Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers

Calling All Angels and abraham-Hicks Lovers

Since I came to an understanding of the Law of Attraction and the teachings of so many teachers and mentors I absolutely became fascinated with Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham. This is why I place Abraham quotes on our website every day. Even so, I had already started to write the book Love, Life and Beyond many years before this. I had had "Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"the idea of non-physical mentors before I came across Abraham. I found the more I delved into this phenomenon the more it made total sense to me.

I had put Love, Life and Beyond on hold while life seem to take over.  I then lost my youngest sister, Janice at 48-years-old and a year later my mom, and then two years later my best friend and sister Yvonne.  I was completely devastated. Within a span of three years they were gone. It was a year after Yvonne’s death that I came across Abraham-Hicks teachings, so timely, when I was searching for answers to why they had suddenly gone from my life.

I soon came to the understanding that they are still with me

I came to understand that life is fleeting in a physical sense, regardless, our conscious mind lives on forever. I had stopped writing the book for quite a few years but realized that this book needed to be  "Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"written. I not only poured myself through the stories of these families in this book but I felt an obligation to pass this idea that I had of non-physical mentors forward. I had to explain how life reacts to our way of thinking. I feel close to Abraham and the way the realignment of energies is interpreted in such a sensible way. All we have to do is use our good feeling thoughts, so simple!

Here is the youtube book trailer for Love, Life and Beyond

When I understood the knowledge based ideas of, “A belief is only a thought you keep thinking,” I started to use it in my life instead of following what everyone else was saying and doing and began to take control of my life. In doing so I realized how this Law of Attraction and Abraham stuff worked by watching other people’s lives. We can all see what our friends, family members and associates are doing wrong first before we see the mistakes we make ourselves in life.

I used the mentors to illustrate this concept more clearly

This is the way to take control over our lives. As I have said in other articles. If you are not a big fan of non-physical mentors or angels, then you can certainly read the story without taking in the messages that these mentors deliver. For those of you who, like me,  follow Abraham, however, I believe that you will find some strength in the mentor’s guidance.

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Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction and the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company.

"Calling All Angels and Abraham-Hicks Lovers"

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