?

The internet is the life line for some of us. I am on the internet constantly. I am checking our website to see how it is performing.

I am tracking our social media sites. I am communicating through e-mail and texting. I don’t think I could go a day without it.The Internet

So when I talked to Pamela Hamilton (My Mom) the other day and she said that she wouldn’t have access to the internet this week I was blown away. I couldn’t imagine going a week without Google! She is finishing her last week of her winter vacation. She is enjoying the beaches and luxuries of the resort life. I can understand not checking the internet constantly this week but to not have access at all?!?!

We just launched our e-book, How to Say Goodbye to the Drama and just finished the next two. We have been communicating for weeks via the internet.

We also launched our campaign with Elite Book Promotions to build up our YouTube Channel and it is really starting to perform too. All of this is exciting and we always celebrate each milestone. So when she told me that she would be off-line for the rest of the week I thought, “Wow, that’s crazy”. Continue reading The Internet: Can you go a Week without it?

Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible

Mission Impossible: The goal – to create 10 videos by the end of February for YouTube campaign. This was my mission should I choose to accept it.

This Mission Impossible started with an idea. Since writing the book with Pamela we have been transitioning from writing to promoting. It is not an easy transition for writers to stop writing and start promoting. It feels a lot like selling, but guess what? It is.

So as the days grew to weeks we began to look for and create ways to connect with our Mission Impossible do the thingsaudience. One of the ways was to make some of our blogs visual and promote them on YouTube. It was a great idea except for one little problem. We really had no idea how to do it. Making a video looks easy because it isn’t. There’s a lot to it. Continue reading Mission Impossible: Achieve the Impossible

The Magic Kingdom

The magic kingdom. Every day the young one would wake up in the magic kingdom. The young one would go to the kitchen and open the fridge. There were always things to eat.

The fridge was always stocked, even when the milk was almost gone or the bread was almost finished, the next day the young one would go to the fridge and the fridge would be replenished.Magic Kindom

The magic kingdom was a wonderful and amazing place although the young one didn’t know it. For the young one, this was just the way life was. Whatever the young one wanted it would magically be there the next day. If the young one wanted to use the internet, it was there ready to use. If the young one wanted to have a shower, the soap and the shampoo were there, ready to use. The young one never had to think about having clean clothes because in the magic kingdom there was always clean clothes.

One day the King summoned the young one.

“Let’s take a walk” He said.

As they walked he asked the young one Continue reading The Magic Kingdom