EMPATHY : Understanding and Sharing Others Feelings

Empathy is one of the most important emotional skills to have for a happy and successful social life.

One morning, I woke up with a text saying “My son died last night in a motorcycle accident,” this text was from my best friend’s father. Being half asleep, I felt like it was a bad dream but it wasn’t – it was a sad and a tragic reality. This came as a shock to me as well as his parents. That same day I went to their house to share my condolences. All of the sudden I realized that, I wouldn’t see him anymore. Seeing the pain in his parent’s eyes, I could empathize with what they were feeling. I was heartbroken, just like their parents. We all grieved the loss of my best friend, together. This is what empathy is, understanding and sharing others feelings.

Empathy : Understanding and Sharing Others Feelings empathy : understanding and sharing others feelings Empathy : Understanding and Sharing Others Feelings EmpathyEmpathic people always try to express their feelings towards other’s problems with sympathy and they try to understand other’s feeling by putting themselves in other’s situations. They are selfless people whereas people without any empathy always keep themselves on top and don’t care about other’s feelings and emotions. Empathy is one of the most important emotional skills to have for a happy and successful social life. If you understand other’s feelings and help them, then you will always have someone in the world. For example, a relationship will not last long if a partner doesn’t have empathy towards their partner’s feeling. In human life, empathy is very important, but it is hard to find because everybody is thinking about themselves. These days, people are busy – all they care about is their future, their job, their wealth, and their hobbies. They don’t have time to think about other’s problems, troubles, or feelings. They also don’t have time to help them to solve their problems. I am thankful to have found friends full of empathy and kindness. When I first came to The United States a couple of years ago, I suffered from homesickness. I used to get stressed out easily and I felt very lonely. Then, I met a couple of friends in one of my English classes. They understood what I was going through and feeling and they helped me to get used to this whole new world.

In conclusion, empathy is a very important emotional skill to have. It helps one understand others feelings and emotions. People who are able to understand other’s emotions are more likely to have real friends and are able to be successful in all kinds of relationships.

Prabidh Sharma"EMPATHY : Understanding and Sharing Others Feelings"

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