Becoming Rich. The Hardest Way To Do It

Becoming rich, there are many ways to do it. There are opportunities all around you.There are things you can do to increase your opportunities and things you can do to make the possibility more tangible. But like everything, there are easy and hard ways to do it.

Becoming Rich, the third hardest way to do it.Becoming Rich

Playing the lottery.

  • It is a quick and awesome way to become rich.
  • It is a life changing experience that very few have had.
  • It is something that you have no control over.

You really just get lucky but a majority of people believe this is the only way they could ever become rich.

You must realize that this is the hardest way to become rich. Not many people ever win the jack pot. Most people that win the jack pot do not know what to do with the money once they get it. And most people don’t have the ability to keep it and grow it so that it will always be there.

The best way for becoming rich is to be in control of the vehicle that will bring you there. The more elements that you can control the better your chance is of becoming rich.

  • If your plan for becoming rich is by luck or accident then you have a very slim chance of manifesting it.
  • It may happen for you but it is also something that is very unlikely to be repeatable. When building richness you want it to be repeatable. Once it is repeatable no matter what happens you can build riches again.
Successful people build wealth on purpose.

  • It is with intent. It is with focus.
  • This is the easiest way to become rich.
  • Build it and work at it as you would work for someone.
  • Work for yourself as hard as you would work for someone else and you will increase your likeliness of success.

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The second hardest way to achieve becoming rich is by accident.

As mentioned you can get rich by accident but it is also most unlikely and is not repeatable. How many reality stars have you seen hit it big and then faded away almost as fast as they came. They fell into opportunity by accident and have no way of rebuilding that wealth. It is based on hope and chance.

Not a great financial plan.

Becoming rich is a job.

  • You have to do some homework.
  • You have to plan for it and intend to become it.
  • It is a goal. It is a mindset.
  • It is achievable for anyone that wants to become rich.

The key to becoming rich is to truly want to experience it. Think about it all the time. Work toward it. Make it a part of your life. Take charge of your money and your goals.

Becoming rich, the hardest way to do it

The way most people plan to achieve becoming rich is to work for someone. They think that they can build wealth by receiving a paycheck. Now receiving a paycheck is very important, it is not the way you will become rich. You are only rich while you are employed. Any interruption in this means a shortfall in your income.

Rich people don’t work for people, they have people working for them. Look for ways to turn your money into a part-time business or an investment that will bring passive income. Your job is an avenue to allow you to have income to fund your wealth growth. Understand what time commitment you need to take to reach your goal and then work toward it.

Knowing where you are going before you start running will get you to where you want to go and you will have enough energy left to enjoy it when you get there.


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