Cancer, A Positive Approach

Recovering from Cancer

Part four, continued.

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This is how my very dear friend was able to completely recover from cancer: From my son and my book, “Your Invincible Power, Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy,” Is written:We are all ambitious "Cancer, A Positive Approach"

When I first came to Canada from England I worked with a Scottish woman that I found was absolutely empowered with a special kindness. She was old enough to be my mom and I suppose I adopted her has my Canadian mom because I missed my own mom so much. Anyway we spent a lot of time together at work and away from the job in those days and I loved to be in her company because she always made me laugh and she was so much fun to be around. Her husband also worked at the same hospital as we did and was just as nice as she was. They had been together since she was fifteen years of age and still shown complete respect and care for one another.

One day her husband told me that she had gone for tests and that they had found cancer in her lymph nodes and that it didn’t look very good. I was absolutely devastated. I cried and cried. I was thirty-one-years old at the time and I hadn’t a clue about the Law of Attraction and neither did she. Me and my husband went to see her in hospital and as soon as I set eyes on her the tears started to roll down my cheeks. She immediately said to my husband, “I don’t want anyone around me that is being weepy. If they want to cry they can cry for themselves but not for me!” While I wiped vigorously at my eyes with my Kleenex she said again to my husband, “Can you believe that I only went for a check up and they tell me this. And me of all people that doesn’t smoke and doesn’t drink well you wouldn’t really have thought that would you?” She was actually smiling. I couldn’t believe her, she was just the same as if someone had told her she had some minor ailment.

When all the tests came back she was told that the cancer had spread through her entire body. She couldn’t believe it has she said she didn’t have any signs of illness. She was told that she only had months to live. She and her husband decided to get a second opinion and went to a hospital in Toronto. The diagnose was the same. I have no idea how she kept so optimistic through all of it but she did. They took a flight out West to see her brother in Alberta and then she took her son and daughter and their families to Walt Disney World in the States and saw her other brother who lived in Florida. All the time she kept a confident hope that all would be well.

>When she went back for a check up a year later they said that the tumors were shrinking and reduced they couldn’t understand what was happening. My friend went on with her life and came back to work and until this day the doctors and specialist have not a clue as to what happened. I didn’t understand it at that time but now I know that her love of life and the fact that she would not give in kept her strong. She was grateful for her life. Now with my own circumstances it proves to me more than ever that we all do have control over disease, and anything that tries to enter our body. We just have to believe in our own power.”

However, illness gives some people the only sympathy they have ever received in their life.

And so they may cling to this malady without awareness. They bask in the kindness people Your thoughts "Cancer, A Positive Appraoch"endow on them at the time. People often find that the attention, even from their doctor, nurses, health care givers and other people in their life help them to identify as a victim. The thing is the consequence can be counterproductive because that person is definitely giving the wrong signals out, which place their cells in a poor environment. Not to mention the Law of Attraction which gives to them what their focus is, which is sympathy. Sometimes they may find that the illness becomes more destructive.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Budda

When we eliminate the ideas that create illness we open ourselves to the implicit power of our stem cells to create perfect health.

What I have come to understand since I have received full benefits of my health once again, is that energy plays a great deal in recovery. We are made of energy all of us. I am not talking about the energy that we know as stamina or vigour. I’m talking about spiritual energy. The same powerful energy that created this world, the same energy that creates each planet, and the same energy that lives in your cells is the same energy that you hold title to. When we are happy this energy shows up in good circumstances and positive feelings, also people and events that take place in our lives. When we are depressed it shows up as negative events such as drama, illness and unhappiness.

Understanding our energy is a must in retrieving our health.

Our book, “Your Invincible Power” goes into some depth of how energy operates in our lives. Energy is frequency vibration. We all have the ability within us to increase our frequency and enhance the energy field of our everyday life, or lower our frequency and move into the lower field of ill health and pain in our lives. These are called the positive field or the negative field. When we are diagnosed with illness, especially one that we are told is “incurable” inevitably we plunge down into the lower frequency field.

It is a must to understand that we do not have to stay in the lower negative field. We do have control over our so-called illness and if we can find a way to look for any positive thought which we are able to muster under such depressing symptoms it will definitely be to our advantage. Because science and medicine have been slow to acknowledge the connection between mind and body, between thoughts and consequence and between impression and effect, most people are guided to beliefs that say mind and body are separate entities that should be diagnosed separately. By establishing mind and body as two separate entities we cannot and have not connected that one determines the other. Universal laws tell us that there are no separation between body and mind and that thoughts are definitely the determining factor. The effects of all conditions of health or illness lay within the thought.

And so if you have been frightened of a certain illness and have focused on it or even sympathized too much with others suffering over it you may have invited it in without awareness. Illness is an exaggerated indicator of negative thoughts. However, any thought will have to have swelled substantially to some sizable proportion for illness to be drawn to you.

We are particular about a lot of things in our life and yet we aren’t very particular with our thoughts and what we think. This is because we have placed our thoughts on auto pilot. The problem with this is we then allow life to give to us anything that is going including all those horrors we see around us called illness. This is where the egoic mind enters. Remember I mentioned at the beginning of this blog about the ego? I am going to talk more about it at this point because the ego plays a major role in illness. The ego is that part of our mind that encourages those things that we do not want to see manifest. In our book,

How to Tame Your Ego and Fuel Your Ambition,” says:

The ego is the voice in your head that wants you to fail. It is a form of unconsciousness and disguises itself in ways of temptation. It actually manages to use us without our knowing or our realization of it. I’ve called the ego a cunning fox because it can trick you, baffle you, confuse and outwit you easily by its cunning ingenuity. The ego mind is an entity that lives within us that we are not conscious of. It is completely conditioned by past messages which seep into our psyche. It lives in the negative mind and throws up those old messages you have been taught, since birth, that you now believe are the truth about you. Mostly we are oblivious to where our thoughts come from…” This entity plays a drastic role in your illness. It is the voice that lures you to give in to the diagnosis. It tells you that you have no control over this illness. It is the cry that calls to you to feel dejected, despondent and mournful. When it is in full power, in other words when you have given your power over to it, it heaps all of the burden of this affliction on you, and worse still your belief of it adds to it. This way it keeps its control over you.

It is wise to view the ego as the giver of attention to the illness, therefore the giver of low energy. The more focus the illness is given the quicker the illness will take control over you. More people are focusing on illness today than ever before due to the attention the media gives to illness. You see it on television, in commercials, in magazines and on the internet to say but a few. In fact everywhere possible there are warnings of new diseases and afflictions. These abnormalities are running rampant through our society. Even through all of the breakthroughs, all of the technology and tools available, and even through the research and the discovery of solutions—illness and diseases are progressively worse. Your ego is a major part in this because it presents untruths to you, it encourages you to feel defenceless and exposes your point of powerlessness. It musters up the drama of this horrifying illness you’ve been told you have.

Drama is a big part of illness because the ego loves drama in our lives… to be continued.

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