Cameras vs. Universal Laws

These days we feel somewhat invaded by all the cameras that are in shops, on streets in fact just about everywhere in Britain and showing up more in other countries also.

People are caught in all kinds of situations.  Regardless of the many cameras that surround us there is always that crafty member of our society that can find a way around them and do their unlawful deed and get away with it.

Even so, there are many people that find that this invasion of cameras also invade our rights as do many laws we presume are there to protect us. Often people find these laws and cameras violate our freedom in many ways. It is understandable that we need laws in place but unfortunately these laws sometimes go to the extreme of what is needed. Unfortunately there have been cases where a person has unnecessarily payed for someone else’s mistake or their dishonesty.

The Universe also has many laws.

Our solar system is managed perfectly by these laws. You and I are also guided by these same laws. The difference with universal laws compared to man’s law is that we can’t ever hide away from its cameras. We can’t hide from unrighteous ways which means any way that may harm other people or injure one’s self. Universal laws are not only about violating others but about violating ourselves also. Universal laws are not out to get you as human laws are. It doesn’t need any hidden cameras. It isn’t out to make you pay or make you wallow in guilt or remorse. All of these ideas of payment is our earthly beliefs, none of these degrading ways are expected from a loving universe.
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Religions have become confused with a loving God that would make a person wallow in pity or remorse. Universal laws are there to teach us to become more harmonious with our fellow man and ourselves, that is all. The good thing about universal laws, it allows us to be in control through our thoughts and through our choices. We do not need hidden cameras that bind us from our freedom. If we make a choice of cheating, lying and hurting others then all state of affairs equal to those conditions we have set before us will also play out in our lives. There isn’t anything that happens to us out of bad luck. Universal laws are always correct and abounding. They are unbiased.


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The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law of all universal laws. It is this powerful law that actually attracts back to you what you gave out.

It is precise it never differs. All of what we attract comes through our thoughts. We vibrate these thoughts out to this law and it returns what we consistently have on our minds. This is the camera within, so to speak, it is that which reflects back to us. Nothing goes amiss, there are no corners to hide away from the cameras within. They are there in your thoughts. Each thought unfolds a lesson and that lesson then plays out in your physical reality. If you want your lessons to become easier and joyful then learn how to change your thoughts to more harmonious beliefs about you life–about the way you would rather live. Think in abundance and then abundance will find its way to you.

“You’ll be happy to know that the universal law that created miracles hasn’t been repealed.” Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Freedom is what we have come to find individually. We are nothing if we are not free. We cannot become free from those hidden cameras and man’s laws until we find that freedom within. These are the lessons of life. This is what is playing out in your life right now. Change your thoughts and change your life. This is the way you will find unbounded freedom.



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