I Start With a Blank Page

I start with a blank page. As the pen touches the paper the information flows onto the page.

Often I am not sure where it comes from. It just seems to flow and develop and become useful information that I can study to grow my understanding of the universe. And gain more clarity in my journey.

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It is as though someone or something is placing these words in my head. My job is to simply write this information down on the blank page, study it, learn it, share it and teach it. I am not as spiritual as Pamela (My Mom, co-author and business partner). I tend to lean toward the logical but as I fill the blank page with words I know that there is more to this than simple logic.

I believe that this Invincible Power has chosen to work through me, although I do not know why. I was just a regular guy living a regular life. I wasn’t following my higher self. I didn’t believe in a higher self. But now my eyes are open. My thoughts are controlled and targeted. I know what I want to think about and what I want to experience. I draw it to me. If I stumble, I think and I write and the answer appears on the blank page. It is strange.

A very strange and amazing experience

Tonight I didn’t plan to write this. I wasn’t going to write a blog. I was going to write a list of things that I am thankful for. But as I looked at the blank page, the words just started to flow. I don’t fight it. I don’t question it or try to control it. I just write when I get that feeling. A lesson is about to appear. Information is about to be revealed. I get excited to see what new nugget I can digest. And when I am done, I read what I wrote as if I am reading someone else’s words, and I learn and grow.


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So Thank You to whomever is sending me these words. Thank You for the knowledge you share with me. And Thank You for teaching me how to use this knowledge. Thank You for the avenues that I have to share this Invincible Power. Thank You for the blank pages. And Thank You for this amazing journey.

I guess this was a Thank You list after all.


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