Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?

Sisters and Sisterhood. Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?

I count myself extremely fortunate to have been born into a family with three sisters and a brother. I was born in Leicester, England and although we didn’t have much money us kids had many great experiences. "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"

When I was eighteen my brother emigrated to New Zealand. I met my husband a year later and we emigrated here to Canada when I was twenty-four. I missed my mom and sisters like crazy. In those days phoning each other was for emergencies and Christmas only, it was way too expensive. And so we wrote letters to each other constantly. I lived to see the mailman bring me a letter, literally.

My first trip home was to watch my dad dying.

He had become ill and I got a leave from work and stayed at my mom’s for six weeks. Helping her to take care of him and reveling in those moments at night where I would sit with him through those dark hours and we would talk. I was fortunate to be with him when he took his last breath along with my mom and three sisters. I mourned for him as we all do when someone close to us dies. I returned to Canada with my two sons and once more life fell into an accepted normal pace. Three years later I had my youngest son. My Mom would come to see me almost every year. In-between her visits I went to see her and my sisters and my aunty Pam, my mom’s youngest sister, who I was named after.

As time went by I could afford to go to England more often.

Ultimately my mom moved to a bungalow and me and my sisters and aunt would all have tea or lunch there with her. We use to laugh and carry on and it was a shear sisterhood that we created. I look at those times so fondly. I loved those times and missed the bond we all had when I got back to Canada.

As the years went by facebook, cell phones texting, emails, and skype arrived on our doorstep. Along with phone charges dropping to two cents a minute which I was able to attain at that time. Yvonne and I was in touch the most. We were close in age and we had hung out as teens together with other friends. She was my best friend. We skyped once a week and phoned texted each other and emailed. We were in constant touch.

In 2008, we lost Janice. She was the baby of our family.

She was only 48 years-old when she died. It was a sudden hurtful blow to all of us. A year later we lost our dear mom. In 2011 I lost Yvonne "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"and my aunt left us two and a half years after Yvonne. Our sisterhood was gone. Those wonderful afternoons at our mom’s house of fun and heartfelt laughter was gone. I was devastated.

My older sister Valerie is still in England. I’m here in Canada. George, my brother is still in New Zealand. But the question is what do you do when you have such a loss. How does your broken heart mend?

A year after Yvonne’s death and a profound and deep year of mourning I got to understand that these wonderful strong women are still in my life. They never really left. It sounds so strange but I’ve learned that there are lots of indicators or messages which manifest evidence of their presence. I researched this as it was important for me to know where they had gone to.

I got into the Esther and Jerry Hicks, Abraham. Their teachings all makes so much sense to me. Abraham became a great comfort. I believe in Universal laws, and I have been able to activate this vibrational energy and change my life in wonderful ways.

I also read “Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani. I absolutely loved this book because it really explained the whys and wherefores of death. She is such a great writer and articulates this subject so fully, and clearly, in my opinion.

I understand that my family are in a wonderful place. I realize that one day I will be joining them. I understand that mourning them isn’t what they want me to do. I can vision their play and laughter. And I accept that they want that for me too.

I cherish those memories I have in the bungalow where we would laugh and have lots of fun. We were a unification of women in a common cause, to relax and distract ourselves from the problems of the outside world for a few hours. We lived in the bliss of our close relationships. We had a sisterhood.

Yes, they will always be a part of me but now I shed tears of happiness that I’ve been most fortunate to have had these women a part of my life.

A book that I also have found to be fascinating and helpful is called “The AfterLife: Hereafter and Here at Hand (Between Heaven and Earth Book 1) by Giulia Jeary Knap

If you are mourning a loved one please take comfort that they are – and will always be with you, loving you and wanting your happiness. The joy you feel-they feel also. No matter what the relationship was when they left us, I have come to believe that the relationship is "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"much more powerful in non-physical. We are all bonded together in our love and that never fades away.




Pamela Hamilton Is an expert in the Law of Attraction, the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of the  Your Invincible Power Company  which assists in going beyond suffering and finding the ultimate joy we all have a right to.

Pamela also wrote a novel, Love, Life and Beyond to further promote the worthiness that we all hold title to. We just have to find our way to take ownership to what is rightfully ours. Love, Life and Beyond also delves into the After-Life in a profound way.

Your Friend, Pamela "Sisters: Have we lost our loved ones or are they still with us?"